Business For Home Newsletter – January 2010


Business For Home Newsletter – January 2010 & Happy New Year!

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Poll Best Networker in 2009

  1. Brig Hart – Monavie
  2. Randy Gage – Agel
  3. Dexter Yager – Amway
  4. Mike Dillard – Mag. sponsoring
  5. George Zalucki – ACN
  6. Susan Peterson – Herbalife
  7. BK Boreyko – Vemma
  8. Jeff Roberti – Juice Plus
  9. Tom Wood – Genewize
  10. Giselle Sexsmith – NuSkin
  11. Rita Hui – USANA
  12. Ed Bestoso – Melaleuca

Based on 1,588 votes


New Movers & Shakers
New MLM Momentum ranks

This are Top Earners, Field leaders, Corporate Leaders or Celebrities who left a Direct Selling Company and joined an other opportunity.

We do not endorse any, neither do we encourage people to jump from opportunity to opportunity, we just show the facts and figures. Recent entries:

  1. Anne M. Bodak from Nikken to Evolv
  2. Bernie Dohmann from Nikken to Evolv
  3. Charles Decker from Lifewave to Genewize
  4. Cindy Bodak from Nikken to Evolv
  5. Jim Lutes from Frutaiga to Evolv
  6. John Noonan from Monavie to Xowii
  7. Mark Absalom from Exfuze to Evolv
  8. Pierre Gaudet from Nikken to Evolv
  9. Vito Russo from Monavie to Xowii

Check the complete list out here

  1. Trump Network
  2. Pure Energy Club (Pur3x)
  3. Evolv  Health
  4. Nu Skin
  5. Monavie
  6. Exfuze
  7. Genewize
  8. ACN
  9. Zrii
  10. Xowii

Check it out here

Trump Network is doing very fine on the Internet hits indicator and jumped from Nr. 6 to the Nr. 1 pole position.

Nu Skin's anti -aging system the Galvanic Spa let the momentum jump from Nr. 9 to Nr. 4

Xowii dropped from Nr. 2 to 10 as a result of the lawsuit versus Monavie. Distributors don't like lawsuits..

MLM Vips

We are compiling a list of the people behind the Direct Selling Industry. The trusted advisors, consultants, authors, experts. Those guys and girls who can make or break an opportunity or company or has high influence. Very Important People sometimes they are behind the curtain

Check it out here

Momentum polls

We refresh the momentum polls every first day of the month to get accurate market figures! So please vote for your favorite networker in 2010, your favorite trainer and the company with momentum.

European Direct Selling Congress

12 of the Greatest Direct Selling Trainers in One Event Amsterdam, 4 September 2010

Pre-registration is open!


An unique event for:

Sales Professionals, CXO’s, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Prospects…

Keynote speakers from all major Direct Selling organizations.

Poll Most Popular Trainer in 2009

  1. Robert Kiyosaki
  2. Tony Robbins
  3. Brian Tracy
  4. Tim Sales
  5. Les Brown
  6. Dani Johnson
  7. Denis Waitley
  8. M. Strachowitz
  9. Doug Firebach
  10. Edward Ludbrook
  11. Arfeen Khan

Based on 1.095 votes

Ted Nuyten

Have a great Direct Selling 2010!

Ted W. Nuyten – Founder


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