From CEO to Earn.World Star: Mehmet Akçay’s Family-Centric Success

Mehmet Akçay’s entrepreneurial journey from CEO to Earn.World star reflects the transformative power of network marketing.

Embracing network marketing

The leader’s journey has been a captivating evolution from a detergent factory intern to a prominent figure in the network marketing industry.

Born in 1984 in Izmir, Mehmet worked at a detergent factory as an intern at the age of 18, and he continued this job for approximately 7 years.

During this period, he engaged in various business ventures to contribute to his income. Due to his love for an active social life and business, he opened a travel agency. 

While things were going well, he was introduced to network marketing through the invitation of a close friend.

“I never thought that I could make money by doing network marketing. In fact, there was a period when I vehemently rejected this idea.

However, as my traditional business grew, I realized that I was a “time-poor” person.

I couldn’t work at this pace until the end of my life. I wanted to spend more time with my wife and children and explore the world.”

said Mehmet.

Transitioning for freedom 

Feeling the need to spend more time with his wife and children while desiring the flexibility to explore the world, Mehmet made a pivotal decision. He transitioned from his traditional businesses, including owning a travel agency, to wholeheartedly embracing network marketing as the pathway to financial independence and quality family time.

“When I understood that network marketing was the only job that could provide both financial and time freedom, I handed over all my agencies and started doing network marketing full time.”

shared Mehmet Akçay.

The choice of Earn.World

When asked about the reason for his decision to join Earn.World, Mehmet said:

“I chose Earn World because I had complete faith that this company could provide both financial and time freedom.

Initially, Earn World offers a transparent and reliable earning opportunity, providing people with earnings, development education, health, and a free life.

The ease and replicability of the network marketing plan prove that it is the right company for a networker. Therefore, Earn World became the job I will retire from.”

Mehmet did his research before joining the Earn.World and he recognized the company’s commitment to transparency and innovative technology… Earn.World offers multiple ways to earn, and it’s backed by an extraordinary leadership team led by Earn.World’s founder and CEO, Suki Chen. 

Since joining the company, the Double Diamond leader has helped thousands transform their lives and secure their future by sharing the Earn.World opportunity. He is currently working towards bringing others onboard and helping them achieve success both personally and financially. 

Mehmet didn’t fail to give a message to those looking to join Earn.World.

“I can work with unlimited freedom in every aspect, meet new people, help change their lives, and, most importantly, secure the future of my children.

One of the most important aspects of network marketing for a networker is attending seminars and meetings.

Not missing them is crucial for success in network marketing.”

Mehmet Akçay’s business success not only provides him with additional time with his wife and children but also allows for increased flexibility in travel and daily life. His story serves as an inspiration for those seeking financial freedom, personal growth, and a free life to explore the world.

About Earn.World

Earn.World, the world’s most advanced and transparent trading infrastructure, is the first company in the crypto industry to ever store trading data on the blockchain. The company is providing a smarter way to automate crypto by enabling users to make profit from every market move with its fully automated trading infrastructure. In collaboration with leading experts in the AI trading market, Earn.World enables traders to earn up to 12% per month through sophisticated algorithms and tried-and-tested strategies. 

Spearheaded by Suki Chern, one of the most respected and reputable figures in the blockchain space, the company has secured over 50 key partnerships with over $400 billion in trading experience.

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