Embracing Success: The Journey of Ursula Hallin with GOVVI

Ursula Hallin is a dynamic force at GOVVI, best known for her passion, dedication, and exceptional leadership.

As the founder of the European team “Go Future” and a key influencer within the company, Ursula has achieved remarkable milestones in her career, continuously inspiring others.

Her extensive background, strategic business approach, and personal journey offer invaluable insights and motivation to all aspiring entrepreneurs.


Ursula Hallin’s path to success began long before her involvement with GOVVI. She spent six years in two different direct sales companies and previously owned a restaurant. This diverse experience laid a strong foundation for her entrepreneurial spirit. Reflecting on her journey, Ursula shared, “Founding GOVVI influencer in Europe, hit top rank my first week in the company and then again week 3.”

Outside of her professional life, Ursula is a passionate motocross athlete, embodying a dynamic and adventurous spirit. Whether she’s racing or working, Ursula can almost always be found sporting her trademark color. Her signature red not only highlights her vibrant and energetic personality but also serves as a symbol of her contagious enthusiasm and positive energy.


When asked why she chose GOVVI, Ursula’s answer was multifaceted. She was drawn to the heart and mentorship provided by Angel, Burke, and Lance, which played a crucial role in her decision. “Angel with his Love and Heart, Lance and Burke with all the knowledge they share with us,” she mentioned. Ursula’s favorite GOVVI products, BOOST and the Harmonic card, further solidified her commitment to the brand.


Ursula’s inspiration stems from a blend of personal and professional influences. “Angel with his Love and Heart, Lance and Burke with all the knowledge they share with us. I have been in this industry for some years and I have never felt so much love like I do here!” she expressed. This deep sense of connection and support has fueled her drive and determination to succeed.

Business Approach and Team Dynamics

Ursula’s business approach is centered around action and energy. Her team, Go Future, operates under the slogan “Go Future- Keep it simple!” This philosophy emphasizes the importance of simplicity and direct action in achieving success. “We work mostly online, but we also have physical meetings. I think interaction, understanding, and love do a lot. We do this together!” she stated, highlighting the collaborative and inclusive nature of her team.

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Balancing personal and professional life is a challenge for many, but Ursula has found a way to manage it effectively. She describes a typical day as, “Woke up, breakfast, kids to school/preschool and home again to my office. Work 4h then back to pick up the kids. Then something fun with them.” Her ability to integrate her family life with her professional responsibilities is a testament to her organizational skills and dedication.

What Fuels Their Drive?

Ursula’s main motivation for success is helping others lead freer and healthier lives while supporting her family. “Help more people to a freer and healthier life and my family,” she said. This altruistic drive, combined with her personal ambitions, keeps her focused and determined to achieve her goals.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Ursula’s journey has equipped her with valuable insights that she readily shares with aspiring entrepreneurs. “To be yourself and to get a mentor who has helped you achieve what you want! Personal development every day and dare to change mentors when you feel that you have ‘grown out’ of the old one,” she advises. She also emphasizes the importance of continuous personal development and authenticity in one’s endeavors.

Ursula Hallin’s story is a powerful testament to the impact of passion, dedication, and genuine connection in the world of direct sales. Her journey with GOVVI, marked by rapid success and heartfelt commitment, serves as an inspiration to many. As she continues to strive for excellence and support her team, Ursula remains a beacon of motivation and leadership in her field.

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