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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 6 reviews)

Est. per year: $700,000

Est. per month: $58,333

Est. per week: $13,462

Est. per day: $1,917.81

Est. per hour: $79.91

Est. per minute: $1.33

Est. per second: $0.02

Est. since viewing this page: N/A

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 6 reviews)
Sunil Jamankar2020-10-15 13:25:45

magneSSa is one of the best direct selling company. It has unmatched 11 type income plan. The culture of the management is very nice. I found the product are of best of the best quality. Product has so many testimonials. Now started with magmart which is one of the best option for the small business owners and unemployed persons to start with very low investment and earning very high income with rich product. This is the only company I found who has given 10 diamonds in very short period i.e. during 5 years of its commencement. Diamonds earning are in crores per annum.

Anand Bharti2020-09-16 23:44:03

It's one of the best Direct Selling companies. With zero capital investment, zero risk and zero liabilities anyone can start the business. The products are amazing in quality and price. It's growth is very fast.. It's open in UAE AND now planning to open, Philippines, Malaysia and many more countries..

This company is legal, ethical and real business model with real weekly payouts.

They have excellent management and great founders with great experience of 20 years in direct Selling industry.

Team MAG-HYV is a Dubai team, building the business with super fast speed. Even new Distributors started EARNING from the very first week of their joinings. Many have already decided to build it full time on a fast pace.

Peterson Rabha2020-09-06 17:12:51

Magnessa is the fastest growing MLM Company in India and it's growing fast globally too. Magnessa products are result oriented. I personally love using the products. Founders are also approachable and they are trainers too. I think everyone should invest in this company because the compensation plan is also very good. Everyone can earn simply. This is the only company which has training organisation i.e., Tycoons International. I give 5 stars rating for the job done by the Firoze Khan and Sreejith Nair. Anyone can be successful here with the training that he/she will get. Just one needs to submit himself to the trainer , i.e, the founder himself.

Ravi Shankar Dwivedi2020-09-03 04:41:37

Magnessa is one of the best Direct Selling Indian Company , which defines a new culture in this industry.
Most powerful Management Team.
Most powerful Leaders.
Most powerful and Organic Products with a range of 70+ products, All have a lot of testimonials.

Captain Firoz Khan and Mr. Sreejith Nair are OWNER and DIRECTOR of this company.
Head office is at CHENNAI, INDIA.

It has a huge income potential of 2cr. per month.
Tycoons International and Global Freedom are educational organization attached with MAGNESSA.

MAGSSERVE is collection of great leaders.

It have branch office at Guwahati , Banglore , Kochi , Chennai , Bhopal , Srinagar , Shillong , Mumbai , Gangtok , Siliguri.

Global offices at DUBAI(UAE) and BHUTAN.

JM Ratan Kumar 2020-04-06 06:29:19

Magnessa is a most popular direct selling company, It is established in chennai, india. Now it has 3 other country branch. Its plan is hybrid binary that is super powerful payment system. Easily a networker can reach top earner rank sortly, the products quality of the company is so high and its outlook is also so attractive. Although the very high quality product ot offers the customer most law price in competitive market. This company has self training academy named MAG Academy. The founder and chairman Captain Firoz Khan is most loving person to all distributor. His attitude, behaviour, leadership all is super and attractive. I feel proud to be as a distributor of this kind of great company. Thank you.

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