Business For Home Newsletter February v2


Business For Home Newsletter – February 2010 v2

New: Healthy Energy Drinks Ranks

What are the best Healthy Energy Drinks the Direct Selling Industry has to offer?

Business For Home Award

The RESULTS are in!

Who has the Business For Home Award?

New: Company Reviews

We give our visitors the possibility to post a comment for Direct Selling Companies.

Should you partner up with Monavie, or Agel or Amway or Vemma ect.?

What is the professional opinion of our visitors and subscribers?

You have 2,000 characters of text to give your comment.


Looking for your company?

On the website go to the search box (upper right corner) and fill in your company + review

D.N.A. Scam Alert

Phil Piccolo = John Nocton = Core of D.N.A.

We discovered the IP adres from both gentlemen are the same. So same computer….Details can be found on our website.

Why do we alert? Because 40,000 people who sign up are damaging there reputation. Bad for the entire Direct Selling Industry. If 1-2 % will upgrade the free membership it are 400-800 people who will lose money, and  your email adres will be sold to spammers….

Our Statistics

Since the start of our operations (May 2009), 290,000 visitors produced 733,000 pageviews. The average visitor stays 3,30 minutes on the website.


European Direct Selling Congress

12 of the Greatest Direct Selling Trainers in One Event  Amsterdam – The Netherlands, 4 September 2010.

Pre-registration is open! Watch the new movie…


An unique event for:

Sales Professionals, CXO’s, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Prospects…

Keynote speakers from all major Direct Selling organizations.

New: Peel banners (flash)

If you would like to advertise on our website then we have an effective new Peel page banner.  On the website you find it in the upper right corner:

Pricing $ 125 per week. Size 500 * 500 (effective 250 * 250) Contact us before you order, as we have a wait list…


Ted Nuyten

Best regards from the Netherlands!

Ted W. Nuyten – Founder


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