Lorde + Belle Expands to Mexico & Canada

Lorde + Belle, a pioneering MLM company renowned for its unique blend of skincare, makeup, and wellness products, is thrilled to announce its pre-launch in Mexico and Canada. After celebrating months of foundational work in these regions, the company is poised to further redefine the beauty and wellness industry, offering innovation, empowerment, and unparalleled business opportunities.

Lorde + Belle stands at the forefront of financial stability and secure growth, providing more than just innovative products; we offer hope and happiness through a financially stable business opportunity. Our mission is to empower individuals to recognize their unique potential and desire for growth and “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

This commitment is reflected in our focus on developing clean and safe beauty products, our partnership with RealHer to inspire with affirmation-named makeup, and the introduction of LB Health, which utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver the best wellness products available.

We are also excited to introduce the Legacy Leader Program, a life-changing initiative where 25 Brand Partners can achieve the Legacy Leader position and receive 1% of the company-wide Commissionable Volume (CV). This program is a testament to our dedication not only to grow as a company but to ensure our leaders thrive with us.

Bill Xiang, CEO and Founder of both Lorde + Belle and RealHer, highlights the transformative nature of our offerings: “Our compensation plan is not just a game-changer; it’s a life changer in the industry, offering flexibility, simplicity, and generous rewards for our Brand Partners. At Lorde + Belle, we provide more than an opportunity; we offer a platform for growth, success, and a chance to be part of something that gives back. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just beginning your journey, Lorde + Belle opens the door to endless possibilities.”


Bill Xiang: “As a beauty manufacturer for over 15 years, I came across situations where brands would sacrifice potency over cost saving over and over again. Even my wife was complaining to me that she couldn’t find a skin care brand that she completely trusted and whose products actually worked.  One night after hearing my wife’s complaint, I decided, “why not create a new brand of our own?” and really make a difference for all women.

That’s how Lorde+Belle skincare line was born, pouring all my 15 years of resources, expertise and beauty manufacturing experience into this collection, we developed innovative products with the highest potency, making sure they produced maximum results.

We focused on a simple system of Cleanse, Repair and Hydrate, designing the formulas with clean, safe ingredients utilizing the EU standard as our baseline. Our clinicals speak for themselves and we’re very proud that Lorde+Belle skincare line is becoming the favorite products for more and more people!. For more information please visit: www.lordeandbelle.com.

Get more information, facts and figures about Lorde and Belle, click here for the Lorde and Belle overview.

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  1. I have only been here for about five months and I definitely feel that the products that I’ve used so far are very potency and they were designed to work. I get massive results with everything that I’ve used the make up is high quality, very pigmented the staying power is incredible, the ingredient is in all of the products will just blow your mind. The technology behind these products are outstanding. Everyone needs to take a look at all of these products. The opportunity is incredible. The growth is overwhelming and excitement so much more to come. ??

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