MLM Top Earners Ranks Update March 2013

by Ted Nuyten on March 1, 2013

MLM Top Earners


As of 1 March 2013, the MLM 500 Top Earners ranking with 8,200+ distributors is updated.

The average Top Earner in Direct Selling, MLM or Network Marketing is earning approxiately $20,700 per month / $248,000 per year, based on 8,200+ rankings.

Approx. 310 distributors are making $1+ million a year.

The total payout to the listed distributors is est. $2+ Billion annual.

The full list can be found here:


The Top 100 – March 2013

WW RankNameCompanyEst. MonthEst. YearWebsite
1Holton BuggsOrganoGold$1,200,000$14,400,
2Angela Liew and Ryan HoNuSkin$1,100,000$13,200,
3Dexter & Birdie YagerAmway$1,000,000$12,000,
4Shane MorandOrganoGold$1,000,000$12,000,
5Jose ArdonOrganoGold$700,000$8,400,
6Barry Chi & Holly ChenAmway$650,000$7,800,
7Peggy BrittAmway$500,000$6,000,
8John SachtourasOrganoGold$465,000$5,580,
9Brian McClureAmbit$452,000$5,424,
10Abraham Benitez and Raquel CortezHerbalife$450,000$5,400,
11Christian SteinkellerOrganoGold$450,000$5,400,
12Foo Howe Kean & Jenny KoAmway$450,000$5,400,
13George Zalucki & Art NapolitanoACN$400,000$4,800,
14Sunny Hsu & Debra HsiehAmway$400,000$4,800,
15Enrique and Graciela VarelaHerbalife$395,000$4,740,
16Steve ThompsonAmbit$370,000$4,440,
17Ashley and Nick SarnicolaViSalus$350,000$4,200,
18Carol & Ken PorterMonavie$350,000$4,200,
19David Wood and David SharpeEmpowerNetwork$350,000$4,200,
20Jim & Nancy DornanAmway$350,000$4,200,
21Max SchwarzAmway$350,000$4,200,
22Tae Ho KimHerbalife$350,000$4,200,
23Vick StrizheusEmpowerNetwork$340,000$4,080,
24Philip EckartAmbit$324,000$3,888,
25Kaoru NakajimaAmway$300,000$3,600,
26Minh and Julie HoTalkFusion$300,000$3,600,
27Peter & Eva Muller-MeerkatzAmway$295,000$3,540,
28Rafael RojasMelaleuca$280,000$3,360,
29Leonard & Irina WeisbeinHerbalife$275,000$3,300,
30Seung Ja and Young Ho Kang ParkHerbalife$265,000$3,180,
31Dong Keun ChungHerbalife$255,000$3,060,
32Luis & Angela VenturaOrganoGold$251,000$3,012,
33David ImonitieOrganoGold$250,000$3,000,
34John PetersonHerbalife$250,000$3,000,
35Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu InIkAmway$250,000$3,000,
36Leonard & Esther KimAmway$250,000$3,000,
37Mark Lei & Peggy YehAmway$250,000$3,000,
38Vjacheslav UsheninTalkFusion$250,000$3,000,
39John and Lori TartolHerbalife$240,000$2,880,
40Susan PetersonHerbalife$240,000$2,880,
41Jeff RobertiJuiceplus$230,000$2,760,
42Carol and Alan LorrenzHerbalife$220,000$2,640,
43Lita & Brig HartMonavie$220,000$2,640,
44Simon AbboudACN$215,000$2,580,
45Calvin BecerraMonavie$210,000$2,520,
46Gina & Steve MerrittMonavie$210,000$2,520,
47Nathan RicksNuSkin$210,000$2,520,
48Jeremy MinerWMI$205,000$2,460,
49Aron SteinkellerOrganoGold$200,000$2,400,
50David MosesZija$200,000$2,400,
51Debbie & Geoff DavisACN$200,000$2,400,
52Ed BestosoMelaleuca$200,000$2,400,
53Jason O'TooleViSalus$200,000$2,400,
54Jennifer & Darin DowdACN$200,000$2,400,
55Mark ComerSynergy$200,000$2,400,
56Simon StepsysBannersBroker$200,000$2,400,
57Patrick Maser & Mike MaserACN$195,000$2,340,
58Tom & Bethany AlkazinVemma$195,000$2,340,
59Kyle PacettiViSalus$190,000$2,280,
60Ray MontieAmbit$188,000$2,256,
61Todd & Angelique HartogMonavie$179,000$2,148,
62Jordan AdlerSendOutCards$176,000$2,112,
63Edwin HaynesOrganoGold$175,000$2,100,
64Giselle SexsmithNuSkin$175,000$2,100,
65Marco & Milagro DubonFLP$175,000$2,100,
66Mitch & Deidre SalaAmway$175,000$2,100,
67Naoki Hongo and Kimie HongoNuSkin$175,000$2,100,
68Dave SavulaLegalShield$166,000$1,992,
69Mike and Lavon CraigViSalus$165,000$1,980,
70Ruth & Jeff ElliotVemma$165,000$1,980,
71Tetsuya FujisawaNuSkin$165,000$1,980,
72Corbin & Holly RoushMonavie$160,000$1,920,
73Gerry SeebacherLyoness$160,000$1,920,
74Rita HuiUSANA$160,000$1,920,
75Tony and Rhonda LuceroViSalus$160,000$1,920,
76Steve and Yvette MitchellTalkFusion$156,000$1,872,
77Michiko and Bruno GrafNuSkin$155,000$1,860,
78Ming Kuan and Ming Chu ChenNuSkin$155,000$1,860,
79Carsten LedulePMInternational$150,000$1,800,
80Collette LarsenUSANA$150,000$1,800,
81Edgar Mojica4life$150,000$1,800,
82Geri CvitanovichHerbalife$150,000$1,800,
83Maria SchleipferAmway$150,000$1,800,
84Mark and Tammy SmithNerium$150,000$1,800,
85Roberto RuizFLP$150,000$1,800,
86Scott & Sue OlsenMonavie$150,000$1,800,
87Tim FoleyAmway$150,000$1,800,
88Zachary RossUSANA$150,000$1,800,
89Rolf KippFLP$145,000$1,740,
90Tony & Jessica RushEmpowerNetwork$142,000$1,704,
91Betty SungNuSkin$135,000$1,620,
92Craig BrysonNuSkin$135,000$1,620,
93Takako KitaokaNuSkin$135,000$1,620,
94Rachel and Josh JacksonViSalus$131,000$1,572,
95Brian & Andrea SaxACN$130,000$1,560,
96Dominique Cano-FloresACN$130,000$1,560,
97Jeff WeberACN$130,000$1,560,
98Jeremy & Mindy DeebleACN$130,000$1,560,
99Jimmy SmithIsagenix$130,000$1,560,
100Lawrence TamEmpowerNetwork$130,000$1,560,

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Hector Julian Toro March 3, 2013 at 7:45 pm
Vemos que Organo Gold Sigue Creciendo y mostrando los excelentes resultados y hay quienes siguen pidiendo mas pistas que es el camino correcto, en todas las compañias podemos generar muy buenos ingressos todas son muy buenas pero con Organo Gold se puede hacer mas facil y yo lo estoy haciendo quienes quieran pertenecer a mi equipo contactenme por E-mail y con gusto les asesorare com es que en Organo Gold se estan viendo estos resultados

Reverend Thomas E. Burlew March 3, 2013 at 7:46 pm
Congratulations to all these fine leaders, especially the 8 OG leaders within the to- 65, four of which are in the top tean and three overall are in my direct upline. Way to go!

Peter karasavvas March 5, 2013 at 6:08 pm
That is what success about!

Josh Gilmore May 2, 2013 at 8:34 pm
I am just wondering how many members of relatively new companies are on the list. Especially on the top of the list. :) There are a few companies I've never heard about. But I'm also in the MLM biz for like 6 years. Maybe because I try to concetrate on one company. And I think that's why the people above are so succesful. They believe in what they are doing and don't do anything else. (I mean anything esle in the business) So congratulatons all of them, I am working on to be on the list in the next few years.

Jeffrey Paul Kendall May 7, 2013 at 7:59 pm
These professionals are the cream of American business and entrepreneurship. I love this industry. Working with Nick and Jason on the fastest growing team in the fastest growing company, Visalus, has been without a doubt a life altering experience. Now we begin our international run, wow is all I can say. $1 million the first week in the UK!!!

Jennifer Baker May 10, 2013 at 4:33 am
This is great info! I am looking forward to seeing the leaders from The LIMU Company on the board for this year! Take a look at the double digit growth month over month and at the quality of product! I've not been a fan of the industry and now I'M A BELIEVER! To all of you who strive for these numbers, choose one, stick with it and don't quit on yourself! It's your business.

Carlos 'Shizloc' Herrera July 10, 2013 at 9:17 am
This is great info.... I did notice notice something... Empower Network Owners Dave & Dave are @ 19... Vick Strizheus is @ 23 $120,000.00 behind the Owners.. I find that Extraordinary.... I think it says alot about the company itself.. I'm just saying

Alex Escriva July 18, 2013 at 4:52 pm
With the Benevita nutritional product launching in Europe and the merchant Services with Anovia Payments already working in the USA and globally very soon, the income of the ACN leaders will go sky rocket!!!