Record Breaking: Tom & Kim Challan Reach 250K Affiliate in 30 Days

MyDailyChoice is excited to celebrate the incredible milestone achieved by Tom and Kim Challan, a dynamic duo from San Diego, California, who have soared to the 250K rank in a record-breaking 30 days.

Their journey to building a life filled with freedom, purpose, and success is marked by resilience, and unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Tom, originally from Ohio, and Kim, hailing from Washington, found their paths crossing in California at age 22. At age 25 were married and have built their business and grew their family side by side ever since. Now empty nesters, they split their time between San Diego, California with their four daughters and traveling abroad. 

Reflecting on their network marketing journey, Kim shares,

“I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur at an early age,”

Kim recalls.

“Once I understood the model…that I could own my day, tap into uncapped income, and have access to continuous training…I was HOOKED.”

For Tom, a chance meeting during his newspaper sales days revealed a new world of possibilities.

It was the first time someone acknowledged my potential outside of athletics,”

he remembers.

The couple’s shared journey in network marketing began in financial services. After becoming one of the youngest Regional Vice Presidents and opening an office in San Diego, they decided it wasn’t the right vehicle for them. They quickly found their passion for health and wellness, which ultimately led to the opportunity to partner with Ken Porter and launch SAVVI. With their amazing team, they did over $125 million in sales. 

Their partnership, grounded in mutual respect and a shared vision, has been the cornerstone of their success.

Tom and I met in this Industry. Raised our 4 daughters with FREEDOM from this Industry. Tom came to know the Lord in this Industry. We know that we are here because we can make a HUGE impact in people’s lives whether it’s an extra $500 per month, legacy income or even an eternal impact.”

Kim shares, highlighting the profound personal and professional fulfillment they’ve found in network marketing.

The alliance between SAVVI and MyDailyChoice marked a new chapter for the Challans.

“We are SO blessed and honored to be here NOW to continue pioneering MDC all over the world!”

Among the impressive range of products that MyDailyChoice offers, the Challans have found particular success with ClearSleep from Metron and HempWorx CBDA, noting significant personal benefits. “BEST sleep scores ever!” Kim exclaims, sharing her excitement about the products’ ability to solve everyday problems. Tom highlights the freedom lifestyle that MyDailyChoice opportunity facilitates.

Looking ahead, the Challans are enthusiastic about the potential for MyDailyChoice to redefine the network marketing landscape.

“We are going to CHANGE LIVES. Period,”

they assert, grounded in the belief that the right mindset and a supportive community can lead to unparalleled success. Their story is not just about their achievements but a testament to the power of network marketing to create positive change, both for individuals and the broader community.

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