Lauren Santagate Rises in Rank Achieving 50K with MyDailyChoice

MyDailyChoice proudly celebrates the remarkable 50K Rank achievement of Lauren Santagate, a dynamic entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts. Lauren’s journey epitomizes resilience, determination, and the transformative power of seizing opportunities in the network marketing space.

Having embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with SAVVI in March 2020, Lauren’s dedication and passion for the industry led her to embrace a new chapter as an MDC affiliate in March 2024, following the alliance between the two network marketing powerhouses.

With extensive experience as a marketing and events director in the premium beverage space, Lauren’s transition into network marketing was fueled by a desire to find a flexible yet impactful career path while juggling the demands of motherhood. Reflecting on her decision, Lauren shares,

“I had just had my second child, was considering going back to work full time and realized there was an option that would allow me to be a mom AND make a financial impact for my family, so I went all in.”

As an avid supporter of SAVVI products, Lauren’s enthusiasm extends to the diverse offerings within the MyDailyChoice portfolio. She particularly favors the range of Daily Sprays from MDC. Eager to broaden her product knowledge and share her discoveries with others, Lauren looks forward to diving deeper into the extensive range of offerings available.

Moreover, Lauren is deeply inspired by the innovative approach that MyDailyChoice brings to the network marketing space. She highlights the company’s commitment to empowering individuals.

I really love the innovative shift they are leading in the network marketing space and the opportunity they bring to the table for so many. This is network marketing done differently and it feels SO RIGHT,”  

Lauren remarks.

Lauren attributes her success at MyDailyChoice to being extremely intentional with growing her business through who she connects with and how she mentors her team. Accountability plays a huge role, and her focus has always been to have fun, make money, and help as many other people as possible do the same.

Lauren Santagate’s journey exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship, resilience, and empowerment that defines the MyDailyChoice community. As she continues to make strides in her business, Lauren remains dedicated to leveraging the opportunities provided by MyDailyChoice to create a positive impact for herself, her family, and others.

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