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The 500 Largest Direct Sales Companies In The World 2020

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InCruises Rating by Business For Home

Direct Selling professionals have rated this company based on their experience as a user of the reviewed products and opportunity. The reviews of the products and opportunity usually comments on how well the company measures up to expectations based on the specifications provided by company. Observations are factual as well as subjective in nature. The reviews comment on service experienced, and dependability or trustworthiness of the distributor.

★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 13 reviews)
Jonh Dc 2020-01-07 03:14:56

Empecé en inCruises desde el minuto 0 cuando se lanzó la compañía.

En la industria del Networkmarketing muchas personas comienzan por tener un mejor estilo de vida.

La realidad es que no todo el mundo llega a tener ese estilo de vida.

Pronto me di cuenta que en inCruises el 100% de las personas iban a mejorar sus estilos de vida.

La industria de los cruceros está creciendo a pasos agigantados e incruises se ha subido a esa ola en el mejor momento.

Es la primera vez en muchos años que llevo en la Industria que veo un producto de alto valor que ahorra dinero al cliente junto a un gran plan de compensación.

Eso hace que sea una oportunidad única atractiva, fresca y lucrativa a la vez.

Sin duda estamos delante de una de las próximas empresas que superarán el Billón de Dólares en los próximos años.

Una compañía sería, justa y coherente que dice lo hace y hace lo que dice.

Saludos cordiales.

Jonatan Díaz

Marina Aptsiauri 2019-12-19 01:25:46

For a year now I have become an independent partner of the InCruises club. I am happy that I got the opportunity to travel for free and also make good money. I always dreamed of traveling around the world and when I found out about this club, it was like a gift from God. It's blessing to travel on an avalanche liners and also free! Luxury vacation where everything is included- 24 hour meals, spa centers, various entertainments, it is the best opportunity to spend a vacation!! … This club has great opportunities to grow as a person.
It’s a best networking company

Natia Makhatadze 2019-12-19 00:29:05

Im very blessed to find such a great company as inCruises, with an amazing, luxury product and with the great leadership.
Because of inCruises me and my family can travel around the world 2-3 times a year for free on luxury cruises and plus have additional income by doing what we love.
I recommend everyone to join this club to change and improve your lifestyle.
inCruises means not only a big opportunity but also a very big family of likeminded people, who has the same passion and goals.
For a very little money you can start building your legacy and have a luxury life with your loved ones.

игорь Атрощенко 2019-12-02 00:01:50

Меня зовут Игорь Атрощенко, я предприниматель. До InCruises, я 17 лет работал в "московском издательском доме" – от консультанта до генерального менеджера проекта. Проводил семинары, бизнес-тренинги для консультантов и руководителей филиалов. Обучил и подготовил 30 руководителей, открыл 24 филиала. В 2017 году вышел из проекта. Сейчас живу в Краснодаре,
С 2019 года развиваю структуру в компании "InCruises" . Мы с партнерами применили стратегию МЛМ-НОВЫЙ ФОРМАТ и назвали "Стратегия Успеха". Наша цель помочь людям увидеть Мир, путешествовать, побывать в разных странах и хорошо зарабатывать при этом.
"Стратегия Успеха" делает маркетинг "InCruises" простым и доступным для всех. Мы организовали информационные чаты WhatsApp –
Присоединяйтесь, мы с удовольствием расскажем о возможностях, которые мы сделали реальностью. Вот ссылка –

Mike Mccusker 2019-10-03 20:08:20

I did a research project to find the best Network Marketing company.
I had four categories: Product, Duplication, Compensation, and Bonuses.
Then broke it down into 16 subcategories.

Product… New and unique, Great value, People want to buy it without being sold.

Duplication… Low hanging fruit, Easy to show others, High retention rate, Very few limitations on who can become customers or reps.

Compensation…. Initial sale commission, Matching bonus, Residual income, Leadership bonuses, Retirement replacement

Bonuses… Spouse or business partner sweet spot, Clear path to millionaire

Super bonuses… Catch and riding the wave, Ability to sell business for large profit.

On a 250 point scale inCruises was the clear leader at 238 points
Second place was 214 points and the average of the top ten was 204 points.

Some bright spots were: Product value being rated number one. Over 200,000 members in 178 countries in less than four years, 8 reps earning a residual of over $100,000 per month (over $1,000,000 yearly), Company Revenue increasing 300% or higher in each year since the start, Company revenue approaching $20 million monthly.

For more information send an email to [email protected]

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