GOVVI Summit Surprise: Els Van Loon’s Path to Success and Romance

In the heart of Brecht, Belgium, Els Van Loon’s life story unfolds like a GOVVI product brochure — innovative, transformative, and now, romantically emblematic, thanks to a surprise proposal at the recent February 2024 GOVVI European Summit in the Netherlands.

Els Background

At the heart of one of GOVVI’s top leading teams in the Netherlands, “The  Gamechangers,” is Els Van Loon. Once a medical secretary, Els’ career took a dramatic turn when she embraced entrepreneurship. Now, she’s a celebrated leader, her influence extending far beyond her hometown of Brecht, Belgium, inspiring change and innovation across the entrepreneurial world.

Why GOVVI? El’s Inspiration

Els Van Loon’s passion for GOVVI sparked not just from encountering its innovative wellness and lifestyle products but also from recognizing the company’s foresight and exceptional rewards plan. To her, these products aren’t merely items to be enjoyed; they represent GOVVI’s commitment to pioneering an industry revolution — a mission that she wholeheartedly champions and reflects in her every endeavor.

Business Approach and Team Dynamics

Leading with authenticity, Els champions a philosophy of resilience and respect, captured in her team’s mantra: “Don’t give up, keep going no matter how hard it is.” It’s about fostering a culture of value and potential, regardless of rank. This approach has cultivated a team culture that mirrors the mentorship she’s received from Caroline De Belder, her GOVVI mentor, who stands as her personal icon of leadership and success.

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Her life is one of balance:  enjoying nature, nurturing cats, and spending quality time with Ronald Arendse, her partner in life and work. Their recent engagement at the GOVVI European summit, amid a crowd of colleagues and friends, signifies a heartfelt chapter in their shared journey.

What Fuels Her Drive?

Driven by the aspiration to provide her future posterity with limitless opportunities, Els aims to build an international team and achieve a six-figure income, helping others to create lives marked by freedom and abundance.

“I want to give my children a brighter future and childhood than I have had myself, that they may experience a life of abundance and freedom. A life in abundance and freedom and not in scarcity.”

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Els advises emerging entrepreneurs to believe in themselves, persevere, and honor the journey. Her swift rise to GOVVI’s top rank of Superstar within mere months stands as evidence of her commitment to celebrating each step of success.

Els Van Loon’s narrative is a testament to the values of GOVVI — innovation, community, and relentless progress. Her engagement to Ronald at the GOVVI summit not only marks a personal triumph but also underscores the close-knit community that GOVVI cultivates. Her journey, interwoven with professional acumen and personal fulfillment, paints a vivid picture of the possibilities within the GOVVI universe.


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