Lance Conrad: Leading GOVVI into a Future of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Lance Conrad, CEO of GOVVI, is not your typical corporate leader. His journey to the helm of a thriving social selling company has been shaped by a profound desire for something more than just financial success.

Highlighted below are excerpts of Lance’s perspective on a range of subjects, including leadership, overcoming challenges, and his steadfast dedication to aiding individuals in regaining control over their most valuable asset: TIME.

About Lance’s Background

“Before stepping into the world of social selling, I embarked on a career as a headhunter and technical recruiter. I owned my own staffing company, HireSolutions, and provided people with jobs, salaries, and security. However, I realized that what I truly yearned for was not money but TIME. I wanted to be present as my daughters grew up and to free others from the confines of traditional jobs.

My transition from the world of recruiting to social selling marked a significant shift from security and hourly wages to bigger opportunities and entrepreneurial freedoms.”

About Company Vision and Mission

“GOVVI has been built upon the foundation that promoters come first. The core values and mission of the company are crystal clear: To make home-based businesses easier and more accessible. GOVVI aims to lead with products priced to the market and products that virtually sell themselves. Additionally, GOVVI offers a world-class sample program that simplifies product sharing with one touch of a button. Our vision starts with transparency and simplicity.”

About Leadership and Management

“My leadership philosophy is rooted in learning from failures. I believe in giving credit to our corporate team and field leaders for the company’s successes, while taking personal responsibility for addressing challenges and ensuring they don’t repeat. Failures are nothing but opportunities to innovate and improve.”

About Challenges and Achievements

“As with any venture, GOVVI has faced its fair share of challenges. From breaking merchant accounts due to rapid sales growth to navigating supply chain issues and dealing with attempts by competitors to imitate products.  The company encountered numerous obstacles, yet it’s how our team has reacted and elevated our perspective to solve these problems collectively as a team. Our Promoters have produced over 125 top-ranking individuals within the company in just 18 months.”

About Innovation and Technology

“Innovation is at the core of GOVVI’s approach. The company continually releases promotional products, invests in tools that simplify the duplication process, and offers training and support to its promoters. Our team are committed to making business easier and more accessible.”

About Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

“GOVVI believes in giving back to the community through its charitable initiative, GOVVI Gives. This program supports Promoters in their passion projects and empowers them to make a positive impact in the lives of others.”

About Market Trends and Competition

“GOVVI’s executive team has over 50 years of experience in building global teams. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship and community. Rather than copying competitors, we focus on creating our unique brand of company, centered around e-commerce and subscription-based services.”

About Future Plans and Vision

“Looking ahead, we envision GOVVI to utilize new technologies and systems to simplify the home-based business experience even further. Our commitment to innovation and accessibility remains unwavering.”

About Entrepreneurship 

“My motivation as a leader of our organization comes from the belief that entrepreneurship is far from dead. We aspire to establish GOVVI as a globally renowned, top-tier eCommerce company. We value the wisdom of mentors and emphasize the importance of surrounding oneself with positive, uplifting individuals. If you waste your time with people that spend their time in the mud and dirt, you can’t interact with them without getting dirty.  I always tell our people, don’t sponsor yucky people.  I want to surround myself with positive, uplifting people as much as possible.

About Impact of Recent Events

“Challenges in 2023 tested GOVVI, but our response was exemplary. Protecting customers and promoters was paramount, with transparency and problem-solving at the forefront of our approach. Complete transparency has been key to resolving issues effectively.”

About Work-Life Balance

“Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial. Daily exercise and designated family time are non-negotiable, even amidst a demanding schedule. I recognize that while balance may not always be feasible, working hard now can pave the way for greater balance in the future.”

Final Thoughts

“You can do it!   You can do hard things!  How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Make sure you are consistent, make sure you make a little progress daily. You will find huge results through doing the little things daily. Be Brave. Set your sail…and never, never, never give up!!”

In his leadership journey at GOVVI, Lance Conrad is not just changing the perception of home-based businesses; he’s leading a movement that’s rewriting the rules of entrepreneurship and redefining the power of community.


GOVVI is a forward-thinking e-commerce company that has revolutionized the way people shop for lifestyle products. Unlike other companies, GOVVI offers a subscription-based model that enables customers to enjoy exclusive access to the latest and most innovative products at competitive prices.

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