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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 34 reviews)

Per year: $18.90 million

Per month: $1.58 million

Per week: $363,462

Per day: $51,781

Per hour: $2,157.53

Per minute: $35.96

per second: $0.60

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 34 reviews)
Zachary Hamrick2021-03-28 19:58:21

Brandon Stevens is a LEADER and takes charge to make sure that everything is done not only quickly, but ensures that everything is done correctly, and most importantly listens to everyone below him as well which is amazing!

I decided to sign up as a distributor for Q Sciences and I have not ever once regretted that choice because Brandon made sure that everyone in his line was taken good care of, and always takes that extra step to ensure that we're all good!

The products from Q Sciences are simply life-changing, and you really have to try them, in order to believe it. I enjoy all of my Sleep sprays, and I don't think I could go a day without the Excel and Renew Cream.

Brandon, if you can see this, I am very proud to be directly under you and your amazing leadership, I will continue to support you just as much as you have supported me, good Sir. Good health and safety to you and your family!

April Podolan2021-03-28 15:55:41

Life changing products for everyone!! The products are all plant based and made so you feel them and feel them fast! We have mentors that truly care and want to see us succeed! From the CEO and President all the way down to the newest signed ambassador, we are a family helping each other and always keeping faith and family at the forefront. We also have the ability to help our business partners build!! The comp plan is absolutely mind blowing and will soon pay out weekly. You will be able to expect what your check for the month/week is!! Q Sciences is a real way to create generational wealth for years to come!!

Evy Eguiluz2021-03-28 09:45:04

It is a great company with great products supported by great mentors, using the best science and developing the best leadership.
The corporate is always helping us and they really hear us, that is amazing in this business.
I had never seen such a simple yet amazing compensation plan. You know what you will receive exactly each month! Amazing, right?

What else can you ask for? We are opening new markets and we are not planning to stop our expansion.

It’s a great family. I’m glad I took the opportunity.

We are building Mexico right now and I am very happy to bring this amazing opportunity to this wonderful country.

Arnt Greger Arnstad2021-03-28 08:44:30

Brandon and Judy are fantastic people and part of the reason I got the chance to try out their products.
Q Sciences has changed my life the last year and I wouldn't where I am today without it.
To mention one thing it has done I'm choosing our new fitness app, MyQFit.
In 4 weeks I lost 25 pounds and walked over 340km. I'm still using it daily and setting new goals as I go.
MyQFit provides a selection of mealplans, daily workouts with videos on how to do them, showcased products for better results and a really impressive personal trainer.
I recommend it strongly if you wanna improve your health or just need a push or some new inspiration.
Thank you Q Sciences!!!

Mehdi2021-03-28 08:43:43

je suis ambassadeur avec ma femme chez Qsciences Et je peux vous dire que qsciences est une compagnie a échelle humaine avec de vrai valeurs, la societé est à l’écoute et essai de trouver des solutions avec ses ambassadeurs et nous avons la chance d’avoir de très bon produits de qualité Et notamment la gamme a l’huile de chanvre à spectre complet qui on aider ma famille ,
Et pour notre équipe France nous avons la chance d’avoir Brandon Stevens en upline. Brandon Stevens est toujours disponible pour ses équipe , il est très accessible, il a un leadership exceptionnel et de vrai valeurs , Un vrai leader . un bonjour a lui de la France !!!

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