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Per year: $18.90 million

Per month: $1.58 million

Per week: $363,462

Per day: $51,781

Per hour: $2,157.53

Per minute: $35.96

per second: $0.60

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 23 reviews)
Jason Whittington2021-01-31 17:38:31

The Best Natural Health Products Ever!!!

5 Star Service and 5 Star Health Products 🙂

The Hemp is water Soluble and 85% absorb it I’ve vs 5-8% other Hemp out in the market.

Please review these reviews because they are truly how much this company changes lives for the better. The health benefits have helped my 70 year old dad and me, and I stand by them 100%
I am leaving a link hereif you want to see products for yourself and I want you to know you they stand by products if for any reason you do not like them by their guarantee and 5 star customer service. They are like Amazon for health products. http://shop.myqsciences.com/Jasonwhittington

Christa2020-08-27 21:41:53

This product is amazing. I’ve taken quite a few multivitamin. This is the only one that didn’t upset my stomach. I’ve been taking the product for over a year. I’ve also loved the mood enhancer and brain health. Q Sciences is an amazing company too. They really care about their product and ambassadors. I also take quite a few products offered by Q Sciences. My whole family takes them. The hemp oil is so great for my anxiety along with Q Max. My mom also takes the multivitamin and also loves what’s it’s done for her. The company offers a great rewards program and helps with discounts, free products and an amazing team that keeps the products scientifically up to date. As their Dr from WebMD states “ science is always moving”. The products are revolutionary and game changer.

Dendee Walker2020-08-26 18:53:35

Joining Q Sciences back on November 27, 2019 was a Devine Appointment! My son, Elijah has ADHD and an Intellectual Disability. Last Summer we almost had to send him away for help. I met one of your Beautiful Ambassador’s through different circumstances. One of her posts caught my eye about Q Sciences and I was hooked! My family and I started on Q Max, and Q Max Berries and Bananas. My son Elijah took his first dose before school on December 3, 2019. He received an award for good behavior while having a Substitute. He told me, “Momma I think that vitamin helped me be good!”
He felt bad for those that did not get an award. My sweet son was back! Daily he brings home a folder and it would let me know how his day went. He was consistently getting detentions, having issues with his peers and teachers. Elijah started getting “Great Day” and no more detentions! He and his older brother we’re not fighting as often. PEACE was RESTORED!!! My hubby was a skeptic at first but finally became a believer. WE ARE A Q SCIENCES FAMILY!!! THE WAY OUR HEALTH and QUALITY OF LIFE HAS IMPROVED IS MONUMENTAL!

Jerri Temple2020-08-25 12:16:36

I was introduced to Q Sciences from a friend and Q Max is what is keeping me here. Q max has helped everyone in my family. My 13 year old daughter felt an immediate difference when she started taking Q Max in her down feelings and her mood instability. My 11 year old daughter who has a diagnosis of ADHD was able to come off of her prescription stimulant medication this summer and the Q Max has helped her with her focus and impulse control. My husband and I both feel like we have more energy. The fact thay the minerals, vitamins, and amino acids are chelated make them more bioavailable and absorbable into your system. So you get more bang for your buck. And the B12 and folate are methylated so everyone can absorb these, not just the half of the population that doesn't have the MTHFR genetic mutation. Not all multivitamins/micronutrients are created equal. Q Max is top notch and the 33 independent research studies prove it as well. Do yourself a favor and give Q Max a try.

Donti Twine2020-08-25 06:04:21

QScienses has an amazing opportunity in the arena of nutraceuticals and full spectrum hemp solutions. The focus on mental health is long over due in the health industry and simply trying to concentrate on the body only without concentrating on the mind and other areas that impact health has been missed. The Q Max support has actually replaced my son's ADHD medication which in my book was too strong from a teenager to take on a daily basis. He's continued to stay focused and don't have all the side effects that came with his other medication. I've enjoyed the products and everything they offer myself as well as my family. Would highly recommend!

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