Deralynn Ellis Achieves The Rank Of ICON At Arieyl

When you picture a leader, who do you picture? What about when you think of a rockstar? Or maybe even an icon? Deralynn Ellis embodies all of those titles tenfold.

After Arieyl’s 2024 convention, she has ranked up from her previous rank of Legend to Icon, now sitting at the highest rank ever achieved by a rockstar earning her a $10,000 per month lifestyle bonus and a $50,000 one time, lump sum, cash bonus. She is looking ahead as a trailblazer pushing further than anyone has before within Arieyl.

Sharing her story, that of redemption and triumph, she has inspired so many other women to share their journeys. Deralynn is a prime example of showing that whatever phase you are in life is only temporary. I encourage anyone who may feel they aren’t on a path towards success or may feel like their past is too colored to be able to be an inspiration to listen to her tell her story and see that is simply not the case.

“My team & I hit a massive milestone last night…. One that some thought we never would. People have always underestimated us & thought bc we didn’t enter this space with success, or money or a following that we couldn’t be “ Top Leaders”.

~Deralynn Ellis

But despite all of this success and amassing such a large team her and her rockstars all maintain a sense of family. They work together to push campaigns together and collaborate towards their future goals. Growing multiple top-level leaders underneath her building a strong organization.

But before growing to these new heights, Deralynn Ellis previously had only been a smaller-scale leader in her last company. So this had been a learning experience for her and new levels of attention and spotlight had been a challenge being one of the faces of Arieyl.

She has taken the challenge in stride and completely embodies what Arieyl stands for not conforming to typical norms, picking yourself up from your bootstraps, and being uniquely your true self, whether that may be a unicorn or a lioness. Deralynn Ellis is not just a leader but also an Icon. Congratulations Deralynn on all you have accomplished and your new promotion.

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