Jean Philippe Hulin Review

Jean Philippe Hulin

Jean Philippe Hulin, is one of the top leaders in Belgium with an estimated annual earnings of $450,000. A native French speaking net worker living in the beautiful city of Liège, Belgium.

He has a deep understanding of the Direct Selling business. A great promotor of the entire industry working close together with Top Earner Geoff Liberman.

Bright, young, full of energy. Jean Philippe brought a large team in at the European Direct Selling Congress.

A top independent Business Consultant with utilities company Euphony Communications, which provides highly competitive landline telephony, Internet access, mobile communications and energy (gas & electricity) services to residential consumers and the small business sector.

His team is about 2.500 people and has gathered more than 100.000 customers.

Jean Philippe is the author of 2 MLM best sellers in the French lanquage: Comment Devenir Riche Sans Gagner à La Loterie  (How to get rich without winning the lotery) 38,000 copies sold and counting.

La Liberté Financière en 7 Etapes (7 Steps to Financial Freedom) in his new second book, 5,000 copies sold and counting.

Tom Schreiter has been a great inspirator for his books.






Tom Schreiter and Jean Philippe Hulin

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