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Nelo life is a company which paid out in their first months $500,000 in commissions, which is a remarkable achievement for a start-up.

Randy Schroeder has long been known as being among the elite leaders and builders in the direct selling world, with career commissions earned well in excess of $45 million.

Randy Schroeder said:

Why Nelo Life? At this point in my career, I can see with clarity that much of my success has been owing to the fact that I am by nature, a persuader.

For over three decades, I have persuaded others that the fundamental principles governing network marketing are superior to the principles which govern conventional business.

Schroeder continued:

For a season of my career, I persuaded others that using a non prescription alternative to statin drugs for cholesterol reduction would be a good thing to do. For a season of my career I persuaded others of the reasons to use and consume the acai berry for its high anti oxident values. And for a season I persuaded others that non psycho active cannabis products have health benefit.

Because I am by nature a persuader, all of the above has been relatively easy for me. And yet, for so many (way too many) really great people of equal or greater talent than did not have financial successes. Why? Because though their respective talents may have been great…they were different, and did not include persuasion capabilities.

Samantha and Randy Schroeder

I am drawn to and completely fascinated by Nelo Life because for the first time in my career, I am helping others do or buy what THEY want, at some personal or financial advantage as opposed to persuading them to do something that I want them to do. This is far more than a play on words, this may well be the reason that millions of people succeed in Nelo Life who may not have that same experience in another situation.

The elements required for success in a direct selling company and well defined:

A product or service which matters to people. Nelo Life here is a groundbreaker. True net wholesale pricing on Hotels and resorts. Ask yourself these questions. Are being checking into hotels today? If so, are they doing it because you persuaded them to do so? And, would they prefer tom pay less for that room?

Do people buy Vitamin C and other common nutritional supplements? Do they do so because you persuade them to do so? Would they prefer to pay less or more for those items? I could go on. Nelo Life has many products and services which matter to people.

A company which executes well. I here simply cannot overstate how impressed I am with the truly exceptional operating effectiveness of this venture. While yet in infanc Nelo Life executes like a fortune 500 company. Eric Allen, Larry Lane, Nick Sorensen and Orkan Okrat have crafted a company that sparkles like none I have previously witnessed at this stage of development.

About Nelo Life

At Nélo Life, we are committed to nurturing excellence and enabling our clients to live their lives to the fullest. Our core philosophy, “Nurturing Excellence, Living Optimally,” is more than just a slogan—it’s the ethos that guides everything we do. We believe that achieving excellence shouldn’t be limited to just one aspect of life, which is why we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance your lifestyle, travel experiences, and financial well-being. For more information please visit

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