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Est. Revenue 2016$5.00
Est. Revenue 2017$6.00
Est. Revenue 2018$35.00
Est. Revenue 2019$34.00
Est. Revenue 2020$36.00
Est. Revenue 2021$30.00
Est. per year$10.50 million
Est. per month$875,000
Est. per week$201,923
Est. per day$28,767
Est. per hour$1,198.63
Est. per minute$19.98
Est. per second$0.33
Est. since viewing this page$0.33
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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 443 reviews)
Carissa2021-02-03 04:38:00

By far the best company out there! They pay the most, best products, best culture, best people. Best CEO, everything! Anyone can win here unlike many others! People who have never been in this industry are WINNING here! So blessed to have a company, CEO and upline that truly cares for us! I have never seen a company, people and CEO that cares so much about the field! Incredible products coming and we get paid $50 on almost every order! True residual income! It’s absolutely incredible and everyone needs b epic in their life! It’s absolutely changed my life and my family’s lives!

Krista Ajarray2021-01-21 22:38:42

I was so impressed with all the amazing stories on facebook about what these products are doing for people! I am soooo and decided to promote this products! All full of Vitamins and ancient herbal remedies! My friend has been taking them for 6 months and loves how she feels at 55. No more menopausal symptoms! Here's to feeling better in the middle of these crazy times this year!

It always amazes me how much people will spend on material things but health & wellness products "seem" too much to some folks! Make your body a priority! We only get one in a lifetime. Wishing all good health!
Who would like to try it? Receive -Focus, happiness, mental clarity , better sleep and weight loss!!

Beka2020-12-08 22:45:07

This company has no accountability. I tried to cancel shipment. They didnt respond until 3 days later after it had conveniently already been shipped. Now they wont give me a full refund and I had to pay for return shipping. Complaining gets you nowhere as they have no accountability. The customer service team is dismal. They can't get anything right. They offered no solutions or incentives to reorder. They dont care about their return customers. Their policies only protect themselves and leave their customers out to dry. They have dont even have good excuses for not helping. They only hide behind their policies. They have a please excuse our covid excuse. Which basically means you cant complain about not getting your shipment on time but then they also cant stop a shipment.

Tammy Risaliti2020-11-20 18:12:05

The first image on my B-Epic Website shows a woman in Yoga meditation. I am a Seventh Day Adventist and Yoga goes against Biblical principles. Also, Seventh Day Adventist are amongst the top people in the world for longevity of life. This is due to following Biblical health principles which is why my marketing strategy was largely geared toward people in my faith groups. With that image I would not be able to sell your products nor would they buy them.
Please remove if possible or I will have to decline from being a sales associate and buying your products in the future. Further, you will lose many of your followers of Christ if it appears you are promoting Yoga.
Please replace this Yoga image with someone praying or another image. I have attached a link to better explain why Yoga goes against God’s principles and why we do not practice or promote it. I have also attached a link giving you an idea of how many millions of sales you could lose by promoting Yoga on your websites. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!


Всем, доброго времени! Продукцию, компании Bepic употребляю с мая 2017 года. Сперва, это был только Elev8. Продукт очень мне понравился! У меня пошли очень хорошие изменения, в плане оздоровления организма. Нормализовалось давление, а был гипертоником, со стажем. Отказался от операции, по замене коленного сустава, прошла подагра, которая сильно беспокоила на протяжении 5 лет. За два с половиной года, ни одного приступа. Вес снизился, на 15 кг. Прибавилось энергии, улучшилось зрение(снова читаю без очков). Заметно помолодел, во всем теле чувствуется легкость. У компании очень большое будущее, так как всё в ней делается, для людей. Миссия компании – помощь людям! Отличный, самый современный маркетинг план, который выводит партнёров, на очень хорошие доходы. Желаю, всем здоровья, успехов и мирного неба над головой!!!

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