Amanda Brunson Joins Arieyl

Amanda Brunson, owner and CEO of her own network marketing company, joins Arieyl as a rockstar.

Arieyl is honored to announce that Amanda Brunson has decided to rejoin the field as a recruiter for Arieyl after seven years of building her own successful network marketing company.

She has an incredible passion for the field and raising up leaders to build a legacy like she has.

Amanda shares why she chose to close her business and go back into the field.

“I chose to go back into the field because I felt like it was my calling and what I’m supposed to be doing.

Once I realized I wasn’t meant to be a CEO, I started doing some serious soul-searching on what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.

I realized I was happiest, the most productive, and the most successful when I was building a team. It was my passion for helping people reach their dreams too.”

Amanda has had some incredible career highlights within the marketing industry. In her first company, she broke the record for hitting an elite rank in just six months, and she was the first to do it using social media alone. In her second company, she hit the highest rank, selling over one million in volume and became a top-five income earner.

She has personally sponsored 2,500 people into this industry with a downline of over 100k and produced over 100 million in sales. After seven years of running her successful network marketing company, one of her friends and top leaders brought her Arieyl to look at. She was blown away by how similar the vision and culture were to her company.

This is why Amanda said she chose to work with Arieyl. “I felt an instant connection to Arieyl and its vibe. I knew immediately, even just seeing the packaging, product descriptions, and the lingo, that these were my people.

After talking to Kristen and Travis, I knew it was a match! I knew I had to find a home where I could bring people in and build one more solid time. I ain’t trying to do this again. This is my forever, and I am embracing every second of it.

The products are amazing, the vibe is amazing, the compensation plan is the best I’ve seen… It’s a win/win/win. Amanda has already reached her first leadership rank at Arieyl in just her first week in the business. Kristen, Travis, and the entire corporate team are thrilled Amanda has chosen to plant her flag here and claim Arieyl as her home. We know she will be an incredible leader and help thousands chase their dreams in an industry she loves.

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