Introducing Janine Cats: A GOVVI Gamechanger

Janine Cats, a prominent influencer in the GOVVI community, has been making a tremendous impact and building a strong business since joining the company in May 2023.

Based in the Hague, Netherlands, Janine’s journey with GOVVI is a testament to her dedication and the transformative power of the company’s innovative products and dynamic rewards plan. Janine is a dedicated and inspirational leader with a positive business approach, paving the way to success.


Janine’s career before joining GOVVI was multifaceted. She worked as a network marketing coach and an intuitive quantum coach. This diverse experience has significantly contributed to her success in GOVVI. “Achieving Super Star, the top rank in the company, with the team within two months of going all-in with GOVVI was a proud moment,” she shares.


Janine’s decision to join GOVVI came from the heart, influenced by several compelling factors. She was especially moved by the GOVVI Harmonic card and the company’s robust compensation plan. “The GOVVI Harmonic card and the financial freedom it offers truly changed my life,” she shares with heartfelt enthusiasm.

Her favorite products, the GOVVI Harmonic card (harmonizes the effects of radiation), GOVVI Go WIN (weight loss support), and GOVVI Go Boost (proprietary liposomal glutathione) have been absolute game changers. “The GOVVI GO WIN product is like a magical purple elixir, while Boost is a golden liquid that can profoundly transform your body and health.” 


Janine draws inspiration from other inspirational leaders at GOVVI. Key influencers include Maaike van Rheenen, Caroline de Belder, and the three Founders, Angel Rodriguez, Lance Conrad, and Burke Green. “The community of this company, where everyone can be themselves, has been a major source of inspiration. Angel always says, ‘BE YOU,'” Janine notes.

Business Approach and Team Dynamics

Janine’s business strategy revolves around leading by example and building together. Her team, known as “The Gamechangers,” operates on the slogan, “Build it better together.” She emphasizes the importance of team collaboration, stating, “An effective team player is someone who knows their worth within the team as a whole but also as an individual. Everyone is important and can make a difference.”

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Maintaining a balance between personal and professional life is crucial for Janine. She enjoys life by spending time with loved ones, exploring the world, and growing as a person through Quantum learning and teachings. “I work in freedom, so every week is different. I have focus groups and monthly goals that I work on with my team, both online and offline,” she explains.

What Fuels Their Drive?

The energy of the company, the products, and the community fuel Janine’s drive. “The love, energy, and belief in me and my team from the founders have made a huge difference,” she shares. Their support has made her feel seen, heard, and worthy as a person.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Janine’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is straightforward: “Always be a student and keep an open mind and learning attitude. Surround yourself with successful people and leaders who have achieved what you aspire to. If the ‘Why’ is strong enough, the ‘How’ is easy.”

Janine’s future goals include expanding GOVVI’s presence globally and helping as many people as possible achieve financial freedom. “Together with my team, we aim to grow to at least $330K a month, making a difference with GOVVI all over the world,” she declares. With her unwavering commitment and the support of the GOVVI community, Janine is set to continue her remarkable journey, living her best life and inspiring others to do the same. “You only have ONE life, so LIVE it to the FULLEST! If you can dream it, you can do it, and GOVVI makes it all possible.”

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