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Geoff Liberman


At the age of 56, Geoff has become a leader in the networkmarketing industry, earning a substantial seven-figure income. He is an UK citizen, living in Manchester

Geoff was introduced to Euphony later in life at the age of 43 after setting up and running a number of dance schools.

Developing a sales and marketing business, selling environmental products for six years with NSA where he worked together with the grand lady of network marketing Paula Pritchard

Over the past 13 years with Euphony, he has directly introduced over 90 friends and associates to the company, which has grow to date to several thousand active consultants in his team. One of his awesome team members is Jean Philippe Hulin.

Geoff as keynote speaker on the European Direct Selling Congress brought up a very smart suggestion.

Nobody like's to be mentioned as a downline, therefore it would be much better to change this to team, and he is absolute right!

An awesome Ambassador for the Direct Selling Industry and a very nic guy to meet!




Geoff Liberman

 Jean Philippe Hulin

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  1. Geoff Liberman is not only a great mentor, he is a true gentleman. He represents our industry highest value: integrity, loyalty and he is dedicated to help his team members to achieve the highest standards of success. Geoff is a source of inspiration for thousands of thousands of us. And not only he is super talented and skilled, but he is also able to transmit his message in the simpler and most effective way. 5 stars !

  2. ~I’m impressed by Geoff’s ability to attract the right people. Geoff’s attention to detail and focus on appropriate, professional terminology is refreshing to me; I share those same sentiments. We all give people “names” that they will live up to – good or bad. We are all equal in this business, all doing our best to become more significant in others’ lives. I appreciate your perspective, Geoff.
    ~Adam Green, Xocai Ambassador,

  3. I’m known Geoff several years and he is a genuine guy who wants to help others succeed. He has access to a very large network because he teaches people the proven techniques of building a successful network marketing organisation.
    Robert Green, Kerchang,

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