How do I become a Recommended Distributor?

You can sign up here, standard action is that we approve an application instantly due to the time zones, if you do not qualify we reject with 48 hours and we send you a full refund.

How do I qualify for Recommended Distributor?

Please check this article: How To Become A Recommended Distributor On Business For

I have paid through Paypal, but I do not get the form to fill in and to finish my registration?

Please check your spam box, the email about it might land there. In our system you create an account and you have to fill in your photo, website and Facebook link. If you are totally lost, use this link to finish your registration:

Finish your registration

Can you place my photo on the first page?

Every body wants on the first page 🙂 to make it fair we have made it random, so your photo will show up from time to time. However we do think being on the first page is not so important, prospects are looking often first per country.

HELP, I am a Recommended Distributor but I can not log in.

Please log in on this website, it is a different website than We know it is a bit confusion, apologize for that and we will see if we can improve it.

Can I change my photo / website / facebook link?

Please log in your account, you can change it there, please use a photo (jpeg) with the dimensions 175 pixels width and 225 pixels height. Here you have a free tool to rezise a photo on-line:

I have lost my password, how do I reset it?

Please check your email, look for your paypal invoice, get your email when you sign up and reset with your email your password, you should get it instantly (maybe it land in your spam box)

Do you guarantee I will get sign up?

Of course not, we connect prospects with leaders, it all depends on YOU. We provide a great way to get the eyeballs on your opportunity, the rest is up to a prospect and YOU.

How do I get the maximum out of this service?

A professional, crystal clear head shot is very important, prospects decide in a split second.

Can I advertise on this website, hire a banner, or solo ad?

No, sorry.

Why do you charge $29,95 per 3 months?

Because developing this system, although it might look simple has cost a small fortune, we continuous improve the system and we drive traffic to the website which benefits you.

What is my Return on Investment (ROI)?

1 great sign up in Direct Selling / Network Marketing / MLM can change your business almost over night…. That is why you see so many leaders sign up for this service, they understand the power.

Do you give exclusivity for countries / companies?

At this time we do not restrict entries as it leads to endless discussions. YOU would not like it if we say: Sorry, you can not be a recommended distributor because somebody in your up-line was first.

Most prospects are searching local for a leader, there are 150+ countries open for Direct Selling, some companies are active in all markets, some are only in 1 country. There are billion $ companies, as start up's.  It is a very large global market.

I want to cancel my subscription, how do I do that?

Uhhh ? Your are closing down your business? Sorry to see you go,  please log in YOUR paypal account and cancel your subscription.