Amber Reed: Advances To 25K Affiliate With MyDailyChoice

MyDailyChoice extends a warm congratulations to Amber Reed from Nashville, TN, for her outstanding achievement of reaching the rank of 25K.

Amber’s unwavering determination serves as a shining example of the heights one can achieve by blending the opportunities at MyDailyChoice with unparalleled dedication and hard work.

Joining MDC in March 2024 as part of the SAVVi alliance, Amber’s journey with network marketing began in March 2020 when she partnered with SAVVI. Reflecting on her career trajectory, Amber shares,

“I was a senior-level exec in the fitness industry, part of the ground floor team that helped grow Orangetheory Fitness into the global brand it is today.”

Despite her successful career, Amber’s life took a surprising turn in 2019 when she lost her job unexpectedly.

“It was devastating for me and my family. Living in Los Angeles at the time, I swore I would never work for someone else again because of how I was treated.”

Determined to take control of her income and future, Amber turned to network marketing.

“That’s when I realized the power of NWM. I had seen massive success happen for many of my friends. So I decided it was time for me to make it happen for myself,”

For Amber, the journey with SAVVI began six months after losing her job.

“I’ve since made over 7-figures with this brand!”

Amber’s passion for SAVVI and the opportunities it offers resonates deeply.

“SAVVI’s clothing, business opportunity, and wellness products were awesome to promote! And now, since partnering with MDC, we have so many new favorites we are trying out!”

Excitement courses through Amber as she contemplates the alliance and growth potential with MyDailyChoice.

“The fact that we are truly pioneering and innovating something in this industry that has never been done is exciting,”

she remarks. Eager to explore new products and continue learning, Amber highlights the smart concept of building a House of Brands.

“Beef sticks, Clear Drops, and the Eye Eraser, are just a few of my daily staples already!”

Amber Reed’s journey symbolizes the true spirit of entrepreneurship, perseverance, and innovation within the MyDailyChoice network. As she continues to blaze trails and make a positive impact, Amber continues to set the bar for success and inspire business builders worldwide.

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