Xowii Leaders Just Say No To Evolv Merger

Xowii Leaders Just Say No to Evolv Merger and Speak Out About the Mass Distributor Exit

The Day the XOWII Network Marketing Bubble Burst

Press release from Phil & Jenny Sack and others
Phil Sack Jenny Sack Timothy Feuling
Phil Sack Timothy Feuling
Matt Hasbrook Debra Arnold Amy Henderson
Matt Hasbrook Debra Arnold Amy Henderson
During the housing bubble massive numbers of non-experienced real estate investors swarmed that market to cash-in on buying and flipping property. According to Xowii’s top leaders, the same thing is happening in Network Marketing. Doctors, investment bankers – many people with some capital have jumped in and started networking companies with no hard experience in the industry hoping to cash in on one of the few growth industries left in America’s stormy economy. The game-plan backfired. The bubble burst. With thousands of here-today-gone-tomorrow company failures, these short-sighted investors gave all young companies a black eye. The statistics are stunning – 95% of network marketing companies are out of business before their 5th anniversary.

“Our upline, Ken Roland, often says that when you throw dirt, you lose ground. The leaders stand united in wishing Xowii well. It is simply no longer a fit for our team and families. Perception is reality in our industry. We made a collective decision with much due-diligence and research” said Phil Sack, Xowii’s top earner and co-master distributor along with his wife, Jenny Sack. Matt Hasbrook, a merger and acquisition specialist, was a critical part of the team’s decision process with his special talent in research and objective analysis of company mergers.

Top earners Amy Henderson, Timothy Feuling and others agree that a major shift is happening in Network Marketing. Networkers, top corporate executives and everyday people looking for additional income are doing their homework when choosing a business. They are demanding a company that is run by the book with integrity with a story worthy of being told and worthy of being listened to.

“Industry professionals are waving off the junk seeking a true, pure story more today than I have seen in my 20 years full-time in the industry. People want it all: a fun, hot new product line, mountains of real scientific validation, the best compensation and they want to get paid next week. We found it. The message of Fit, a brand new division of a solid, stable company, is vibrating through the industry like a tuning fork. I’m proud of our decision, our new home, and this rich, powerful story – and to be part of this incredible team. It is company policy to have 90 days of inventory at all times for the security of the distributor partners. Fit began shipping just a few weeks ago. Three months of Fit product flew off the shelves in three weeks. We have the best story ever told. Fit is changing lives already.” said Deb Arnold, a top 1% industry earner, trainer and builder.

Hear the emotional uncut announcement by Xowii master distributors and top earners as they shared the news about the massive exit from Xowii with their team. Click here to listen

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  1. Wow..It amazes me what people say about others thath they don’t even know… You know what, Sh$# happens and people move on to other things. Big deal. I wish everyone well and hope they do well. I left Xowii last year when I could see the writing on the wall. They most likly will bring Evolve down with them. People don’t want to pay for over priced water anymore. anyway i just wanted to say that i have found a home and am very happy. DrinkACT just what the doc ordered. We have had top money earners from other companies joining us like crazy and it never stops. One of the founders of Agel, Brent Jensen just joined us and now multiple diamonds from that company are coming onboard as well.
    I wish everyone continued success..

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