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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 38 reviews)

Est. per year: $36.75 million

Est. per month: $3.06 million

Est. per week: $706,731

Est. per day: $100,685

Est. per hour: $4,195.21

Est. per minute: $69.92

Est. per second: $1.17

Est. since viewing this page: N/A

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 38 reviews)
Joe Navarro2021-02-24 05:11:11

Hello, I have been working as an Integrative and Holistic Therapist for more than 30 years and always in continuous training and adapting to new times and technologies in therapies. I have been working since 2005 with a Bioresonance and Quantum Physics device, the QUANTUM SCIO, a Professional device. I met HEALY 12/2021 in the morning, I searched and studied all the information and documentation throughout the day and compared it with the devices that I already had and knew. And in the evening of the same day I bought the HEALY RESONANCE model. I recommend the HEALY RESONANCE, I have told all my fellow therapists and allopathic doctors, just as I have told my patients and clients that I recommend that they buy a HEALY RESONANCE. And in just 2 months, more than 60 people have bought it from whom I have referred. Well, you can earn very good money working with them as a Partner and forming a team.

If you want, we can talk at: +34 697 908 233 – www.abretumente.com and www.elquetequierebien.com

Joe Navarro -Spain2021-02-24 05:07:48

Hola trabajo desde hace más de 30 años como Terapeuta Integrativo e Holísticos y siempre en formación continua y adaptándome a los nuevos tiempos y tecnologías en las terapias. Trabajo des el año 2005 con un dispositivo de Biorresonancia y Física Cuántica, el QUANTUM SCIO, un dispositivo Profesional. Conocí HEALY 12/2021 por la mañana, busqué y estudie toda la información y documentación durante todo el día y lo comparé con los dispositivos que yo ya tenia y conocía. Y por la noche del mismo día me compré el modelo HEALY RESONANCE. Yo recomiendo el HEALY RESONANCE, yo se lo he dicho a todos mis compañeros terapeutas y medicos alópatas, igual que se lo he dicho a mis pacientes y clientes que les recomiendo que se comprasen un HEALY RESONANCE. Y en solo 2 meses se lo han comprado más de 60 personas de las que he referido. Bueno, y se puede ganar muy buen dinero trabajando con ellos como Partner y formando equipo.

Si quieres hablamos en: +34697908233 – www.abretumente.com y www.elquetequierebien.com

Julie Wittenburg2021-02-17 17:59:16

If you are new to DS , this might not be the company for you to work as they are still working out all the kinks as they grew way faster than they expected in my opinion. It’s a great problem to have. The product and science behind it is fascinating and most people you meet are a wonderful community that support each other . But it’ll be awhile before all the Cs issues are sorted out. So if you have time and patience come check it out . The payout is great! They keep adding new frequencies to help us humans and our animals. Their intention is beautiful

Victoria R.2021-02-09 19:12:57

The HEALY is the answer to all questions!
I have been a StarTrek Fan since I was small years old and always wished to live in the future, as the moto goes "TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MEN HAS GONE BEFORE…" My wish came true in more ways than one!
The HEALY came into my life in early 2020, (before this world entered the place where no humanity has gone before), fear, uncertainty, keas in some ways set in world wide, depression and so on. I started to use my little device and together with my husband we've noticed an upbeat mood, a spring in each other's step and most of all a certain calmness.
Now, our parents who are in their 80's are regular users of the device as well, they've never felt better (their words).
I wish for everyone to have a chance to experience the HEALY for themselves just for a week or two, you too will be amazed of what you are capable of once you are running on your aligned frequency.

Run away fast!2021-02-08 05:08:15

FACT1-The WORST customer service ever. They make promises that they are ‘working on’ customer service but never do anything.
FACT 3- Emails to customer service remain UNOPENED FOR MONTHS. No replies.
FACT 4 – You are not allowed to complain or state the facts. Your posts get deleted because they want to HIDE THE TRITH from the newcomers.
FACT 5- I can find hundreds of customer service reps to help my company but they can’t seem to solve customer service problems.
No Integrity
They give your hard earned customers to an elite group of people, probably those shown on this page and you have no support.

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