Partner.Co Celebrates One Year In Business

Partner.Co, the company specializing in being your wellness, business and lifestyle partner, celebrates its first year in business on February 1, 2024.

In just a year, they have already accomplished incredible things, which they attribute to the hard work of Brand Partners and the incredibly talented team behind the scenes around the world.

“Reaching a one-year anniversary is an amazing accomplishment, no doubt about it. That being said, we’re already looking at five, 10, even 50 years in the future. When we started Partner.Co, we began with a vision for long-term success. I’m so incredibly proud of all that we’ve been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time, but with our current trajectory, I can easily say we’re just getting started.”

Stated Darren Zobrist, Founder & CEO.

To help celebrate the beginning of Partner.Co, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from the last year.

Leading With Values

To help carry out the Partner.Co mission of helping people optimize their wellness, business and lifestyle, Partner.Co brought on industry leaders to join their executive team, including:

  • Chief Marketing Officer Mark Patterson
  • Chief Operating Officer Matt Linford
  • Chief Impact Officer Katy Holt-Larsen
  • VP of Field Development Lucy West
  • Area President of Greater China & Japan Yiru Zhou
  • Head of Human Resources Maryna Storrs

Record-Breaking Sales & Title Advancements

Partner.Co offers evidence-based, physician-backed products — and this year showed how much the meticulously researched formulas are loved, with record-breaking sales worldwide.

  • The legendary Tahitian Noni® in new pouch form saw a sales increase of 276%.
  • The Slenderiiz® drops, a social media phenomenon, was up 300%.
  • Patent-pending, anti-aging supplement Nutrifii™ Renew was up 180%. convention

Award Season

In just one year, Partner.Co won over 40 awards in a variety of categories, including:

  • International Stevie® Award for Founding Team of the Year
  • 3 Viddy Awards
  • 5 Hermes Creative Awards
  • 5 Globee Business Awards
  • 3 Globee Leadership Awards
  • 5 Golden Bridge Awards
  • 6 Muse Creative Awards
  • 3 DotComm Awards
  • 10 MarCom Awards

PXP’23 | The Partner.Co Experience

Partner.Co also introduced a brand-new experience for Brand Partners, PXP: The Partner.Co Experience! Held in Orlando, Florida, USA and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Partner.Co hosted two jam-packed events for eager Brand Partners to mix and mingle with Executives and other motivated Partners from around the world.

With such stunning success at both events — in the form of not just substantial growth (of Brand Partners and sales) in both markets but also the sheer excitement and confidence from our Brand Partners — Partner.Co is taking PXP global in 2024, with events in Europe, Greater China, Japan and North America.

Partner.Co Lifestyle

As your lifestyle Partner, Partner.Co added even more (and more luxurious) trips to their travel program, and they also took their recognition program and gave it a facelift.

Partner.Co believes that every Brand Partner that succeeds in their company deserves only the best (and most glamorous) recognition in the industry, so this year, they unveiled brand-new recognition pins, with more fun things on the way! The sales momentum and energizing events led to an impressive 200% increase in title advancements worldwide.

New & Revamped Tools

As your business partner, Partner.Co always looks for ways to make your job easier. In their first year, they released a slew of new tools and updated some current ones, too. Check out a few of the things the team produced:

  • PXP’23 | The Partner.Co Experience New Welcome Card
  • Award-Winning Women’s Health Week Marketing Campaign
  • Award-Winning Partner.Co Brand Guide
  • Award-Winning Partner.Co Opportunity PowerPoint
  • Award-Winning Partner.Co ‘Sneak Peek’ Video
  • Award-Winning ‘Partner.Co: What’s in It for You!’ Video
  • Award-Winning Expert Onboarding Journey
  • Award-Winning Swag
  • Over 50 Blogs on Wellness, Business & Lifestyle
  • Video series With Partner.Co Chief Medical Officer, Ray Strand, MD
  • Video Series With Global Director of Product Barbara Cox-Lovesy
  • Slenderiiz Program Booklet
  • Slenderiiz Cookbook with 70+ nutritious recipes
  • The Official Launch of the Global Standard Laboratory
  • Savings Bonus Tracker
  • New (and Easier) Enrollment Process
  • Refreshed social media graphics
  • Seasonal and Evergreen Virtual Partner.Co Backgrounds
  • Branded Partner.Co Email Signatures
  • Co Lifestyle, the Rebranded Incentive Trip Program
  • Co Beats Spotify Playlist
  • Co Swag Store
  • And so much more

A Team Effort

Partner.Co ensures that everything you see and interact with is successful, which takes a team effort. Without every part of their corporate team working in concert, none of this would be possible.

  • The IT team is constantly at work monitoring the current site while also developing improvements so that you have a smoother, easier experience every time you visit the website, the Back Office or the Partner.Co Share™ app.
  • The Sales and Partner Support teams around the world are on call to answer any of your questions and make sure you get your orders on time.
  • The Marketing & R&D teams are continually reimagining new ways to improve your health and help you support others in achieving their wellness goals, too.
  • The Operations and Events teams seem like they’re always on the move, greasing wheels and tightening screws so that every piece of our organization — from promotional periods and day-to-day operations to Incentive Trips to PXP and beyond — is functioning to the highest level.

From the Worldwide Top Leaders

“Our greatest memory is when Fred, Nicole, Lenika and I first met Darren and John in Puerto Rico. We knew we were in the right place — we were home! Their goals aligned with our goals of long-term building and building a legacy.

  • Gregg & Dr. Lenika Scott, 2023 North America No. 1 Power Rankers

“I’ve felt in recent months that this company is becoming the best choice out there. I’m sure that many industry professionals are looking at Partner.Co as a great, new opportunity, and I would like to do my part to keep this environment young, stimulating and pleasant for those who choose it.”

  • Masha Urbani, 2023 Europe No. 1 Power Ranker

“Seeing the plans of the new company, I am filled with confidence. Over the past year, the market has experienced stability and a strong sense of security. It has been a solid and grounded year. A steady foundation is the key to development, and the future looks promising.”

  • Lin Shuyuan, 2023 Greater China No. 1 Power Ranker

“Noni, with the power of Mana, has bestowed upon me and given me a clear mission. Partner.Co will accomplish far more than the traditional network marketing company with partnership marketing if we continue working with the best people in the business.”

  • Eigo Masuda, 2023 Japan No. 1 Power Ranker

“My biggest accomplishment during our first year as Partner.Co was partnering together to bring great health and meaningful lifestyle changes to the world.”

  • Paula Weeks, 2023 Australia No. 1 Power Ranker

“The greatest achievement I’ve had at Partner.Co has been the ability to collaborate with like-minded Brand Partners to improve people’s lives and finances.”

  • Luz Evangelista, 2023 Latin America No. 1 Power Ranker

About Partner.Co

Partner.Co brings together success-fueled entrepreneurs and wellness enthusiasts from all backgrounds and unique expertise to partner in health, wealth and self. Partner.Co’s embracing of different cultures and beliefs fosters a true partnership where the company and the field protect each other and share a bond that ensures shared success. More information can be found at Partner.Co.

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