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Phil Piccolo, USA, Florida – Pompano Beach is an internet marketer who has been involved in many different MLM ventures, most of which have proven to be questionable in their morals, ethics, or integrity. Phil Piccolo has been referred to as The Man You Can't Trust for his alleged tendency to start up companies, take people's money and then run.

A partial list of Mr. Piccolo's many failed pyramid schemes includes:
MLM Bank – – OneSource – Laundry CD  – – – – – Magnetrol Liquid Enhancer and Shower Vitalizer – – – GECC – – – – UNS1 – RxPPC – RxFHL – Magic Shower – PowerHealth International – PAP System – The Private Page – The Aloha Team – Steps to Success  – Alphen  – –




Admin comments:

We from Business For like MLM and Direct Selling; but we don't like scammers and will reveal the truth:

Phil Piccolo is involved in D.N.A. also known as Data Network Affiliates.

Phil Piccolo = John Nocton (junior)

How do we know?

Phil did send  a couple of comments on this webpage ( see below) and so John Nocton
Here is a part of the comment:

From The Desk Of John Nocton
[email protected]

Personally I am glad because he (Admin: so Phil Piccolo) turned over all of his data
bases and contacts to me. I got into D.N.A. and have been working with Joe Reid for a while.


The mistake Phil Piccolo is making:  As the admin for I can see that both above comment as the comments Phil makes earlier are coming from the same IP adres, meaning the messages and comments are send from the same computer….. In this message he confirmed he is involved. Even if John Nocton exist  then he is working with the same computer as Phil……

Details: Author : Phil Piccolo (IP: ,

Detail: Author : John Nocton (IP: ,


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Comments (189)

  1. A friend FWD this to me today…. any comments on it folks?

    D.N.A. Server Over Load – CEO extends promotion to: “MIDNIGHT MONDAY PST”. THIS DOES NOT CHANGE THE FIRST PAYDAY… WOW even with customer service working until 3am in the morning. Hundreds of e-mails flooded in when the credit card processing server over loaded between 1am and 3am in the morning.

    D.N.A. CEO George Madiou made a decision based on us not being able to handle the influx of orders to extend the BINARY ROLL UP and THE COMMISSION RUN until Monday Midnight California Time (PST). This will also help many leaders qualify for commissions that the company would keep if they ran the commission run at 3am this morning.

  2. What’s wrong with this phrase?—
    “…Madiou made a decision based on us not being able to handle…. “.
    So, Madiou is not one of this “us”? Who is ‘us’ if Madiou is not in the ‘us’? yes, it should be ‘our’, and yes, I’m pointing out that this is written by OUR friend who has problems with the english language.

    So, I guess this extension blows the heck out of:


    03/26/2010 MIDNIGHT PST which is actually 3am on the 27th EST is the ABSOLUTE CUT OFF TIME – No Exceptions At All to:

    #1. Qualify for all and any PRO Commissions back dated from day 1 of The D.N.A. Company Launch.

    #2. Prevent Binary “NON REVERSIBLE” Roll Up. Although you will not physically see it until sometime in April. The computer system will take a snapshot on Friday at MIDNIGHT PST and all PRO Affiliates will roll up pass anyone in their upline who is NOT PRO.”

    So what happened to the ‘computer takes a snapshot’ crap?

    and they have a server overload due to,…what?
    It says in the Privacy Policy :
    “We offer the use of a secure server. All supplied sensitive/credit information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into our Payment gateway providers database only to be accessible by those authorized with special access rights to such systems, and are required to�keep the information confidential.
    After a transaction, your private information (credit cards, social security numbers, financials, etc.) will not be stored on our servers.”

    So, how can you have server overload based on Credit card entries IF your server DOES NOT STORE THE DATA ?

    Yes, the excuses have begun.
    I just shudder to imagine the number of people posting their CC info. Apparently, more than 2500 have done so, based on these ‘deadline’ threats.
    That’s scary.

  3. Thanks folks! Kinda what I was thinking too. And Yes, that was actual copy & past wording from DNA’s email. I’d been thinking of signing up with them (and going PRO), but their desperate PUSH to become PRO raised a red flag. Now I think I’ll just wait & see if they can pay first! Can’t wait to see what happens at midnight Mon…….

  4. I find it OFFENSIVE that they are now USING a youtube video, dedicated to missing children on the splash page to try and get members!
    How LOW can you go for money? They don’t have any contract with Amber Alert, and have the nerve to use John Walsh’ kid (and a host of other MISSING children’s faces) to try and get recruits when the licence data is a “loss-leader’, by their words!

    I am disgusted.

  5. Hi Miranda. You have to wonder what John Walsh would think about Adam’s photograph being used by Phil Piccolo? But you have to understand that this is Phil’s thing… EVERY opportunity he’s behind has an appeal for children. Either they are starving, homeless or (now) missing. There have always been complaints that he didn’t do what he said he would do… in some cases giving NOTHING to the groups he was supposed to represent. On this one, Phil’s not just throwing the kitchen sink at this thing, but the whole darn house. Maybe a LAST hurrah? There have been so many last hurrah’s that I’ve lost count. :::sigh::: yet one can still hope. I’m looking forward to seeing what Troy is going to do with all the information in August. FINALLY someone who is going to lay an axe to the root of the tree, I do believe…

  6. What a bunch of VERY BROKE MINDED WANNA BEES. Heard DNA paid out more than 6 figures on MONDAY and people got paid. Also heard that anyone on this site could not sign up in DNA even if you had $10,000.

    In fact I bet if everyone who wrote on this site added up all the money they ever made in MLM it would not exceed $10,000.

    WHAT LOSERS. ALL OF YOU. Those who write this crap and those who read it.

  7. The only wannabee here is you, Phil.
    And, it’s Funny you would have ‘heard’ that, Phil, when many of us ARE members and haven’t ‘heard’ anything of the sort. Not our uplines, nor the downlines. See, we make a point of keeping in touch because we’re watching.
    We have DNA member clubs and You’re not invited.
    So, you apparently have a load of crap in your ears.

    Who got paid, Phil? Joe Reid? jeff Long? John Nocton? Mrs. Linda St. Hilaire Nocton?
    And what the heck is this? LOLOLOL “Also heard that anyone on this site could not sign up in DNA even if you had $10,000. ” Are you 10 years old? I laughed so hard my stomach hurts!
    The bully is running out of people to bluster and has to resort to “you can’t join my secret club even if your dad has a million bucks!”.
    That is pathetic.

    What is obvious, is the new deadline extension,, till the 12th of April.
    I’m sure us LOSERS can figure out why there’s another extension.

    BTW, I have about 36 emails from Phil in the mywfl days, where he’s bringing in ValueValueValue crap, and the kitchen sink, like he’s doing with DNA. I saved them all, just in case. Glad I did, now.
    I’ll post them somewhere so y’all can compare them to DNA’s.
    They’re almost dead copies, right down to the bold ‘frame’ he likes to put around his great (not) content.

    And this line is a true treasure:”WHAT LOSERS. ALL OF YOU. Those who write this crap and those who read it.”
    Do you realize, Phil, how MUCH of this ‘crap’ has been written by you? At least you called your own stuff like it is. And you read it all, too. So, by your own words, LOSER, have a nice day.

  8. For any of you being fooled by this Phone B.S., look up ‘Telfund” (huge in the Phillipines”, and Wowmobile, (which Phil already is an affiliate for).
    There is still no product. This is all affiliate sales and people are paying to go “PRO”?
    To be in somebody’s affiliate downline?
    Offering an affiliate position in someone else’s mlm is not a product.
    As far as other countries,.yes, Telfund works, because it’s a callback service.
    Wowmobile or any other cellphone company from out of the blue, will not work in Canada. Doesn’t work outside of the U.S.. Other countries have different ways of running phone systems, and you can’t just open your cellphone company in another country without going through channels (many of which are CLOSED)
    So there’s a “DNA’ decal on the phones. I’m so impressed.
    I see nothing here except an opportunity for the ‘leader’ in DNA to become a super-affiliate for Dish, Direct, ADT, Boomer rides, and whatever other cell, travel and LD systems he can get his downline to sell for him. Oh boy, they get a PIECE of the commissions, but not what they’d get if they joined as a direct affiliate.
    AND, they get to pay $125 if they want to still fill in licence data faster!
    Where’s the product?

    BTW, WOWmobile does “3 and it’s Free”.
    DNA is on “5 and it’s free”.
    So, who’s getting the $$$ from the other 2?
    Why wouldn’t you just join Wowmobile and get full commissions,…faster?

    Sounds like DNA just wants to be the middleman for the world. Good luck on that.
    NOT impressive, additionally, is the slamming of NARC/CSI in the process.
    Especially this, “It’s over – We won!”
    Won what?
    Was this all a competition to beat out Narc?
    How pathetic!
    REAL businesses, REAL businessmen, …have,…CLASS.
    THAT does not denote having any CLASS.

    IF Madiou is running this, he NEEDS to start reading what’s being posted.

  9. Just received information from an email that Phil Piccolo IS on
    the DNA program as a “consultant”. Also, several friends asked
    specific questions and were returned with VERY rude, slamming answers.
    Some, the professional part of DNA has been flushed down the toilet.

    So, NOW the 12th huh? Very funny…………….

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  11. OK, everyone here is slamming DNA. There are some undeniable facts: From what I hear, they have paid their affiliates once. And, it’s still Free to get started & get paid. So maybe the Free people won’t get rich, but if they can bring in a few people & they enter their data, or find a few people that want a $10 basic cell phone + plan they WILL make a few bucks. So, why not try it? No income/job is guaranteed forever!

  12. Well… I just thought I’d add a couple of things to the fray, here. I see Philly is still keeping track of the postings. Miranda, you crack me up, girl! We really HAVE to compare notes sometime.

    Okay, down to business…

    I REALLY LIKE this little paragraph in Phil’s last email… but I’m going to re-write it a little bit:

    “Thank You Chris Greco from all of us people in MLM who are just sick and tired of being sick and tired of scamming crooks who just use us up (READ: Phil Piccolo) and spit us out (READ: Phil Piccolo)… Lying scam artists who have ALWAYS over promised and under delivered (READ: Phil Piccolo)… unethical people (READ: Phil Piccolo) who have always promised a lot only to TAKE a lot and then NEVER take personal responsibility and blame everyone else… We thank you, our spouses thank you and our children thank you… but we would thank you a whole lot more – and our minds would be at ease – if you were to drop kick Phil Piccolo out of DNA – Phil Piccolo who is only sucking off of YOUR integrity and YOUR good name. Phil is VERY good at finding GOOD people, sidling up to them, WORMING his way into their lives while quoting scripture, and using the GOOD NAMES of others to hide HIS VERY, VERY BAD NAME. Phil is very much into mock symbiotic relationships which really only turn out to be parasitic in nature. Watch him… watch him like a hawk because he’s always out for number one, always planning, always scheming, always looking for a way for more power, more control. He is, after all, the puppet-master. Good luck to you and everyone else in DNA who is NOT Phil Piccolo.

  13. Chris Greco? Aren’t the Global Verge/Buzzirk folks still waiting for Phones with GV decals on them? And the phones that WERE delivered were refurbs? Wasn’t that his problem/fault (in GV’s explanation, I thought). If you google ‘Chris Greco Scam” maybe someone else can figure out that schmozzle.
    I got a headache just looking at it.
    From what I can see, it’s another,bigger mess.
    And GV has a stack of complaints (23) against them with the Missouri Sec. of State’s office.
    Wasn’t Panther their partner up until,….last week? (maybe last month, I’m not sure, but I was pretty sure Greco was a big deal with Global Verge)

    Still no address and no phone.
    Time to make the popcorn.
    This oughta be good.

  14. I’ve been trying to figure out the Greco posts, and it’s pretty hard to figure out what’s going on there. Some love him, some apparently hate him. It does appear that he attempted to distance himself from Global Verge.
    Is DNA the best he could do?

    This is going to be interesting, if nothing else.
    BTW, since Phil claims to have ‘heard’ that people got paid, has anyone seen any sites, or proof of payment threads? I have looked all over, Facebook DNA groups, forums, blogs, but no one mentions having been paid.
    I’ve never seen an organization that didn’t happily post first payouts (even if they were lies!)

  15. Yeah, Phil claims to have ‘heard’. For someone who is not ‘involved’, he’s sure ‘involved’… isn’t he? He ‘knows’ people got paid, he’s in here and on Troy’s page consistently… but he’s not involved. Yeah right.

    I’ll tell you what else gets me… the fact that just prior to Blechman’s departure, the principals denied Phil’s involvement. And now, according to Troy Dooly, he asked George whether Phil is involved… but George hasn’t said. WHY? See, this kind of crap bothers me. If you’re SO above-board, so transparent, so ETHICAL and ABOVE REPROACH, then why the heck can’t you answer a simple question??? If I were Troy, THAT would really bother me. AND WHY are they hiding him? (LAUGHING) I’ll tell you why they’re hiding him… because they are ASHAMED of him. They are ashamed of Phil Piccolo but they want his recruiting abilities! (STILL LAUGHING) How DEMEANING… I mean, really. Phil thinks SO highly of himself… yet those he is associated with are embarrassed to admit their association with him. Why? Because IF they admitted their association with him, people would exit the program. I believe the plan is to appeal to people’s greed while eroding their principles. At the beginning of this thing? If they had admitted that Phil Piccolo was involved, they wouldn’t have a company today. But instead, what they’ve done is put together something that they think people can’t resist, something SO lucrative, that people will put aside their reservations and disdain of Phil Piccolo in hopes of raking in some cash.

    Either way, these are my thoughts… I think NONE of these people have had a successful network marketing career that has LASTED. Why? For some of them, it is because THEY were involved! For others, it is because things didn’t work out. The big question is can these men put something together that lasts?

    I always find it humorous when these men with overinflated opinions of themselves sit around and list their resumes for people – how many MILLIONS they’ve made with this company and THAT company. My question? WHAT HAPPENED? For example? AMWAY is still in existence. If you had such a HUGE organization making MILLIONS… why are you here???? Why are you not still working AMWAY? Don’t tell me that you really had enough of success and enough money and you decided to go slumming. That doesn’t work for me. I think most of these MLM ‘success’ stories are a bunch of crap. If you were making the money, then you wouldn’t be here… UNLESS you were a scheming, lying, deceiving con-man. And we ALL know who fits that bill…

    Either way, I’m with Miranda… grab some popcorn.

  16. So, is it true? Greco has ditched DNA because they were ripping off the reps? Am I getting this right?
    No phones actually appeared at the DNA screaming phone-launch? (not even re-furbs?)

    And, “Warren Anthony” writes and talks (apparently from the report from MSNBC) JUST LIKE Phil Piccolo?
    Isn’t that interesting? Hahaha.
    Surprising? no.
    Now, DNA is telling people to concentrate on the ‘loss leader’ plates. Oh dear!
    Once again, no product, no address, no phone,……NO PROGRAM.
    Oh, pardon me, …..”Game over. We win.”
    Yup,…sure are winners.

    More popcorn, please.

  17. Piccolo was involved all along. Here’s the proof from DNA itself:

    From the desk of George Madiou, CEO, Data Network Affiliates

    To all D.N.A. Affiliates

    D.N.A. Breaks All Associations with Chris Greco.

    It is important at this point in time that I address an issue with our D.N.A. PRO Leaders and all of our D.N.A. Family Of Affiliates.

    GOOD NEWS #1: D.N.A. not only has entered into the cell phone industry, but we are excited about becoming one of the great companies within this industry.

    GOOD NEWS #2: Every person who purchased a cell phone or service from us will be happy with an incredible offer on MAY 1st, 2010 that will not be available to anyone else. We guarantee you will be 100% happy with the D.N.A. Corporate decision on how to turn two unfortunate events this past week from lemons into lemonade.

    There is real excitement in the air here at D.N.A. especially at DNA Cellular. 3 weeks ago D.N.A. was not in the cellular phone industry and had no plans on getting into the cell phone industry.

    We had a call came in from one of our PRO Leaders and asked if we would consider the cellular industry for one of our divisions. She had information that a BIG “MVNO” VENDOR (a reseller of cell service) was not happy where he was and that he not only could bring in the best and lowest prices but that he could bring in thousands of affiliates into our program. We agreed to meet with him.

    After meeting Mr. Chris Greco, everything seemed to be too good to be…

  18. After having this QUOTE on Chris’s Unlimitedwizard website for most of the day today:
    â??BREAKING NEWS!!!! Unlimited Wizard Cellular Inc, AKW, Is no longer doing ANY BUSINESS WITH DNA CELLULAR, Chris and

    Team Were in Ft.Lauderdale to open the Store, Had a National Distributor for Page Plus Present to Open their Store their was NO


    3 Team Members were also Present for the Store, Opening. AGAIN WE CANNOT DO BUSINESS with someone who portrayed

    themselves as a totally different person, We are not abandoning the DNA REPS, If you are a PRO AFFILIATE, Contact.

    [email protected], We will honor it and put you into a real Wireless MLM company. Again Biggest scam in MLM was just exposed.â?

    It has now been CHANGED to THIS QUOTE

    “BREAKING NEWS!!!! Phil Piccolo is using a Fake Identity to Run (DNA) this news is being reported by


    There’s a lot being slung back & forth from Chris to DNA & DNA to Chris

    How (and when)is this all going to END??

  19. Thanks Rich, I know the paragraph from Madiou that you wanted to post.

    Too bad Greco forced Madiou to come clean about Piccolo.(not) I am grateful for that. Piccolo was snooping around here the other night, and I would guess he was wondering it the proverbial had hit the fan, yet.
    Anybody have a nice biblical passage for Phil about misrepresentation?

  20. I see MLMWirelessNews now says Jeff Long, one of DNAâ??s biggest Affiliates has left DNA. Their rumors are heâ??ll join either PHP or Global Pros. His reason for leaving they say is that he was tired of being lied to by Phil & George. I wonder how many of his downline will go with him?

  21. To clear the air John Nocto is a real man here in S FL. His wife has worked for a friend of mine for 18 years. John and I at one time worked for the largest time share companies in the world. John was used by the pic pocket man.

  22. Hey Leela

    The real reason that jeff long left was because DNA no longer promoted his datafordollars sales system and promoted another sales system.. So he got a pissed off and left and is now bashing DNA. Assuming you wanted to hear the real reason. But i guess you could careless because I am not Phil Piccolo bashing. Just decided to comment…God Bless

  23. Thanks for the info Ricardo! I was just quoting MLMWireless though, so no need to get huffy. I can understand Jeff (and a LOT of people) getting upset & leaving DNA!! Sure, it’s hard launching a new company, but new reps like to see some stability — which DNA seems severely lacking in. I think ALL their top management is to blame, not just Phil. I thought they might be a good MLM to join, so I’ve been watching them & their EVER CHANGING pay plans, benefits, products, etc….. WHEW! Wish they’d just stick with one pay plans, benefit, product, for a while (maybe at LEAST a few days – LOL!)! Thanks again, Ricardo and if you know which company Jeff moved to, let me know, I may join him.

  24. So, Stuart, are you telling me that John Nocton ALLOWED Phil Piccolo to put a phone line into PHIL’s home in John’s name??? Because there was a phone line listed in John’s name that was listed at Phil’s address. And John was hanging out at Phil’s home? Or just allowing Phil to use his name? Is John still allowing Phil to use him? If not, why doesn’t John come forward and tell his story? It would do a lot to ‘clear the air’ and point the big finger right back at Phil. Maybe John ought to contact Phil’s new friend, Troy Dooly, and let him know? John is only ONE person in a LONG LINE of people who Phil Piccolo has used to take money from people.

  25. Stuart, that wasn’t just any old phone number that Nocton put his name to, but THE number Philthy Phil has been using for years to register his domains AS DNA was registered when was handling his hosting.
    And, his (nocton’s) wife Linda St. Hilaire wrote a shining reference for Piccolo on Dooly’s site just weeks ago. They’ve been in many other programs it seems, together with Mr. P., like Wowmobile, that supportkidsagainsthunger program,.. a number where Mr. and Mrs. Nocton’s referral urls were being hosted from the same site as Piccolo’s, and obviously, for some time.
    (a very interesting post, actually)

    “Found 18 domains hosted on the same web server as

  26. Sorry, I used too many characters.
    I am quite convinced , Stuart, that you are an ethical person, but, if you believe the Nocton’s have been used, then, I’d also have to say that I think you’re naive.
    If the Nocton’s were actually being used, they sure are dumb people. How could they be with Piccolo’s games as long as they have, write shining testimonials, lie for him, put phones in their names, hear all the rumblings, argue in his favor, and now, not have the ability to write that themselves?
    Sounds more like they’re caught up in the heat, now, squirming, and suddenly pretending to have had ‘no idea” what Phil was getting them into.

  27. IF the shoe fits – wear it! If the shoe doesn’t fit and you already know it won’t fit – don’t every bother to try it on!

    Fact is koolaid stocks are going up these days. Only difference is everyone is drinking a different flavor and putting more sugar in it! It’s true! The emperor has NO clothes to wear even with all this COTTON being spun! Pretty soon everyone will be running through the streets with NO clothes and even LESS credibility if this keeps on going!

    KUDO’s to those at least reporting the TRUTH’s! But then WHO TRULY KNOWS who is telling the truth and who isn’t? This isn’t “fair and balanced” like FOX News – this is MORE LIKE “Enquiring Minds Want to Know”!

    Take a chapter out of HOLLYWIERD and see where it ends up. THROW something against the wall and see IF it actually sticks! Don’t know about anyone else, but for sure KNOW that Time IS Money and the MORE time everyone spends on these subjects the LESS MONEY everyone is making!

    We say: If you have a TRUE story to tell – WRITE A BOOK and PUBLISH IT! You’d do better financially than hanging your hat on ANY so called TRUTH’s that are being told out here about most anyone!

    Just one more thing: BAD LANGUAGE written or spoken ONLY SPEAKS TO a lack of education and in more cases than not – a TRUE LACK of professionalism on ALL fronts! Doesn’t matter what your beef – ONLY MATTERS what’s YOUR truth and in some cases – the TRUTH is only a figment of someone’s self appointed…

  28. Dear Chris Greco… if this is true that you have BRAIN CANCER and I pray it is not… but if it is true you really need to REPENT and FIND JESUS… This way you win either way… I told you last week how I felt about you… and that even you with all the bad you did to me and thousands of DNA Affiliates that you did not deserve HELL… “HELL IS SO BAD” no one deserves it… and “HEAVEN IS SO GOOD” no one deserves it… So repent publicly to all the DNA AFFILIATES for screwing with their heads… with your $10 Monthly Cell Phone deal and all your other lies… and accept JESUS as your LORD and SAVIOR and BE HEALED…

    Or keep lying and deal with the consequences… I really am praying you do the right thing… What is neat about JESUS is you can do a “MILLION THINGS WRONG” but when you do one right thing like “ACCEPTING HIM AS LORD AND SAVIOR…” You are in like Flint… forever with the BIG TRUMP CARD…

    I am praying for you right now to do the right thing “FOR YOU” not for me… not for DNA… for you…

    Those idiots that may think that I am insensitive to Chris Greco right now… you need to get a life… I lost my 23 Year old Brother to BRAIN CANCER… and was with him for two years fighting it… So this is good advice for Chris and I hope he accepts it…

    If he does it is GOOD NEWS either way…
    And if he does not it is BAD NEWS either way…

    a) We were just told that you were terminated from DNA
    b) have you checked traffic estimate . com today you idiot (Data Network Affiliates) Website & Company Information home page

    Whois Information:

    Quick Stats:

    TE Rank: 3,013
    Alexa Rank: 5,832

    Data Network Affiliates Company Profile: This website has a Traffic Estimate rank of 3,013 with an estimated 2,815,800 monthly visits. According to Alexa, Datanetworkaffiliates has a worldwide rank of 5,832, is ranked 2,184 in the United States, and has 0 external websites linking to it. targets these keywords and phrases with their SEO: “data network affiliates, dna affiliate, become a dna pro affiliate, data entry business
    opportunity, earn money entering data.”
    Learn How to Increase Your Website Traffic >> Traffic Analysis
    Estimated 2,815,800 visits over last 30 days TrafficEstimate traffic history for

  30. Oh dear, Mark,..will you be okay? Imagine being terminated from Phil’s company. (Notice, Phil is now a ‘We”. Does he think he’s Queen Victoria?)
    I mean, really, terminated from the latest Piccolo horse-pucky? You must be devastated. I , personally, laughed so hard at the fact that whack Phil actually BELIEVES anybody gives a flying if they’re ‘terminated’, my cheeks hurt.
    Let’s go back to the definition of a sociopath, Phil.
    You have some serious delusions of power and self-importance.
    Nobody wants to be in your MLM, AND YOU KNOW IT, which is why you HID YOUR IDENTITY all along. Yet, you continue to delude yourself into believing that “termination’ is some kind of punishment.
    It’s not punishment, Phil,…it’s PROOF.
    It is PROOF that you are NOT a businessman. It is PROOF that you have no class. It is PROOF that you are extremely immature.
    So,..keep terminating your members. It’s a hoot knowing that you think they’re bothered.

    And Phil, the only reason you might have elevated levels of visits , is that it is human nature to slow down and stare at an accident. DNA is a train-wreck. Don’t kid yourself that these are people who want to join. These visits are because they found out Piccolo’s been hiding behind Madiou’s and Kurek’s skirts all this time.

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