Bravenly Global Reports $6 million In Monthly Sales

Bravenly Global Achieves Record Sales, Strong Growth in 2024

Bravenly Global, a USA-based healthy lifestyle company, reports exceptional growth for the first half of 2024, with the company setting new sales records each month, including over $6 million in monthly sales for May.

Bravenly Global has reported remarkable growth in monthly sales through 2024: from achieving over $1,000,000 in sales in its first year (2021)

to $9,000,000 in year 2022,

to $19,000,000 in 2023, and Bravenly’s sales in the first half of 2024 have continued to soar.

In March 2024, monthly sales totaled $2,300,000.  In April 2024, sales increased by almost +40% month-over-month to over $3,200,000.  In May 2024, sales grew again by another +87% month-over-month, for a record-breaking $6,000,000 in sales for the month.

Notably, over 84% of new business was from customer purchases, indicating robust customer retention and satisfaction.

Over 3,000 new rank advancements were also achieved over the months of April and May, including the very highest ranks: multiple new Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs), Silver EVPs and Gold EVPs. Bravenly continues to pay out 55% to 59% total true payout each month; a percentage based not on “points” or “volumes” (CV, BV, etc.), but on the dollar.

Bravenly Global Income Disclosure Statement (2023)

The company’s second-ever “Bravenly Dream Trip” also took place earlier in June 2024. With 190 people attending (achievers together with their spouses/families), Bravenly Brand Partners enjoyed this incredible luxury trip to Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, DR; this year, double the number of leaders qualified, compared to last year’s Bravenly Dream Trip to Jamaica in 2023.

Upcoming trips in fall 2024 include the Bravenly Success Summit in September, with a day of extra training sessions for top leaders, held at a resort in beautiful Clearwater Beach, Florida, and in November, Executive Vice Presidents will be treated to all-expenses-paid “EVP Escape” luxury retreat to the stunning white sand beaches of Beaches Turks & Caicos.

Aspen Emry, CEO/Founder of Bravenly Global, shared on Facebook, and commented further:

“It’s hard to express just how humbled and grateful we feel. Our amazing Brand Partners are the heart of Bravenly. Their passion and dedication has created a vibrant community committed to better health, servant leadership, and doing worthy work together.

You all are making a difference in the lives of so many. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve all achieved together and excited for what’s to come. We look forward to highlighting and sharing the stories of these many remarkable field leaders in the future.”

Bravenly Global embraces its mission to provide innovative health products and a supportive community that empowers individuals and families to lead healthier, better lives.

About Bravenly Global

Bravenly Global provides a superior suite of healthy, crave-able lifestyle products that produce results, re-orders and a ripple-effect, paired with a generous, multi-faceted, revolutionary compensation plan, and supported by unmatched tools and training for modern social marketers.

Whether you’re joining us as a Customer, an Affiliate, a new Brand Partner, or a proven industry leader, Bravenly offers unmatched value, rewards and success at every level. Privately-owned, debt-free, and dedicated to transparency, integrity, faith, fun and family values, Bravenly Global is dedicated to its mission of positive impact and growth in countless lives across North America. To learn more, visit

Get more information, facts and figures about Bravenly Global, click here for the Bravenly Global overview.

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