Candace Byrd Davis Shakes Up MDC Marketplace With InstaTRIM Detox Tea

In a strategic expansion of her entrepreneurial vision, Candace Byrd Davis, a powerhouse in the network marketing industry and celebrated 500K Affiliate with MyDailyChoice, is stepping into new territory as a business owner with the launch of Get Bodied Wellness.

Known for her contagious personality and dynamic leadership, Candace’s journey from top leader to brand partner marks a major milestone in the evolution of the direct sales industry. 

Venturing beyond the traditional realm of network marketing, Candace, alongside Husband Javon, envisioned bringing high-quality yet affordable products to the market.

This vision materialized with the creation of Get Bodied Wellness and its flagship product InstaTRIM Detox Tea

“Javon and I had a vision of bringing high quality products that allow people to live a normal quality life…but yet, the products are affordable. So when we had the opportunity to position our Get Bodied Wellness line with MyDailyChoice’s Marketplace, it was a no brainer.

Josh and Jenna are very forward thinking. They have an incredible company, with a powerful brand.  We love how they opened up their platform to other brands to help them create an impact and build an incredible business.

They prove that it’s collaboration over competition! We believe in their mission and hung on to their vision of being the “Amazon of home-based businesses.We believe that our products will contribute to the Global Impact that MyDailyChoice is focused on making,”

says Candace.

In a revolutionary shift from conventional e-commerce, MDC Marketplace is positioned to become a home for Leader Owned Brands.  It not only offers a platform to grow a team within the MLM space, it also serves as an opportunity for Leaders and Influencers to expand their personal brands by bringing to market innovative products that align with their passion. 

InstaTRIM experienced instant success on the MDC Marketplace, by selling out in 24 hours! 

Offering a convenient, portable, on-the-go solution for a natural detox experience. InstaTRIMs proprietary blend of natural ingredients gently cleanses, detoxes, and promotes healthy digestion. The single serving sachets allow for easy preparation. Simply rip open a sachet, pour into a bottle of water, shake it to dissolve, and sip your way to wellness.

Key benefits of InstaTRIM Detox Tea:

  • Promotes digestive cleaning and flushing of toxins.
  • Supports healthy appetite and weight management. 
  • Enhances energy levels and mental clarity.
  • Convenient and easy to integrate into your daily routine.
  • Zero calories.

“Jenna and I are excited to welcome Candace and Javon as Marketplace Brand Partners!

They’ve been an integral part of the MyDailyChoice Family, and the instant success of InstaTRIM in the marketplace is a testament to their leadership.

This marks the beginning of a new era in the direct sales industry. The future is all about collaboration over competition, and Leader Owned Brands are at the forefront,”

Josh Zwagil, CEO of MyDailyChoice.

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