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Jeff Long is mentioned as Phil Piccolo's Super Recruiter by sponsoring approx. 850 members into D.N.A. also known as Data Network Affiliates. 

Some information about Jeff Long can be found here:

Jeff Long personal website:

Jeff Long creator of instant capture page and now The Squeeze Page came up with a concept that sounded great. You could create a capture page in an easy manner and make money by getting other people to purchase The squeeze page service / ICP or Instant capture page.

I introduced people and got paid initially and continued to promote it but Jeff Long had some major issues with the system as it pertains to actually paying people. He stopped paying which was a major problem. When they transitioned The Instant capture page to The Squeeze Page, they lost all funds that were due me in that transition and in my opinion, I could not have been the only one this happened to.

When you work hard promoting something and have money due you then you expect to get paid. I received an email from Jeff Long that they had a problem with the transition but that he would pay me asap. I waited… a couple months later, I'm still waiting to get paid


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  1. Robert:
    February 25, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    Just a couple of days after I got in DNA and found out that Jeff Long was the lead recruiter I knew I wasnâ??t going to be happy.

    And I guess it is due to the fact that Jeff Long did a lot of us wrong in Veritas.

    Than in the end result he just says they got in over their head and could not fix what was wrong and decided to take off with the rest of our money.

    And I did write Jeff a nice little email and what I got back him saying I was just being negative and that what he did was a long time ago as if that makes everything OKâ?¦

    If you guys are smart I would get out of this DNA as fast as you can because there is just way to many things that are wrong with the people who are running this show.

  2. I find it interesting that I asked Jeff about his association with Phil Piccolo on his twitter page, and I didn’t receive any reply. The way I see it, these people don’t care about anything but MONEY. If Jeff has to be involved with Phil Piccolo in order to get a paycheck, he must REALLY be sucking wind!

    LOL!! He actually told you that you were being negative? Oh, we’re SO SORRY Jeff… seeing as how you took off with funds a ‘long time ago’, we shouldn’t bring it up because it’s being ‘negative’?! HA! That isn’t self serving or anything, IS IT??? What a piece of work you are… you and Phil Piccolo deserve each other.

    I think we all ought to buy popcorn and j
    ust sit back and watch the show, folks — before all is said and done, these two slimy con-men will be at each other’s throats, slinging mud and singing like canaries!

    And Keith? In answer to your question: when you get in the pen with the pig, you’re going to come out smelling like one. THAT is why you don’t wait around. Think about this… if all you’re thinking about is money — if everything is free, HOW are they going to pay you? What, are these guys such swell people that they’re going to reach into their pockets and whip out a paycheck for you, out of the goodness of their hearts? I just love these people talking about how it’s free to join and how they’re going to get paid. I guess we will see.

  3. Jeff Long sold his soul to the devil; Phil Piccolo. It’s greed, pure greed.

    Jeff Long has certain lead capture system, however as he is teaming up with Phil he has no integrity… he is funding a scammer.. shame on Jeff.

  4. OMG!!! i am one of the top recuiter in DNA right now i have 314 in my binary….. i justkeep inviting my freinds to join even i amf orcing them to.. but didnt realize that it was a BIG SCAM m so sorry i m going to get RID of it…thanksfor the informations

  5. Hey everyone.

    Jeff Long here…yes it’s really me. If you’ll notice I haven’t promoted DNA for nearly a month. Once I discovered that Phil Piccolo really was the man behind the scenes with DNA I took a step back to really look at the big picture of DNA and what they are doing…quite honestly I don’t like what I’ve been seeing. You can believe me or not but I had no idea Phil Piccolo was behind DNA…I had never worked with the man before…of course I had heard of him. I even have emails from me to “dna support” who I know now to be Piccolo stating such facts and me directly ASKING them if Phil was involved and them out right lying to me.

    Right now, I’m in the middle of creating the most powerful and valuable network marketing system ever. I don’t have time to mess with shady and dishonest opportunities or be associated with such people…not only that it’s not in my character to do so. You can believe what you want about me and my intentions but there are only a handful of people out the TENS of THOUSANDS i’ve done business with in the last few years who have anything negative to say about me. Sure I’ve made mistakes and am working every day to repair those mistakes and make new choices. so again, believe what you want but I am no “con man”. As for Piccolo…well…I have no comment as far as what I believe his character to be…I do not know the man and do not judge others. I hope you all find what you’re looking for and appreciate the…

  6. It really stinks when companies like this get formed and act in this way. It gives all the legitimate ways to make money in MLM harder. Why can’t people just do the right thing. There is no easy button for success.

  7. I truly don’t understand why people keep falling for the “get rich fast” fly by nighters. If you’re serious about network marketing, go with the proven professionals.

  8. I second what Ray Higdon said. It’s hard enough to build a team in MLM without all this kind of negative press. This is definitely going to fuel the fires of all those tire kickers out there that MLM is a scam. Sorry to all DNA affiliates I hope that this minor setback doesn’t stop your from reaching for your dreams of true financial freedom. Just remember for every company that isn’t on the up and up there is one that is, you just have to find it.

    Onward and Upward!
    Josiah Ruff
    Ruffisticated MArketing

  9. Well, Jeff… I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. I know, firsthand, how Phil operates and I can see the scenario you described happening to you… as a matter of fact, I have NO DOUBT that it did. The fact that Phil hid behind a gmail account… LOL. Just shows you how totally SLIMY he is. I hope Troy Dooly is reading this… I guess the fact that Phil Piccolo is a liar is overlooked because…well, because he’s such a LIKEABLE guy and a GREAT conversationalist. Yeah, so is Satan.

  10. This is such a horrifying saga in the Network-Marketing Industry. It is such stories that give this industry a really bad name indeed! Building a genuine network marketing business takes a bit of time. People must first take their time when investigating which company to represent as they will be investing their time, effort and money to do their business. Learn from the onset how to identify and avoid these get rich quick schemes. It will save you your hard earned money including your precious resource-time!The Bible says clearly in Proverbs,”where there is no vision the people perish”. Do not be a pig.

  11. Hi its Chris Greco, Sorry Phil for exposing you using the name Warren Anthony but It is what it is, My company will not do business with the likes of you, Heard the AG was by your office, I mean cough cough HOME, today, How did that go. And this is just the beginning all you top guys will leave as we get Globalpros running, Phil we are selling the service now what happened to DNA, all you had to do was be honest and you tried to screw us, Guess thats nothing new for you, Enjoy watching DNA sink! I enjoyed Exposing you and this scam.
    Thank you Ted for your hard work, I have this nifty Phone of Phils with very bad emails on it about not paying commissions, Want it? Ill ship it.
    Chris Greco

    Former DNA Cellular Provider

  12. If you promoted a product, service, or company that did not live up to it’s commitments…you can quit or share with those people what you discovered and offer an alternative. By doing so you have a chance to retain those relationships. Granted some will be lost forever, however others will respect you for being considerate of them and give you another chance. Remember, the people recruited into a company were brought there by you. Your sweat, your energy, and your efforts should never simply be left to an environment you have determined that is unhealthy to say the least. If you do this…you’ll have a chance to stay in the industry and develop a “following”, which can be an asset to reward you for many years to come.

  13. I told Jeff Long in February I know Phil and that Phil was the silent partner who put DNA together.

    I put down what Jeff was doing as far as taking peoples money for his marketing system. He threatened to sue me. Come on Jeff where is the litigation for bashing your integrity in my email to my front line the third week of DNA when I discovered who was behind the deal that has now turned intoâ?¦ wellâ?¦ a most bizarre operation or should we call it a circus.

    One thing DNA is not and that is a real business going anywhere but down the toilet where it belongs. To bad the other executives did not hear my warnings about who they were in bed with.

    You have no integrity Jeff Long. You are no different than Piccolo. Are you going to pay back all those DNA members you sold your system to like you told me? That would be the ethical thing to do! I refunded thousands of dollars given to me for coops. I lost all the money for my downline since I was the one who was at the top. I lost money but my reputation and credibility remains excellent.

    I also contacted and held a conference call with 2 of the founding executives of DNA with my business attorney to inform them who they were in bed with. A few days later Dean Bleachman resigned.

  14. Stuart,

    LOL come on man I never threatened to sue you…I have no clue what you’re talking about nor do I have any clue why you have any beef with me. I DO NOT KNOW YOU, HAVE NEVER DONE BUSINESS WITH YOU AND HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO HURT YOU…so STOP telling LIES about me.

    I FULLY recognize my place in all of this and put up a post on my blog to address it:

    As for me paying people back for my system…I’m doing better than that. They paid me for a service that I fully intend on continuing to provide but with FAR MORE VALUE…You don’t have a clue who I am, what I do and what my intentions are Stuart so I highly encourage you to back off. If you have any questions or concerns about me, don’t be a coward…you know where to reach me.

  15. And good for you to pay all those people Back Stu…honestly that says alot about you if it is in fact true…which I believe it is.

    The thing is, I still have VALUE to offer the people that paid me for a service. You just wait till you see my system and you will understand. Be blessed…I don’t wish to make enemies of anyone…this whole situation is just an ugly mess that I’ve had the misfortune of getting caught up in.

    I’m just a husband and father trying to take care of his family just like anyone else…I feel I have extreme value to offer the home business world and if someone doesn’t feel I provide value to them for what they’ve paid for, I don’t keep their money. Ask around…come on people we are all in this together…there’s really no reason to point fingers and call names.

    We are all professionals and I seriously doubt you really want to be spending your time with such negativity and nonsense…I know I don’t so this is the last you’ll hear from me on the subject. I wish you all the best!

  16. Jeff, I have been involved in the MLM industry since the early 70s. I am not throwing mud. My comments are 100% fact. Here is your email to me after I was the first to send an email out to the 6800 people using and member registration service. And by the way, if my systems and service were a scam why do so many MLM companies want me to build my system for them? Want to know who I am just call Rod Cook. He has known me since the 80s and most people high respect and trust Rod on all he says. If I could post graphics here I would show the world my paypal account and that shows the refunds were made the day after I bailed out of DAM NIGHTMARE AGAIN (DNA)! I did call you but you seem to only have VM and did not return my calls or my emails requesting a call from you. I answer all calls to my office personally! This is what people think of me and my services.

    Stuart Levy – CEO/President
    RATER Research & Publishing, Inc.
    Research Analyze Test Evaluate Recommend
    Online Marketing & Consulting Since 1987!
    People Oriented – Technology Powered – Success Driven


    This below email from Jeff was triggered by one of my reps you would not give a refund to until after I spoke out and is the only reason you were mentioned in the pointed, heated email to my team about the pic pocket man and you were added since he endorsed and advertised your system.

    By the…

  17. This is to CHRIS GRECO all you respond about when it comes to the how you scammed DNA is the fact that warren anthony is Phil Piccolo. Ok yeah ok .NOW PLEASE ADDRESS THE WHY DID YOU LIE AND SAY YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH DAN HESSY FROM THE CEO OF SPRINT. YOU BIG FREAKY LIAR, SCUM BAG BULL S$%T ARTIST. SAYING YOU CAN GET $10 A PHONE AMTH CELL PHONES.

  18. Let me clarify, I emailed long to tell him he was going down a dark road as piccalo was ring leader of the stupid DNA NOTHING company, who picass had Value, Value, Value last company TOTAL B.S. only hype about COMING PRODUCTS and took the money and ran……… then the con man jerkoff Long emails me $150fast and that was a total rip off of $199 to where longneck got his $150 and it was bogus scam leads or really not legit leads, then the bastard has the nerve to send a ‘special’ invite to his good buddies secret money make …….. F****%^@*%$(& $3,000 ……… yeah right con man!!

  19. All complaints should be filed online at the federal trade commission website If you have been cheated do something about it. or else other people will get cheated to. I have made complaints to this site and soon after. The site was shut down and ordered to pay back everyone’s money. Take action the more people that complains about a site the faster something is done. Just be prepared to type in the details of your complaint.

  20. He is a part of Autoxten, stay away, warning. I don’t have respect for people when that copy the same exact program and saying the same thing. He didn’t change too much of anything. But they had the nerve to bash the company that they were duplicating.

  21. Have anyone any expereince with autoxten program,or any knowledge about integrity of autoxten program founders,sure would like to hear more about both.Thanks.Ivan

  22. I got out of Autoxten before i read all this, why?

    Lost a lot of my members in my AXT downline, support were nasty,
    members i lost were told to rejoin,
    cant get to my commissions and the list goes on.

    Dont deal with them, stay away is my advice.

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