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Since Jun, 2022

Business For Home defines a leader and a professional networker in Direct Sales as follows:

"A leader and professional networker is the one who has the ability to guide and at the same time is able to motivate team members, inspire respect and confidence and explain the power of the compensation plan".

But they should also have:

  • Effective communication: They must transmit the needed information suitably. It’s fundamental for leading.
  • Vision: A leader needs to have a vision, which means not only thinking in a short term, but trying to see a bigger picture.
  • Balance: Give importance to team members’ opinions.
  • Art of Feedback: In order to produce good feedback it’s important to keep it impartial and objective. Criticism must bring solutions and improvement.
★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 19 reviews)
Gerald Wyscaver2022-06-23 18:39:15

I have been lucky to cross paths with Hadiatu over 3 years ago. I can honestly say because of crossing paths with her has changed my life 180 degrees for the better. Not only has she become a business partner, mentor, but most importantly one of my best friends.

I’ve learned so much from her, she has completely changed my mindset, which has allowed me to teach and bless others, just as she has done with me.

Hadiatu has also been a great role model for both of my kids. She plants seeds in both of them. They absolutely adore her. She supports, and will attend any events that they have.

All in all, I’ve never met someone like Hadiatu. She is loved by all. She most definitely one of the hardest working people I’ve ever come across. And I’ve always been impressed on how she engages with strangers. Be thankful if you cross paths with Hadi. She will add value into your life.

Telly Jackson2022-06-23 18:20:51

When I met Hadiatu, my life was never the same. Meeting her through a business partner about eight years ago totally electrified my business and personal life!

Hadi utilizes her God given gifts to inspire others to greatness. She knows how to make difficult and tough situations manageable through love, compassion, fun, and support!

She’s a travel enthusiast, phenomenal leader, great friend, awesome mom, and serial entrepreneur. The knowledge and value she brings is unmatched. You’d feel the positive energy when she walks in the room and identify the authenticity when you hear her speak.

I hope you get to experience it one day!

Sean Glasford2022-06-21 16:42:22

Hadiatu is heaven sent. She has been the most genuine soul I’ve ever encountered, and her mission in life is to simply help other live the life they want, and she’s definitely fulfilling that. I trust her with everything that I have and I recommend every to have a Hadiatu in their life, whether it’s coach, mentor, business partner, or simply a friend. Her positive energy and positive personality is contagious, so following her lead will only improve your life for the better. The exciting part is that she is intentional and focused on improving and growing herself and others around her on a daily basis.

Chanel Stallworth2022-06-21 16:38:05

I met Hadi years ago in our travel club. She has mentored so many people like myself who were just looking for more. This Queen has helped so many people to travel the world, get to their favorite destinations, and simply have more fun!! Not to mention, she has the most selfless heart!! She definitely will show you how to live your best life in every way. Making others dreams come true has been her gift to the world. Everyone who knows her says this, and her energy is so contagious. She is someone we consider a friend and a family member as well.

Tarielle2022-06-21 15:54:22

Hadiatu is amazing! Simple… She is the exact person she says she is going to be! Mentoring, guiding and pushing you toward your goals! She will hold you accountable to the things you said you are going to do! While leading by example when telling you what needs to be done! A Fearless leader, mentor, an all around good person and friend. She has helped me grow in so many ways. Watching her succeed in everything she sets out to do all while bringing others along is nothing but motivation for you to grow! You can not be around her and not learn something new or challenge your self to be better! You are forced to be better just after a conversation! I love Hadiatu and Im blessed to have her as a Leader, mentor, sister and friend!

Dion jenkins2022-06-21 15:53:16

Hadiatu has been god sent in multiple ways in my life as a mentor, friend & amazing business partner !!

She leads from the front & refuse to be out worked as she sets the example of putting in the work for the life you desire !

I’ve been traveling & doing business with her for 7 years & the impact she has on my life has been nothing short of absolutely amazing, from believing in me more than I did myself until I realized my potential & will never ask of you what she’s not doing herself !

She’s the travel queen, she’ll make sure you’re provided with the best content creating memories capturing in the moment pictures for you !

Working with or being connected in the smallest way to Hadiatu will enrich your life in some area because she seeks to add value to everyone she encounters & it doesn’t matter if it’s someone who knows nothing about financial literacy to seasoned vets in the industry of entrepreneurship, everyone needs a Hadiatu in their life !!

Jessie Ruof2022-06-21 15:38:49

I had worked with this Queen for over a decade. There are very few people who have the work ethic, integrity and straight fire than her which is one reason I love being in partnership with her. It’s pure fun!!

Hadiatu is truly one of the best examples of next level leadership I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. Although she’s one of the top female Entrepreneurs in network marketing she always makes time to work with the day one person. Her dedication to teaching people the skills, mindset and strategy to win at the highest level has no bounds. If there was anyone to be partnered with or mentored by it is Hadiatu Dumbuya!!!

Keith2022-06-21 15:18:22

I’ve been working and traveling with Hadiatu for 5 years and she has literally changed my life both personally and professionally.

I’ve watched her teach the masses across the world on traveling , entrepreneurship and financial freedom. I love her flexibility with the type of people she works with…. From parents, to young adults. From athletes to the seasoned professional. It doesn’t matter, she can reach them all.

Now she has mastered the market on teaching people how to work from home and develop multiple streams of income.

Anyone who works or connected to her in any type of way will immediately feel the positive impact. Everyone needs a Hadi on their team.

Jasmine Giles2022-06-20 14:19:52

Hadi is a servant leader! She goes above and beyond for her team! Not only does she go above and beyond for her team but anyone who reaches out to her with a need. The bigger picture is bigger than just Hadi. She truly wants what's best for the people around her as long as they're willing to put in the work. She's an amazing mentor. I love her integrity and honesty in all that she does. She's a great listener and an overall great human being. When yout travel with Hadi, she may do a few things for herself but be prepared to be included in everything she does. She's all about the group as a whole and not just herself. I am honored and blessed to be a part of her team!

Myra Taylor2022-06-19 14:16:28

Hadi is the true example of a leader from beginning to end. Transparent and down to earth. An amazing person who light brightens up the room. A genuine spirit that is welcoming and fun. A person whom is not only a leader but whom is a friend and accountability partner. A person that will push you to grow your business to the heights YOU desire. A leader that is vested into the team overall success and individual growth. A amazing person that will pour into your personal development than builds leaders not only wealth. An accomplished woman who is full life and brings the fun to the business world.

Tiara2022-06-18 23:36:27

It has been a pleasure to work with Hadiatu! She’s a phenomenal leader and mentor and manages to balance her business, travel and family life. She’s the hardest working person I’ve known and when she sets a goal she goes above and beyond to reach it. Hadiatu also works hard to help her team reach their goals and pushes people into their greatness. She communicates effectively with her team and has no problem answering questions and resolves issues as they occur. She has a heart of gold and loves to help people and most importantly, she motivates and inspires everyone she meets! I’m super grateful to have met and worked with her!

Leann Becker2022-06-18 22:14:37

Where do I begin!!! Hadiatu, also known as "Hadi" is a breath of fresh air as soon as you meet her! Full of energy, fun, knowledge, love, and selfless of herself to others. She always wants the best for others and has a passion to help you reach your dreams and goals. Her leadership for her team is ICONIC! If you need guidance, she makes herself available, even as busy as she is! She always has a vision to better not only her, but to position and include her team in the right place, right time!

Hadi has been a true blessing in my life and whomever is in her presence. She is a mentor, sister, friend, leader, and business partner of mine over many years. I look forward to my journy around the world, my future to continue to always be a better me, and having someone such as Hadiatu Dumbuya by my side during this amazing journey called LIFE, just adds to the FUN!! I invite you to join her and learn from the best!!! THANK YOU HADIATU for being AMAZING and the giving soul you are!!!! We are only getting started!!!

Delilah2022-06-18 21:15:51

Hadiatu has been an absolute blessing in my life and those around her. She continuously pours into myself & others in the community , inspiring me to be a better version of myself each and every day. Hadiatu is a fearless leader and mentor to me me. On countless occasions, she’s been right by my side, helping me to grow my business and start new ones. She is not only my partner in business, she’s my partner in life and because of the connections we have established we will forever be connected. No amount of words will never be able to describe how grateful I am for you and the community around us.

Vivian Turner2022-06-18 21:05:28

Hadiatu is the Best Leader, Mentor,
Coach, Business Partner, Friend.
She gives soooo much of herself to help you succeed. No matter what your goals are, Hadiatu is always there, assisting with your plans, and walking the path to your success with you. She inspires everyone to dream big and be the very best of whom they can be. I've never known a more sincere and unselfish servant Leader as Hadi!
In our industry, I know Hadi is in high demand. But she always makes me feel like my needs are most important to her. WOW!!! If you’re looking for a mentor and want to learn from The Best, then Hadiatu is the #1 Leader to follow! BAR NONE! 💎💎💎💎💎

Robyn Walker2022-06-18 20:26:48

Hadi, is a leader in the industry. She mentors from the heart but plays no games. She encourages her team to always push past their limitations. She inspires people all over the global to live life on their own terms, travel and create memories that will outlast any tangible item. She’s definitely someone to model after.
If I ever have a question about a business venture Hadi is the first person I pick up the phone to ask for advice. She’s one of the smartest and hard working person I know. I’ve never met anyone that could come close to exceeding her work ethic. Hadi’s a Leader, powerhouse and a rising star in DTI. I’m so thankful to call her my Friend and Mentor.

Tiffany Mason2022-06-18 20:26:16

Hadiatu is a fierce leader! Her enthusiasm and determination in leading her team is amazing and inspiring. Her vision for the future is setting her team on the right path. Her ability to guide and motivate her team is phenomenal.
Her communication is clear and direct! If there is any issues she will find the solutions. It is very important to her that everyone is working to be successful and happy. She really cares and everyone is important to her. Any plan that she has she will execute with the highest level of professionalism and Grace. Hadiatu is more than capable of being a leader!

Linda Zacarias2022-06-18 20:21:41

I have been truly blessed to have this young inspirational leader in my life!! She works so hard to help her team succeed… her support is like no other I’ve experienced in many years as an entrepreneur! Her words of encouragement are always on point and she always makes time to coach and mentor whenever needed. She lives life to its fullest and wants to bring the world along for the ride! She will take you to the top if wanted or let you take your time getting there… she is a beautiful soul, inside and out. I am so happy to have been able to have been mentored by Hadiatu and very fortunate to have been able to work beside her on several occasions.

Dewaynia2022-06-18 20:18:46

When you are looking at shifting gears and working from home, Hadiatu is a true model of how to live life with freedom and flexibility. She provides thorough communication and is available for support of all kinds. From navigating initial contact with strangers to following up with long time connections, she has the experience for wherever you are on your journey. She will find the answer if she doesn’t already know it. If there is a leader that will pull the greatness out of you, it’s Hadiatu. She keep you focused and motivated. I’m grateful to learn from the best.

Jonathan Bane2022-06-18 20:14:16

I absolutely love Hadi! She has been such an amazing leader and mentor, and has help tens of thousands live their dreams!!!! I have been on many trips with her and had the time of my life. She has personally helped me in ways that I can never even repay. We live in two diff states and she always makes herself available for me and my wife and I am just so thankful that she has come into our lives! I look forward to the cruise that we are going on in 3 weeks, it will be epic!!! Hadi is a leader amongst leaders and has the knowledge and expertise to help you reach all of your goals. This upcoming year there is so much planned, you definitely will do yourself a huge favor by aligning yourself with our Hadiatu Dumbuya!

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