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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 17 reviews)

Per year: $281.40 million

Per month: $23.45 million

Per week: $5.41 million

Per day: $770,959

Per hour: $32,123

Per minute: $535.39

per second: $8.92

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 17 reviews)
Iveth Quesada2021-02-15 23:10:22

I feel blessed to have found this opportunity because for years I had wanted to start my own business but didn’t know of what or how. When I learned about these products, I fell in love at first sight, and once I started using them, I knew I had found the right treatment for my hair. Now I am not only in love with my appearance, which has helped me boost my confidence, but also with the opportunity to help others do the same. This turned out to be the business opportunity I long waited for and I feel proud to be partnered with a company that is all about family and gratitude. I love being able to help others and couldn’t be happier to be where I am.

M. Garcia2021-02-15 22:45:50

I am so happy to say that I have been using these amazing products for 2 years now and my results have been amazing. My testimony and the great comments I was getting from people who knew me made me consider the business side of this company and am I Grateful I did it. The tools to succeed, the product innovation, recognition, compensation and community have been everything for me and for so many other families. Love the company culture and how driven and passionate about helping others everyone is! So Blessed and grateful to be a part of this incredible company.

Elijah Emmauel2020-09-21 00:34:15

What an amazing Breakthrough.
Can't wait to join this company now.
Tell me more how I can be one of the Pioneers in Africa especially Nigeria.
I will be glad to get the info as early as possible.
We can quickly apply to government agencies for approval and also the registration of the company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the country.
I have been one of the pioneer members of some viable companies in Nigeria.
I understand the terrain very well and trust I will as well be successful with Monat here in Africa.
I am a Network Marketer and will be too desirous to take the lead in Africa.
Waiting for your response.

Katherine Naranjo 2020-01-06 05:03:11

This company is so amazing and gives everyone the opportunity to get to the top no matter what because everyone starts off the same. Not only does the company recognize you when you achieve your goals but the people on your team also recognizes you for your success! The whole company and those involved are super supportive! I have thick and frizzy hair, after using monat not only is my frizz tamed but my hair is soft and shiny! Blow drying would take forever due to my hair holding in the water but again the product has done the job and cut my hair drying time in half!

Erica Sperber 2019-09-20 13:53:03

The best business! Ray is so passionate and I love their gratitude projects! The products are amazing and there is nothing out there like these products! Ray is inspiring leader!! He has big goals for the future! Love love this opportunity and everything it has provided for my family!!! The training is so inspiring and inclusive!! The events are amazing!! Ray is strong and motivated leader! His visions for the future are amazing and on point with what the market wants!!! I am so blessed by this opportunity for business and personal growth! I love the Urdenta family and products!

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