Niels Nys: Making an Impact with GOVVI

Niels Nys, a prominent influencer in the GOVVI community, embodies the spirit of unwavering dedication and dynamic leadership. Based in Belgium, Niels joined GOVVI with a vision to achieve personal and professional freedom not just for himself, but for countless others. His strategic approach and relentless drive have not only fueled his own success but have also catalyzed the growth and triumph of his entire team. Niels is a beacon of inspiration, proving that with passion and perseverance, transformative change is possible.


Before joining GOVVI, Niels Nys had a diverse career background as a caretaker, teacher, and soccer coach. He also had experience working with two other network marketing companies, where he built strong relationships with key figures like Lance, Burke, and Angel. “I wanted to create a big impact in this world! To give people real freedom and a chance to grow back to the core of who they really are,” Niels explains. This desire for impactful work led him to GOVVI, where he felt the company’s mission resonated deeply with his own values.


Niels chose GOVVI primarily because of its potential to create significant impact and provide real freedom. He highlights the company’s rewards plan as a major factor in his decision. “GOVVI is the way, you feel it, you see it, we do it!” he exclaims. His enthusiasm for GOVVI’s mission and products, particularly the rewards plan, has been a driving force behind his commitment.


Jim Rohn, a well-known motivational speaker and author, has been a significant influence on Niels’ career. “Jim Rohn was really the starting point of the search to myself,” Niels shares. Rohn’s teachings inspired Niels to embark on a journey of personal growth and development, which has been instrumental in his success with GOVVI.

Business Approach and Team Dynamics

Niels’ approach to business is rooted in simplicity and effective team collaboration. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining real contact, both online and offline, and being there for his team when they need him. “Because we keep it simple! It’s e-commerce, we sell products and help others to earn money besides their job or business… Keep it simple!” he advises. His team slogan, “It’s GO time!” encapsulates his proactive and energetic approach.

One of Niels’ notable achievements with GOVVI is setting up an academy and Facebook groups to support a team of 2000 people. Within a year, the team grew to over 4000 members. “We reached that point! Now we’re with more than 4000 in the organization!” he proudly states. This success is a testament to his strategic planning and dedication to team growth.

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Maintaining a balance between personal and professional life is crucial for Niels. He starts his day with sport, a cold shower, meditation, writing down his gratitude and goals, eating a healthy breakfast, and reading a few pages of a book. This routine helps him stay focused and energized. “I work in blocks of different tasks. A block for personal development, a block for business, a block for evaluation, a block for relaxation… That keeps me focused!” he explains.

In his free time, Niels enjoys biking, dancing salsa, and hiking. These hobbies provide a much-needed break from his busy schedule and allow him to recharge.

What Fuels Their Drive?

Nys’s main motivation for success is to inspire people worldwide to grow back to their true selves. “To inspire people from over the world to grow back to the core from how they really are!” he says passionately. This drive to make a positive impact is what keeps him going every day.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those aspiring to excel in their roles, Niels offers valuable advice: “If you focus on helping your team to get successful, you reach your goals faster!” He believes that by prioritizing the success of others, personal achievements will naturally follow. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of keeping things simple and staying committed to personal development.

Niels Nys’s journey with GOVVI is a testament to the power of dedication, simplicity, and impactful leadership. His background, inspirations, and strategic approach have not only contributed to his success but also to the growth and success of his team. As he looks forward to achieving financial independence in 2024, Niels remains committed to inspiring others and making a significant impact through his work with GOVVI.

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