REACH Solar Pre-Launches with 4,000+ In Their First 90 Days

REACH has quickly become one of the fastest growing solar companies in America.

With a mission to take care of the homeowner & provide the best pricing in the industry REACH is off to the races during their pre-launch.

With their unique hybrid model, no cost to join & ZERO monthly fees, they are attracting some world class entrepreneurs.

“From day one we set out to build something special,” 

says CO-CEO Mike Fedick.

“After 20+ years in the Network Marketing Industry, you can clearly see what works and what does not work.  Our goal was to eliminate the things that don’t work and implement the things that do.

For starters, we built our own custom commission engine, back office, and the most advanced solar software in the market today. 

We keep it simple, duplicatable & allow the REACH Representatives to choose whatever category suits them best. Refer, sell, or just build a team…we welcome all of it.”

One of the most exciting things in our pre-launch was watching the women of REACH Solar dominate the leader Boards.

Typically, in the Solar Industry less than 16% of the sales are made by women.

Co-Founder Veronika Call says,

“We have quickly changed that statistic. The women of REACH make up more than 50% of our sales, and we expect that to continue to grow.”

In America, the Solar Industry is projected to grow 51% in just the next three years. Our goal is to capitalize on as much of that growth as possible.

Co-CEO K.C. Call says,

“We’ve cracked the code in Solar. The number one cost in this industry is customer acquisition & with our hybrid model, we’ve managed to bring that to zero. We have created a model that’s disrupted this industry overnight and we’re excited to share it with the world.”

About REACH Solar

REACH Solar is a virtual solar company. Founded by Mike Fedic, K.C & Veronika Call, and John Busch with  a combined 80+ years experience in the Network Marketing Industry. Our Mission is to take care of the homeowner first. Visit to learn more.

Get more information, facts and figures about Reach Solar, click here for the Reach Solar overview.

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