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Est. Revenue 2016$150.00
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Est. Revenue 2018$140.00
Est. Revenue 2019$140.00
Est. Revenue 2020$147.00
Est. Revenue 2021$147.00
Est. per year$51.45 million
Est. per month$4.29 million
Est. per week$989,423
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Est. per hour$5,873.29
Est. per minute$97.89
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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 15 reviews)
Jennifer Murray (Felix)2022-04-10 22:18:23

I have been an Enagic business builder since April 2016. Prior to this business I was a restaurant manager looking to own a restaurant.

I realized quickly that with traditional business there are a lot of expenses and moving parts to be accountable for. Ie) labour, inventory control, rent and lease, and the endless expenses and headaches that come with running a traditional business.

I have built a massive global team of business professionals around the world and continue to be of service to others.

Every animal, human and plant requires water. And this is the BEST water, plus a patent commission plan, and willable so it can be passed on for generations (to your children)

Enagic has been in business almost 50 years now, with a 500 year vision.

So grateful to be on this journey and able to serve others while helping them fulfill their life long dreams.

Cuong Dinh2022-03-09 09:10:01

The best company. Best product. And you only purchase one time for the rest of your life. I become 6A2-3 in only 3.5 years with Enagic and make 7 figures. I can show you how to make it. I have system every where to help you success. My team is unique and support 51 states. Whatapp me +18577779020. Leave me a message and I will contact you immediately

The best company. Best product. And you only purchase one time for the rest of your life. I become 6A2-3 in only 3.5 years with Enagic and make 7 figures. I can show you how to make it. I have system every where to help you success. My team is unique and support 51 states. Whatapp me +18577779020. Leave me a message and I will contact you immediately

[email protected]2021-11-28 13:05:42

What is Kangen Water?
Kangen water is a living, hydrogen-activated drinking water prepared from an electrolyzed process. Kangen Medical Device produces 5 types of alkalized ionized water. Cannabis drinking water is in the range of 8.5 / 9.0 / 9.5 pH
The principles of pH therapy are very simple in the opinion of many people. The metabolism of cancer cells has a very narrow pH tolerance for cellular proliferation (between 6.5 and 7.5). If you can interfere with cancer cell metabolism by lowering or raising the internal cancer cell pH, you can theoretically prevent the cancer from progressing. While lowering cancer cell pH (increasing acidity) is effective against cancer cell mitosis in the lab, increasing the level of acid in the living body of a cancer patient causes stress on normal cells and causes a lot of pain. The proposed alkaline therapy for people is therefore "high pH therapy" and has been developed to normalize the body pH of a cancer patient by eliminating latent acidosis. (Source)

Radien Ramat2021-11-26 09:07:04

I chosed Enagic because this company from Japan is very strong at 47 years. The products, Kangen Machine and Ukon supplement really works. I can easily give my business partner prospect a sample from my machine so they can try first the water. It is so amazing that most of my prospect love the Kangen water. The compensation is very unique, they even patented it. I strongly recommend Enagic company for serious network marketing distributors. This is the future number 1 direct selling company in the world. For more info, Whatsapp @+971509565908
FB page, Kangen Water Middle East – International Distributor
For short demo,. kindly click link below.

[email protected]2021-11-24 17:36:36

I have been working with network marketing and mlm for 20 years. And I have never seen before such an effective way of running my business 100% online. This gives me a lot of freedom, and the commissions grows fast, thanks to my automated online business.
The Company is a company you can rely on, for the years to come, so your whole focus is just promoting the business, get new prospects everyday. Online it is faster and easier, and you reach much more people.
Do you need to create a better future, building your business online like me, then come and join me.
gediya Pratap
[email protected]

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