Team Trident: Triumph Over Adversity to Reach 25K with MyDailyChoice

Team Trident, composed of Shush Arya and Peter Powderham from the UK, represents a dynamic partnership in the network marketing industry. This duo has combined decades of experience to reach significant heights, recently achieving the 25K Affiliate rank at MyDailyChoice in 2 weeks! Their journey together demonstrates the power of resilience and collaboration in achieving success.

A Strategic Alliance in the Face of Adversity

After joining MyDailyChoice on May 10th, 2024, amidst the integration of Dreamtrips into the MDC Marketplace, Team Trident quickly capitalized on promoting Dreamtrips and Brand Bucks. Their success is driven by their passion for the company’s vision, which harmoniously blends high-quality products with exceptional travel incentives. Shush Arya shares,

“We love the vision of the company and the diverse spectrum of quality brands of products people actually need and want,”

describing their engagement as “the perfect storm” in the industry.

Decades of Experience Fueling Growth

Both Shush and Peter brought extensive experience to their partnership, with Shush entering the field to escape a life overwhelmed by debt and long work hours, and Peter recognizing network marketing as a young police officer as his route to entrepreneurship. Their seasoned backgrounds have been pivotal in navigating their rapid rise within MyDailyChoice.

Resilience in the Face of Personal Challenges

The team recently faced significant personal adversity when Shush suffered a stroke on May 9th, 2024. Despite this challenge, their dedication to their goals has only grown stronger. The poignant image of Shush and Peter at Shush’s hospital bedside, continuing to push forward, has become a powerful symbol of their unwavering commitment and mutual support.

Inspiring Leadership and Future Aspirations

Team Trident’s journey is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing how effective teamwork can overcome substantial obstacles. They exemplify the spirit of strong leadership—adapting, overcoming, and succeeding—motivating the entire MyDailyChoice community to strive for success, no matter the circumstances. Their story illustrates the transformative impact of perseverance and the collaborative spirit essential for achieving great heights in network marketing.

About MyDailyChoice

MyDailyChoice is a marketplace where you can discover new brands, shop for your favorite products, and empower your entrepreneurial spirit. Founded by two dynamic entrepreneurs, Josh & Jenna Zwagil, who had a desire to empower individuals by eliminating obstacles and fostering positive change. For more information, please visit 

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