Rejection-Free Instant Prospecting Techniques You’ll LOVE

Guest Author: Jean Philipp Hulin

Imagine mastering some easy and rejection-free instant prospecting techniques…

*You'll be discovering one of these in this message, keep reading…*

How great and stressless life would be? How fun would it be to make your team grow fast with only qualified, motivated and really-willing-to-be-serious-about-the-business prospects? Well, these techniques do exist. So, here is an example that works LIKE CRAZY.

This is the $15.000 Pay Raise Test story. You meet someone. After a while, both of you start to talk about the family, the work, etc.

Here is what you can say:
YOU: Hey, by the way… Have you ever wanted to be wealthy enough to retire and stop committing to work every day?

THE OTHER: Well… Yeah, I've been dreaming about that for years, but you know, I'm just average so I guess I should forget about this kind of dreams…
YOU: I've been told about a '$15.000 Pay Raise Test', wanna see if you can pass it?

OTHER: The $15.000 Pay Raise Test!? Oh well… Why not? Go ahead!

YOU: Imagine being at your work. The boss comes at your desk and ask you if you would agree to have a pay raise. What would you say?

OTHER: That will NEVER happen! But of course I would say yes…
YOU: Great! Here is your boss idea: all you have to do is attend a training 3 times a week. It would last something like 10 hours a week and it's a 12 month training. Your boss says that you would have to pay a $500 fee for the whole 12 month training but if you graduate, he would offer you a neat $5.000 per year raise starting next year because you would be more skillfull than your colleagues. What would you say?

Here is where magic happens: what you just described is an 'average start in MLM' but with words and situations easy to rely to for any worker. If the person you're talking to answers 'NO I wouldn't accept', you're not facing a good prospect and you can say the test is over. Your prospecting is done; you have your answer. The best part is that your prospect doesn't even know you've just been prospecting him! If he says 'Yes, for a $5.000 per year pay raise I would do it', then you're facing a pre-qualified prospect.

But now, you have to check if he would be seduced by the MLM concept.  Here's how to do that:

YOU: Excellent! The Pay Raise Test is almost finished and you're doing great. So, now you would say 'yes' this means that you would attend this training 3 times a week during a year. After that, your boss would give you the $5.000 per year raise. But you're not finished yet. After you graduate, the boss comes to you again, and here he goes: now you've complete the training, I would like to know if you would agree to teach what you learned to 5 co-workers. This means you would have to train them 3 evenings per week for 12 month, just like you did the past 12 month. When they graduate thanks to your teaching, I would offer you ANOTHER $5.000 per year pay raise. So, what would you answer?

THE OTHER: Gee! I would say YESSSS!
YOU: Excellent! Here is now the last part of the test: your boss asks you if you would accept to train your 5 'students' next year to be able to teach the exact same training to 5 co-workers each. If you say yes, it would take you 3 evenings per week for 12 month but you would receive ANOTHER $5.000 per year pay raise. This means you would have added $15.000 to your yearly income in 3 years only. What would you do?

THE OTHER: Gosh! I would do it! $15.000 extra per year is huge!

At this stage, you know you're facing a highly qualified and motivated prospect who felt in love with network marketing without even knowing it. What do you want to do next?  Well… It's up to you: you can offer your friend a prospecting book to read, a CD, a flyer or you can invite him to meet that 'mysterious' guy who specialized into helping average people to create above average income without asking their boss…

From all the previous alternatives, let me explain you why the last one is my favorite. When you invite your prospect to meet with one of your upline sponsors, you instantly prove him that MLM is a TEAM business. If you can invite one of your upline sponsors to help you, your prospect will rapidly understand that he would also be authorized to do the same.

And, last but not least, you would be using a great success principle: The stranger is the expert. Even if your upline sponsor is in the business for a couple of week, he will have much more credibility into your prospect eyes than yourself. And since you want your offer to have the most possible credibility, you want your upline sponsors to come along with you to explain what is MLM to your prospect.

Hope this will help you make your MLM career more fun and enjoyable…

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  1. ~This is very interesting! Thank you for the tips, JP. You’re brave to share the “HOW TO” side of your expertise – most people won’t do this. Cheers!
    ~I like your approach because it’s simple and easy to teach. I still find it difficult for some people (you know the group I referring to, right?) to take the necessary first steps. Have any cool insider tips for this group of individuals? I love the ideas…
    ~Adam Green, Xocai Ambassador,

  2. I love it! That is one of the best I have heard yet!
    Thanks so much for sharing this JP and Ted. I plan on using it in my prospecting.
    Anything that makes life easier for us is more than welcome.

    Thanks again!

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