Data Network Affiliates Review

D.N.A. Review summary:

Red flags all over, controversial management, unknow contract partner, ridiculous promises, a waste of time and money…

Data Network Affiliates (D.N.A.) claims that it will pay people for collecting license plate numbers and sending that info into the company. For doing this D.N.A. promise to pay you. It has also incorporated a MLM model enabling you to leverage your efforts and theoretically earn $100s, $1000s.  This is achieved by earning $2 per person for each downline member who does the same thing as you “within their first 30 days of signing up. Approx. 75,000 people sign up for free.

The optional “Data Input Software Module” will cost  $29.97 monthly plus a set up fee of $97.

The people behind D.N.A so far: Phil Piccolo, Arthur Kurek,  Donald Kessler,  George Madiou, Jeff Long and Chris Greco (Mobile phones)

In our due diligence on those gentlemen you discover facts and figures with red flags all over. D.N.A. is in our opinion a setup to collect as many email adresses worldwide as possible with false promises, and to drive people to third party products. There is where the money is made and Jeff Long is coming in.

Phil Piccolo denies he is involved in D.N.A. as he is aware of his very bad reputation. He is telling he has nothing to do with the company, it is John Nocton. However this John Nocton has send several messages with the same I.P. adres as Phil Piccolo to this website, meaning John and Phil are using the same computer…..

D.N.A. strategy  looks like the former Iraqi  Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf strategy; Deny and Lie:

I triple guarantee you, there are no American soldiers in Baghdad.



The facts and Red Flags:

  1. Red Flag: Domain registered on Grand Cayman.
  2. Red Flag: Registrant Organization: Unknown
  3. Red Flag: Founder – Phil Piccolo has a very bad reputation.
  4. Red Flag: Field leader – Jeff Long has a controversial reputation.
  5. Red Flag: Dean Blechman, former CEO, left in a hurry.
  6. Red Flag: Founder is telling proven lies.
  7. Red Flag: Founder is making big and ridiculous promises
  8. Red Flag: Not possible to visit the company.
  9. Red Flag: No company address
  10. Red Flag: No information about the owners, company history ect. on the website.
  11. Red Flag: Debt free company? No information at all.
  12. Red Flag: Third party products are pushed and used as corporate money makers.
  13. Red Flag: Tagging license plate numbers is controversial in several USA states & countries.
  14. Red Flag: Third party banners on the D.N.A. website, to make some corporate money.
  15. Red Flag: D.N.A. Privacy Policy is very poor.
  16. Red Flag: D.N.A. website is out dated an one men show.
  17. Red Flag: Email communications to the field with ridiculous promises.
  18. Red Flag: As a distributor with who do you have a contract?
  19. Red Flag: Customer support a gmail account? [email protected]

The D.N.A. corporate Team….. are this people you can trust?


Phil Piccolo Jeff Long George Madiou Arthur Kurek

Phil Piccolo


Jeff Long

Field leader

George Madiou


Arthur Kurek


We don't think so, I triple guarantee you, there are no American soldiers in Baghdad.


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Update: 26 April 2010: D.N.A. Breaks All Associations with Chris Greco. A part of George Madiou's DNA Email:

After meeting Mr. Chris Greco, everything seemed to be too good to be true. The names he was tossing around and the prices he said he could deliver were just unbelievable. Let's face it a $10 a month unlimited talk and text plan, a $19.95 a month unlimited talk & text with 20 MB of DATA plan, were two unbelievable products that got us very excited, and we knew it would get our affiliates thrilled also. The excitement was contagious and we immediately put our full I.T. Division along with our entire Web team on the DNA Cellular Project.

Well the dream turned into a nightmare. After selling hundreds, or should we say thousands of cellular agreements, Mr. Greco said he could not deliver either product. He stated that Sprint had terminated his reseller agreement. In fact further investigation on our part, of Mr. Greco and his so called $10 and $19.95 monthly service agreements, we found that there are no such service plans to be found by any carrier, anywhere on the planet, by any company in the industry. He also said his good friend of 20 years Mr. Dan Hesse CEO of Sprint found out that DNA Affiliates were raiding the Liberty International, WOW Mobile downline groups. He also stated that Mr. Dan Hesse found out that Phil Piccolo is the lead consultant to the corporate team' 

In regard to Phil Piccolo, it is no secret that Phil Piccolo is a lead consultant to the D.N.A. corporate team and we are happy to have him on our team.

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