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Est. per month$904,167
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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 62 reviews)
Chuks Idigbe2021-11-08 08:50:29

Ibuumerang is such an Amazing Company with a Platform for anyone to Build whatever they can imagine:
Even though it's slow here in Africa because of some Challenges; I believe it"ll take Over the Game here;
The Tech Platform is Top noch, our Educators are Amazing, the Leadership is Heavily Superb; I remember when I first saw the Program & Decided to test the Travel Platform, I saved over 65% of the Travel Cost ; till that Experience still Amazed me, I am so Great for the Leadership of Mr Holton Buggs, Edwin Hynes & Mr David Hunt !!
Love you All !!
Cheers Guy's
Chuks Idigbe Here

Ranisha Browder2021-11-02 03:57:52

Ibuumerang is not just technology, it’s innovation, travel, trade, products, saving , the BuuM effect and still evolving. It is just different, help others save on lifestyle and get paid, not heard of!!! In addition to saving, activate a free membership to help feed a malnutrition child in a third world country. Let’s talk about, make a living, giving. You can bless your loved ones, your entire networks who are forward thinkers, determined, coachable and is looking for increase in life. I feel privileged to have access to this global opportunity. Thank you Mr. Holton Buggs for operating by the “IT” factor Integrity and Transparency

I am a first class director ambassador and have been with the company for two years. I have expanded intellectually and financially. My networks and I love the products and love to give back! Thank you Ibuumerang

Lutricia Black- Hinkson2021-11-01 21:44:27

Wow! ibuumerang is #justdifferent from other network marketing companies that I have been a part of! For example, the leadership is phenomenal in that Mr. and Mrs. Buggs designed a compensation plan where everyone wins and earns — the ambassadors and the customers! I love the IT (Integrity and Transparency Factor) and the LUE (Loyalty Unity and Edification Philosophy). The company is built on a solid ground/foundation. One can’t help but notice and experience the vision that the Buggs have for the company and the world. The Buggs’ saw what is not working in the industry and set out to change it. The commitment is unparalleled.

I am happy to be an Ambassador in ibuumerang for two years! With this company I am growing, learning and earning everyday! Thank you iBuumerang!!

Jeremy Romany2021-11-01 21:31:16

I am honored to be a part of the ibuumerang family. Being here just 3 months have already started changing my life. My wife and daughters have all started using our Zence moods and Skintech. We even did our own skintech videos. People are loving the products. Meeting all you the leaders have given me so much hope for my future and for all those around me. I know now that I'm finally home. Thanks Mr. Holton Buggs and everyone at ibuumerang , I believe in everything that ibuumerang stands for I am looking forward to a future of financial freedom for my kids and grandchildren and their children my journey with ibuumerang family are so awesome . Thank you Mr Holton Buggs for this buumtastic life changing opportunity for people all over the world..#bumm..buum..buum ?

Giulia Miron2021-11-01 14:50:59

Ciao a tutti!
Conoscere quest’azienda ha impattato in maniera estrema la mia vita: la vision del CEO, la qualità e vastità dei prodotti e dei servizi, la community che c’è alle spalle e i valori dell’azienda stessa sono stati fattori determinanti per me e il mio business.
Poter lavorare con persone che reputo famiglia oltre che colleghi ha un prezzo inestimabile, così come vedere tutto il supporto che c’è da parte di tutte le persone del team presente anche all’estero! Ibuumerang non è solo più un lavoro, ma parte integrante del mio presente e del mio futuro. L’azienda rispecchia i valori del singolo, il piano compensi è invidiabile, la vision futura è solida e ampia, gli strumenti per lavorare sono innovativi ed alla portata di tutti: 5 stelle più che meritate.

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