MyDailyChoice Introduces Safalab, Into the MDC Marketplace

MyDailyChoice is excited to welcome Safalab to the MDC Marketplace!

Their cutting-edge line of cosmetic creams are designed to maintain calmness under pressure and support virility in men.

With a vision to offer the world’s highest quality, scientifically validated line of health enhancing products available, Safalab began as a boutique dispensary attached to an integrative medical clinic.

It has since grown into a company that makes superior quality nutritional supplements and other health related products available, for anyone who wants to “survive and thrive” through life.

All of their products have been specifically vetted by Dr. Weeks, Safalab Medical/Scientific Director, who is a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine.

“All nutritional and health products and technology are not created equal, and as such, with the thousands of products on the market, it can be very difficult for consumers to distinguish between those that are simply marketed in a “glossy way” and those that are truly effective”,

says Dr. Weeks.

“We coined the term “centsible” (pun on sensible) so that our customers can have confidence that the products we offer work (are of superior quality in terms of both the ingredients themselves, are in synergistic formulations etc.), that they are cost effective (are good value) and ideally are also convenient (knowing that convenience = compliance=results). 

When there is a gap in the marketplace, we often formulate our own products, as is the case with CALM and XYZone. We could not find cosmetic, topical progesterone creams that met our standards for dosage, ingredients, silkiness on the skin, fragrance, value etc. so we formulated our own! 

CALM and XYZone were born and have been exceedingly well received in market.” 

“It’s time for the world to know about CALM cream and XYZone!

Over the years, we have had endorsements of medical professionals and other health practitioners around the country as well as robust word of mouth referrals but it’s time for our products to be marketed on a larger scale.

MDC offers a unique platform to accomplish this goal and in so doing will help millions more people not only “survive” but “thrive”.” – Laura Weeks, Co-Founder of Safalab

Safalab CALM Cream & SAFALAB XYZone

CALM Cream: World’s premier cosmetic bio-identical progesterone cream designed for those bothered by stress; safe and effective for women and men.

SAFALAB XYZone: Designed for focused and calm experience. “XY” references male chromosomes and is formulated as companion to CALM cream, with focus on men’s benefits.

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