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  1. Send out Cards

    You can send a printed greeting card with your message in less than 60 Seconds through Send Out Cards. It’s a pity that this opportunity is only available in the USA. With Jordan Adler as Field Leader, Coach and Top Earner you are back up with one of the best trainers in Direct Selling.
    Send out Cards last weekend launched picture plus 2.0. This app gives the user the ability to design professional looking cards in a couple minutes and have them delivered by the post office. Very personal and cost considerably less than conventional means.
    If you would like to send a card and see how it works for free.copy and paste the following link

  2. Send Out Cards is now available in other countries! I have a daughter attending University in Sydney and I can send her a card for LESS than I would pay for an inferior card in any store, and the postage is only $.60 instead of the $.98 or more that the USPS would charge me! Whether or not you are looking for a business, try sending a card to someone you love. You can check it out and send a customized card including your own photos for free if you go here:

    WARNING: Once you send a couple of cards you will be hooked…

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