SAVVI Joins Forces With MyDailyChoice

SAVVI joins forces with MyDailyChoice, the first ever alliance of its kind in the industry. SAVVI is an industry leader that sells premium activewear apparel, advanced skincare, and wellness products.

SAVVI’s mission is to empower individual to reach their fullest potential and they have an impressive track record of over $100 million in sales its first 4 years with over 100,000+ customers.

MyDailyChoice’s newly launched marketplace has led to so many exciting collaborations with high quality brands like SAVVI. Bringing to market hundreds of products spanning various categories, a lucrative compensation plan, and cutting-edge technology, MDC sets the stage for the future of MLM collaborations.

As of March 4th, 2024, SAVVI enters the MDC Marketplace as the exclusive activewear apparel brand. SAVVI Affiliates can not only continue to purchase their favorite products from SAVVI, but they now have access to hundreds of new products and even digital products that can be marketed in 200+ countries.

“We have long believed in the power of co-creation and hold collaboration as one of our personal core values. Upon meeting Josh and seeing our shared goals and visions, we found it impossible to stay apart.

Alignment was a natural and exciting decision for us. We are coming together with MyDailyChoice, not only to create a stronger opportunity for our customers and affiliates, but to create the pathway for all MLM companies to together create a more collaborative future.”

– says Ken Porter and Jenn Ashby, SAVVI Founders

The MLM industry is changing quickly and what worked in the past isn’t working today. One of the reasons why this alliance is so significant in the MLM industry is because SAVVI will keep ownership of their company, products, community, and culture while leveraging the platform that MDC has built.

“We believe that the future of this industry is collaboration. We saw a need for a new model and there is nothing like this in the industry. Everyone gets to focus on their strengths and we create a win-win. We are so excited to welcome the new SAVVI community to MDC.” 

says Josh Zwagil, MyDailyChoice Founder

The MyDailyChoice + SAVVI collaboration kicks off with a 50% off March Madness Sale on some of SAVVI’s top-selling apparel.  To learn more about SAVVI, visit

About MyDailyChoice 

MyDailyChoice is a marketplace where you can discover new brands, shop for your favorite products, and empower your entrepreneurial spirit. Founded by two dynamic entrepreneurs, Josh & Jenna Zwagil, who had a desire to empower individuals by eliminating obstacles and fostering positive change. For more information, please visit 

Get more information, facts and figures about MyDailyChoice, click here for the MyDailyChoice overview.

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