Velovita Promotes Rory And Tanya Ricord To North America Master Distributors

Congratulations to Rory and Tanya Ricord, whose hard work and dedication at Velovita led them to earn the coveted title of “North America Master Distributors”.

Rory and Tanya Ricord joined Velovita 3 ½ years ago –only 6 months after its inception— for one simple reason, to provide innovative products to the masses that will change the way people view network marketing.

This power couple have collectively spent an impressive 68 years dominating the direct sales industry. As top leaders in the field, Rory and Tanya achieved the highest ranks and income with their prior companies.  Rory and Tanya chose to use their collective expertise and experience of over 6 decades to help others, market and sell Velovita products.

Although they achieved an incredible amount of success in their previous venture, there was something about Velovita that drew them in.

“I met Kosta Gara in 2004 and was in his downline. Tanya and I grew so much from his mentoring over the years that when he called me to tell me he was coming out of retirement to start Velovita, we had to know more.

We had a feeling that making the jump to Velovita was with a leap of faith we needed to move into a far greater scope of success. And we were 100% correct.”

Said Rory Ricord

According to Rory and Tanya it is Velovita’s refreshing community standards and a resounding level of “truth and integrity” that set Velovita apart from its competitors.  They believe the world can benefit from an opportunity like Velovita provides truth, integrity and value without compromising quality.

“Everything promised or stated has always happened and continues to happen. Velovita is the only company who has followed through and delivered on every single promise it’s made. For us, Velovita checks all the boxes.

Stated Rory Ricord

To Rory and Tanya Ricord, Marketing is Freedom.  Rory and Tanya have and continue to dedicate their lives to educate others on how to maximize time and achieve financial freedom by promoting and selling Velovita products.

“Velovita provides us with all of the tools we need to succeed. Though only those pushing for their greatness will achieve it. Our goal is to help others realize their true potential so that they can achieve a profound level of success with Velovita.”

Said Tanya Ricord

Rory and Tanya not only sell the Velovita dream, but also use the products every day. After starting their Velovita journey, Rory and Tanya lost an amazing, combined total of 100 lbs. The Ricords credit the Velovita lifestyle and products to their incredible success.

“The products are science based and “battlefield tested”. We have witnessed and have experienced some incredible things through Velovita.”

Says Rory Ricord

“Rory and Tanya are what I call marketing geniuses. Their relentless devotion to their team and “no-excuses” mindset are the key to their success over the last few decades. We’re truly fortune to have them lead the North America market into the next stage of our company.” 

– Kosta Gara, CEO


Founded on 90+ years of operational and field success, VELOVITA® is rapidly becoming a global leader of innovation in the fields of biohacking, social selling, community expansion, and support for the new world entrepreneur. Their mission is to provide an ecosystem of inspiration, education, and life enrichment.

VELOVITA® has a singular focus on the individual to increase their daily performance, both mentally and physically. For more information on VELOVITA®, please visit or Velovita’s Facebook page. You may also contact us at [email protected]. To join the new movement, click here for the Velovita Member Rewards plan. We know you’ll #LOVIT!

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