Zurvita Inc. Appoints Alex Hoffmann to President

Zurvita, functional food leader of clean, all-natural, innovative nutritional products has hired Alex Hoffmann, as their new President for  Zurvita Inc.

Hoffmann is an industry veteran, with over thirty years of experience both as a corporate executive and top leader in the field.

He brings an impressive proven track record of building profitable markets in Latin America and developing successful teams nationwide for leading companies such as Nu Skin Enterprises, Isagenix, and Plexus Worldwide.

As President, Alex will be responsible for leading sales, field and business development efforts for Zurvita Inc. across all existing and future markets.

“We are excited to welcome Alex to our executive team.

He is passionate about people, and he understands the impact of leading by example devoting his career to developing and empowering people to reach for more.

This is in line with our commitment and focus of being a company of provision, empowering people to take control of their health and happiness,”

says Zurvita Holdings, Founder and CEO Jay Shafer.

“With his knowledge and proven track record in both corporate and as a field-leader, we believe Alex is well positioned to lead Zurvita’s Consultants towards maximizing their potential for growth.”

Having first-hand experience, not once but twice, of what it means to build a business as a Distributor and rise to the top of the plan impacting and training over 100,000 people, visiting over 42 countries provides Alex with a unique and powerful insight into the development of the field.

Alex has a proven track record of over 30 years of building profitable markets and leading teams across North America, LATAM and Europe by developing people, adapting business models, and product mix to fit consumers needs.

Zurvita’s science-backed products are developed to empower health and happiness and have been clinically shown to improve mood and boost your nutrition. They include Zeal For Life, an all-in-one nutritional drink mix with essential nutrients and superfoods; Zundora, a breakthrough antioxidant collagen gel clean; and family-friendly hydration product Zurvita Performance H2O.

About Zurvita

Zurvita is a company led by faith with the mission to empower people to believe in themselves and take control of their health and happiness. Zurvita brings families effective health and wellness products from the most potent and nourishing ingredients and superfoods.

These award-winning natural wellness products include the Zeal for Life all-in-one nutritional drink, a weight management system, performance products, Zundora, an antioxidant collagen blend for that healthy glow and youthful look and Zurge, a brain-health boosting coffee experience. All Zurvita wellness products are developed through extensive work with physicians, scientists, and researchers to create meaningful change in one’s health.

Zurvita’s initiatives, including Zurvita Giving and Zeal for Meals, extend beyond philanthropy, reflecting their commitment to cause, courage, and commitment. This dedication to positive impact reinforces their mission to inspire change through tangible actions, echoing their core values and additionally adopting children through The House of Hope Orphanage.   Zurvita was a finalist for the Greater Good Awards in 2023 by Glossy Magazine.  Zurvita was awarded 17 MarCom Awards for their excellence in marketing and communication in 2023 too.

Get more information, facts and figures about Zurvita, click here for the Zurvita overview.

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