Business For Home Newsletter – July 2010


Business For Home Newsletter – July 2010


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Momentum ranks 

Momentum is the Magic of MLM. You need a lot of Momentum in your Direct Selling career.

Nr. 1 ACN
Nr. 2 Organo Gold
Nr. 3 Nu Skin

New Powerpoint Presentation

How to explain Direct Selling…

Powerpoint Direct Selling

Sell or Buy a MLM Business

As in the corporate world it is in most direct selling opportunities possible to sell or buy a existing business.

Downlines are the private property of the independent distributor….

Business for Home is bringing together, in a new service, buyers and sellers in a confidential, simple and smart way.


Movers and Shakers List (Click here)

Movers & Shakers: Top Earners, Field leaders, Corporate Leaders or Celebrities who left a Direct Selling Company and joined an other opportunity.

It happens in the corporate world, and in happens in Direct Selling.

We do not endorse any, neither do we encourage people to jump from opportunity to opportunity, we just show the facts and figures.

Movers and shakers list

MLM 500 Companies Revenue Quarterly reports

Based on the revenue of 12 (peer) companies the Direct Selling Industry is growing 14% in Q1 2010

Avon 15 % growth
Nu Skin 23 % growth
Herbalife 19% Growth
Medifast 79% Growth
YTB Travel end of story? – 57%…

Distributor numbers per company

Here you find an overview for the distributor sales force (members) and average member revenue per year (ARPU).

Our definition for members: Distributors and preferred customers who have placed an order in 2009.


YTB Faces An Other Class Action


YTB International faces another legal challenge from a group of multi-state plaintiffs who filed a putative class action lawsuit against the company and its officers.

Charging the company is operating an illegal pyramid scheme.


European Direct Selling Congress


European Direct Selling Congress


This book will make your recruitment top! Recommended by Top Earners.

E-Book for $4.95

Paperback for only $8.95 (best choice)

Full Color Paperback $12.95

With many Top Earners! 

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Top Opportunities 2010

We have selected a Top List in Direct Selling where you can make money -fast-.

The Top opportunities in Direct Selling for 2010!  We have 19 opportunities listed and 1 free spot left.

 Wordventures is added to the list. 

Leave a comment on the website if you think your company has to be listed!

Top 20


Ted Nuyten

Best regards from the Netherlands!

Ted W. Nuyten – Founder


Become a Recommended Distributor

Direct Selling Distributors, they are active professionals, who love to team up with you!

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