Steve And Gina Merritt Tell All on Eric Worre’s Excellence Project Podcast

The word is getting out Fast that Steve and Gina Merritt, are raising the bar in the Network Marketing Industry with their New Venture! Eric Worre, the Godfather of Network Marketing heard about the Merritt’s recent success and wanted to be first to interview these legends in our industry.

The podcast just launched and explains everything you want to know about this power couple achieving the Highest Rank in just 23 days and going from 130 to 71,000 team members in such a short amount of time.   

Steve, a World Champion and former Pro Athlete, and Gina a former flight attendant explain how they started their Network Marketing career living busy lives and raising four kids. Their simple yet unstoppable approach has proven to produce miraculous results not only with them but the 177 friends they have helped become millionaires in their organization. The Merritt’s only know one speed to build a successful Network Marketing business and that is full throttle and wide open!

“2024 is expected to be a record year in Network Marketing. Some companies will shine bright, and others will not. You must be deliberate with your decision in regard to what company you chose to build.

Decide you will play a big role by taking advantage of the momentum that is already happening. In order to do so you must be involved in a company that already is experiencing explosive growth like we are here in LifeWave,”

explains Steve.   

Eric Worre, the best-known trainer in Network Marketing, has inside knowledge on who’s making noise in our industry. That’s why he reached out and asked the Merritt’s to visit him at his Excellence Project Podcast Studio in Las Vegas. Eric had learned firsthand how Steve and Gina were creating major momentum in a new company. 

Worre heard that when the Merritt’s started LifeWave, the company was nowhere on the radar and recently became the #2 momentum company, in the industry per Business for Home. In only 16 months the Merritt’s have become the Fastest growing couple of a 19-year-old company taking LifeWave by storm and already creating 7 figure earners in their organization.

Eric was curious about how they have become the talk of the Network Marketing industry with a product-based company and helping so many succeed in such a short period of time. Listen To Steve and Gina Merritt on The Eric Worre Excellence Project Podcast:  

The Merritt’s explain why they are winning so fast and how important having a proven support system like their ThisIIsItTeam.Com, to achieve the duplication effect in an organization. That is why the Merritt’s have already helped 38 team members achieved the Highest Rank in LifeWave in less than 2 years.

“The recent launch of X39 is the reason for the major growth we are experiencing in LifeWave. X39 is the best devise we have ever experienced in the 36 years we’ve been involved in Network Marketing.

This technology is literally a Game Changer because it’s so easiest to share, it’s exclusive, recently patented, and the daily testimonies we are experiencing are so emotional,”

Steve explains.  

Gina is remarkable on Eric’s Excellence Project Podcast as she gives the most informative and powerful explanation on how to encourage your husband and all the husbands on your team to engage, pick up the phone, and build. She tells the wives in such a way that only Gina Merritt, could possibly explain. Gina has without a doubt a personality that captures the attention of everyone in the room. She is one of the few that could teach women in such a fun and relatable way how much influence you as a wife really have.

The Merritt’s emphasis to not get stuck on the fact that LifeWave has been in business for over 19 years. Steve and Gina were excited it was not a startup and had the stability of paying their distributors for the last 19 years.

The fact that LifeWave is already open in 75 countries and just launched Korea is so important when picking a company to pour your heart into building. The momentum the company is experiencing is what all network marketers dream of. Because of the record growth that is happening every month the Merritt’s believe it the perfect time to get started in LifeWave and build your own global empire.

After watching this interview on Eric Worre’s Excellence Project Podcast, you too will experience the passion Steve and Gina have for people. The Merritt’s goal is to change the perception people have of the Network Marketing Industry. Doing what’s right and building with integrity is key to attracting quality people into an organization. People are praying and searching today for true mentors, with real products, to grow a successful business organically which is exactly what will happen once you partner up with Steve and Gina Merritt.

Get more information, facts and figures about LifeWave, click here for the LifeWave overview.

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