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ibüümerang Ambassadors Sign up 344,000 Customers

iBüümerang Ambassadors Sign up 344,000 Customers

It was just ten months ago when Holton Buggs revealed the iBüümerang brand to the world and four months since the company’s official launch. Since that time, ibüümerang has been shattering network marketing records in multiple ...
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Start-Up Network Marketing Companies To Keep An Eye On In 2020

Start-Up Network Marketing Companies To Keep An Eye On In 2020

A startup in Network Marketing is a less then 2-3 year old company. Below opportunities have something special such as an extraordinary CEO or Top  leaders with proven track record. There might be the next $100 ...
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★★★★ (4 out of 5 stars based on 16 reviews)
Angy Sofronov 2020-01-16 16:48:30

This is a real business based on a genius concept. If you enjoy helping others and have an open mind, contact me to find out what it really is about.
Former teacher turned business owner – saved $2K just in October! I'm so excited to introduce such a great opportunity to all those who need to travel and stay in 5* hotels but pay 3* rates.
El nombre lo dice todo: iBuumerang. Lanzar el bumerán y si la persona no lo pilla se devuelve hacia ti. Es el mejor manera de proponer algo que encima al cliente no le cuesta ni un centavo, lo puede aprovechar cuando el desea y ademas durante toda su vida. El cliente ahorra, tu ganas en base de los ahorros conseguidos. Un concepto realmente revolucionario. Realmente beneficioso y realmente rentable. Para todas las partes!
Exactly as the name. Buumerang. Throw the boomerang and if the person does not catch it, it is returned to you.

William Nadeau 2020-01-04 23:16:37

Great leadership, i was very skeptical at first but after only one month i can say that it change my life. The way we get educated and care about is something very precious for the company. I understand more my finance, i understand more my surounding and after all i understand more myself because of all the great training they give you. If you have big dreams and huge expectation for your life then this company is for you. The way you make money by making someone else save money is just the perfect system. You don't even sell a product. You refere a website with a better sale and that's it! Very great concept, very great vision, it can only be good in the future

Daniel Rodriguez 2019-12-02 20:24:56

Best leadership, great vision! Ready to dominate multiple industries. Simply the best company in have ever seen. Travel is only the beginning. Ibuumerang is ready to launch our own Ride Share Company, VIBE RIDE ! And this concept will change the way we normally do network marketing forever. Next Launch will be our own phone company, but thats not all, we will have several services in our platform. The best thing is that the ambassadors don’t need to sell anything, it’s amazing our technology, we bring the consumers one time, and the company do the work. Every time that your costumers use the multiple services of the company, you get paid ! Join us 😉 Daniel Rodriguez, Guayaquil Ecuador

Daniel Rodriguez 2019-11-16 08:16:03

Una compañía con el mejor liderazgo que jamás hubiese imaginado. Un porvenir muy grande. La próxima Gran Compañía de Bog Data del mundo. Estamos creciendo rápido con un modelo de negocio totalmente disruptivo y fácil ! Apto para todos.

Una visión distinta y números que avalan el momento:

El crecimiento promedio de clientes debido a nuestro modelo de negocio es de 5 mil a 6 mil diarios (con crecimiento exponencial).

Industrias en las que estamos presentes con nuestra tecnología:

– Big data
– Lifestyle
– Telefonía
– Movilidad
– Inteligencia Artificial / construimos ingresos basados en regalías sin venderles a los clientes.

Sunny Sekhon 2019-10-28 22:37:52

The best leadership and mentoring – I have received in business! LOVE THIS COMPANY and the people.
I have been apart of other companies in which I have not seen a future, this company is what I needed and Holton Buggs has been able to help my business grow.

I was at the launch of the company which felt like a tech company due to the new launches of new products and the PRIB and with the support provided by the team. There is no selling, no follow-ups and No annoying your family for them to buy something you are selling.

Please hold on..