Monavie Suspends Top Earner Mike Kiefer

Mike Kiefer is a Blue Diamond in Monavie and is living in Switzerland.

He is also one of the top earners in Talkfusion which seems to be for Monavie reason to suspend his account.

Update May 1, 2011:

  • Monavie Corporate has requested to change the previous heading of this post.
  • Calvin Beccera: Mike Kiefer was never terminated. His account was only frozen and put on hold until Monavie could verify that there was no case of him recruiting members other than his direct downline recruits to Talk Fusion. He was found to have not done this and Monavie un-froze his account. Monavie says he can work a hundred businesses as long as he doesnt break that one policy rule.
  • Mike Kiefer: It was never a question leaving monavie for talk fusion or for a another network company never, but if certain things are not working anymore then it’s time to go, that’s why I was sending monavie the notice today. I thank Monavie for everything and wish everybody the best.

Below Youtube video is in German.


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Comments (42)

  1. Strange Case! THE ASSOCIATION OF NETWORK MARKETING PROFESSIONALS says, “you should be able to belong to more that one company as long as you don’t raid company 1 (Monavie in this case) and move your Downline to company 2 (Talk Fusion). Of course we don’t know the details in this case…. But, we do know that Talk Fusion has a habit of terminating leaders so this poor guy may have jumped out of the frying pan into the fire!

    Rod Cook
    Chairman ANMP

  2. Well this poor guy will have a shock of his life when he understands the true intentions on Bob …. Monavie is any time managed well if compared to Talk Confusion … ask any Indian leader if anyone has any doubt … may Rod’s soul rest in peace … lol

  3. In my opinion, if the Companies are different in product or service, no problem. It makes little sense to belong to two Health & Wellness companies for example. Now, let’s say you loved one specific wellness product so much, that you wanted to tell certain friends about that. A product that applied to a specific population segment. As an “Independent” Distributor, you should be able to market or “share” what you want, when you want.

    Talk Fusion is more of an Industry Resource than it is any, ANY form of competition for Mona Vie. In-fact, in this specific case, it makes Mike Kiefer a better Distributor for Mona Vie. It helps Mike to share powerful tools to his downline, and we all know that some of the “dream weaving” that takes place in Network Marketing would be better served with Leaders who help to cut through a “Map Book” and actually provide a personally sponsored team with true “Actionable Advice” and not a “Ra Ra” talk that is notorious in that $10 per head Mona Vie meeting. In my personal experience, a Mona Vie Black Diamond was asked how he built his business. He was young, and a very out-going, high energy guy. He said, “this business is simple, you just go out and GET TWO, who then go out and GET TWO MORE.”

    Well, that’s great if it were just that simple. But the truth is that it’s not “Networking,” it’s “Network Marketing” and the actual business requires professionalism, branding, and so much more than the Mona Vie Map Book will ever teach the average person. Interesting, but a few other Mona Vie top distributors sell personal products off of websites to their downlines directly. I think it’s important to help your personally sponsored downlines for FREE and to have the material in place to make that simple.

    My downline continues to grow, and at this stage of my business, I spend quality time explaining various aspects of business ownership and the science behind marketing success. Network Marketing is the same as any Corporate or Main Street business, but the average person does not buy a “business” they tend to buy a “dream.” It seems to me that Talk Fusion provides Mike with the ability to duplicate his efforts for his Mona Vie team. I didn’t know they had that array of tools, and now I might look into it!

    Network Marketing Fact? You have employees….Independent Distributors that enroll and are of course responsible for their own success. But, if you are a “servant leader” you will create depth by researching, listening, and offering true advice that builds on-going capability within your personally sponsored team. You will provide tools for success and help people learn to use them! You will pick up the phone, listen and coach in a fashion that any Corporate Manager would do. Network Marketing requires so much more than a “list” of friends and family.

    Mike, keep on doing what you know is right! Help people and share what you learn! Mona Vie’s “Open Door Policy” again being closed shut!

    Yours in Success,

    Peter Dean Bouloukos
    Bozeman, Montana/Mission Viejo, California

  4. Hi Ted,
    Totally aqgree with Rod on this. On the surface this seems to be another case of companies dictating to ‘Independent’ business folk what they can or cannot do. Althoough raiding one downline to migrate them to another company is not a nice way to build a business, the fact is that both companies mentioned, along with others, have each benefitied from this in the past so it seems it’s ok when it suits but not otherwise – Great double standards.
    John Smith

  5. Hello All- Mike Kiefer is my downline in Monavie. This case published by Ted is FALSE 100%. MIke Kiefer was never terminated. His account was only frozen and put on hold until Monavie could verify that there was no case of him recruiting members other than his direct downline recruits to Talk Fusion. He was found to have not done this and Monavie un-froze his account. Monavie says he can work a hundred businesses as long as he doesnt break that one policy rule. Simple as that. You see, the world loves to hear information like the one published here because they like DRAMA. But this is a false story. Monavie lives on and so does Mike Kiefer.

  6. Unfortunately the victim here is Mr Keifer, This story wasnt verified my guess. Then it cause a reaction. Monavie has the best best compensation plan, most momentum for any company in the last 7 years, most millionaires made, Dallin Larsen, 4 billion in sales, and Im with another company. This poor guy put himself in jeprody when he even flirted with another company. i have been in MLM’s now for 42 years mad 25 million dollars and never had to learn this lesson the hard way. Everyone knows 1 company at a time never 2. His downline in both companies will be neglected here. My advice for Mike switch careers you just ended your MLM one.

  7. Mike if you can make Ted send a retraction. Do a you tube video resigning from the other company that made you lose your way from Monavie. Take it from a pro.

  8. Mike this seems to be a mistake by Ted. You need to have him retract this today. Unless you said something in this German video I cant translate this. Mike its been over a year and you have a big Monavie downline that is counting on you. Make sure Netco and Obtainer dont post this 100% false story. Mike we have had a great time building Germany together as your upline Im excited to build the new countries Monavie is opening this year. Black Diamonds in Germany will be breaking this summer…..

  9. Todd and Calvin if you guys are his upline I suggest you start working depth. Secure those who want to stay at the best company. I wish I could be with Monavie. Soon I will make my announcement and leave my company after 42 years in MLM and only 3 companies. Monavie here I come. Ive seen both your websites Todd and calvin and i have to say im impressed. the youngest and fastest black Diamonds in the world of MLM. Mike is fortunate to have both of you first timers as a upline. I will be contacting both of you i need a new home!!!!!!

  10. It was never a question leaving monavie for talk fusion or for a another network company never, but if certain things are not working anymore then it’s time to go, that’s why I was sending monavie the notice today. I thank Monavie for everything and wish everybody the best. Mike

  11. Ok great, just clarifying that Monavie did not terminate you Mike. Ted has this incorrect information on this site. You believe, in your mind, that Talk Fusion will suit you better. You have the right to work with whatever company you see fit. Germany will move forward . Tom Koller, Blue Diamond will continue with force. TIME TO BUILD UP GERMANY AND THEN THE FUTURE MARKETS WE ARE OPENING …. THANK YOU MIKE FOR ALL YOU DID WHILE YOU WERE IN 🙂 Good luck to you my good friend.

  12. I was in Talk Fusion they made me pick between my company and there company. I left Talk Fusion because they lied to me. Tf told me it was ok to work both companies. Then they made me pick. I left Tf and never looked back. Good thing because my TF downline only lasts 6 months. No wonder its a video product that you can get for free on the world wide web. Also it doesnt work past the first month.

  13. Mike- I understand that things might not be working for you at a certain MLM, but take my word for it, I have been in this industry since I am sure you were in diapers, do not be known for going from company to company. I am sure you left a company to come to MonaVie and also left a company to go to the company before MonaVie. It sounds like this is a common case of the MLM jitters; when things are not quite going your way, you look for ” the next best thing.” beware Mike, I don’t endorse or represent MonaVie, but that is quite a reputable company to walk away from, especially with the success you have achieved with such a company. I have no idea of talk fusion, but remember that most start up MLM companies fail within their first three years and a company that offers business services will usually lose in the long run when HUGE commercial companies offer talk fusions products for free. Keep a good reputation and do not lead your team into a fire. In the end it is really them that lose and you that will just go to “the next best thing” once again.

  14. This is typical in today’s world of the worldwide web and the old world of mlm. Does the manager of Target stand in Kmart’s parking lot and take notes of who shops where? NO. Each competes fairly for the shopping and loyalty dollars of every customer. Why should one company care if a “free agent” shops in several different mlm store? Your network is YOUR NETWORK… and without YOUR piece of the “LINK” would never have had your business nor that of your friends and family aka network. The bigger question here is “WHOSE NETWORK IS IT?” Some have invested years in developing the relationships with the people that are in our network… thats why its called “Network” Marketing… smart people use corporate entities and fictitious names… trusts, etc.

  15. Attn. Rod Cook,

    Is this same Rod Cook, the so- called industry expert, who openly endorsed Bellamora? You showed up at their events and openly promoted it.

    Bellamora is the company who never made it out of Pre-Launch. A TON of promises and no delivery on those promises.

    Rod, do NOT lie. You know what happened to Bellamora. You KNEW every step of the way as you are in touch with Brian McLane who is getting sued over the whole thing. McLane cannot manage a MLM company.

    And by the way, how do you know how many people have ever been terminated from Talk Fusion? The truth is you Do NOT know and as a so-called industry expert, you should show more professionalism and report the truth; and not RUMORS!

  16. Robert,

    I wanted to make a comment on your post.

    You indicate that big companies will come along and offer business services for free. You are attempting to allege that Talk Fusion will not last because of this.

    Here is a newsflash for you:

    1. Talk Fusion is already 4 years old.
    2. I guess Web Ex, who is a BILLION dollar company better close down as another company will offer their products for free.
    3. I guess Constant Contact who did 170 Million last year better close down too.

    Need more examples?

    Robert, the industry apparently has past you by.


  17. Hi- I just had this posted on my FB site by an ex Monavier. I DO NOT appreciate stuff like this being posted when this man was NOT fired by Monavie. Monavie has rules and regulations, and when you sign up to be a distributor with this company, you have to follow the rules.
    Mike is not an employee, so he is not “terminated” – if he is not following what the rules are, then his distributorship will be taken away from him. That’s NOT Monavie’s fault, that is Mike’s issue. He obviously has a fabulous upline in Calvin and Todd, both very strong leaders in the Monavie business. So, my message is this… If you don’t abide by the agreement which you made when you got started, then understand you can’t play on the Monavie team. Plain and simple. Please make sure what you post as public content is truthful, too.

  18. Jim- sorry buddy, didn’t know I was going to hurt your feelings. Sounds like you are a member of Talk Fusion. So i understand your defensiveness. 4 years old huh? Wow, just heard of you guys, must be the same everywhere because not too many are commenting about Talk Fusion. Well I hope you guys do well, but yes I do believe the free services will be available soon 🙂 And I stick to my word. Hey, but you guys will make some money for a short time, so thats good. I would rather use Constant Contact rather than confuse my team by doing two networks at once and then cause this much damage to my name. Yikes.

  19. Hello, have you not noticed that in nearly every store in America I can find a knock off of every MLM juice out there. Hince the big shift and attrition in these overpriced miracle juice companies.

    …Where is the fun in explaining over & over about the product hoping convince someone it is better for them over the dozens of competitors products. But the opportunity is even better. Come on I seen all the hype and marketing materials and said I just got our of corporate america working my ass off this does not look fun at all.

    …..I hope this storey about mike is not accurate and he can stay in both companies.



    I think we should change the name from Network Marketing to Talk Fusion Marketing. kiddiing.

    There is a shift happening, FB and Myspace started it. Now the average person can make a lot of money while staying in touch with Talk Fusions great products and instant pay comp. plan.

    Thanks for the vine, I feel better. I have only been with TF a few months and I love sending video’s via email. Thank you TF.

    All the best to everyone and you Mike K.

  20. MonaVie is very clear on their policy, and they don’t terminate you for joining another company, never have and probably never will. You may also share you new found opportunity with anyone that you personally sponsored into your MonaVie business and MonaVie will sill continue to send you your commission check each and every week. Where they have an issue is when you rape and pillage the downline and go after those people that everyone else has work so hard to personally sponsor.

  21. Lets See talk about integrity Dallin and Brig give you crap for doing talk fusion has anyone heard of R3Global talk about rape,pillage and fraud, I bet Brigg tells people from other lines no as he sells them crap that never will help them build. Buy this T shirt you will make a million bucks with it.

  22. OH and best greatest comp plan ever OMG who do you hate enough to put in an inside of an inside leg and then have the nerve to tell them they can get rich giving away all the product the buy you MVRs are even teaching your downlines to chop up their RVL like a cocaine dealer and send it to people in the mail, HEY did you know that products are sent in sealed containers for a reason, IT’s CALLED CONSUMER SAFETY but it’s ok it’s MV they are above the laws that are in place for the public health whats a little EBOLY as long as you sell someone a months worth of an old washed up wt loss product that Dallin sold years ago OH you MVRs did hear about Monark Wt Loss.

  23. I was terminated by Arbonne International in 2009 for consuming Vemma nutritional products. Did I refer people to the Vemma product, YES! Simply because I believed they had a superior nutritional product. The people I referred to the product were family members and life-long friends. I don’t understand how a network marketing company can DICTATE which products/companies you choose to promote and consume. I was not “actively building” the Vemma business, nor was I actively recruiting anyone from my Arbonne organization. I would love to see there be some legal representation for individuals such as ourselves who have our livlihoods taken away. 2 years later I am pleased to say that I represent a superior, competitve product to Arbonne – Apriori Beauty with CEO Candace Keefe. Candace was a Sr. VP with Arbonne for 20+ years. Happy to say that life on the other side of Arbonne has been EXTREMELY good for me!

  24. This is discrimination! If Your company disallow to build other biz you better run!!! Multiple streams of income!!! Welcome to 21. century… Same with HERBALIFE – they kicked out lots of great leaders… Congratulations Mike! Talk Fusion has great tools for building any MLM – this is just insane if MV treat it like competition… Something smells bad in MV… I would do the same – F.U. M.V.!!! Talk Fusion Rocks

  25. Some people say that organization belongs to a leader and the company has nothing to do with it. NO! Organization belongs to you and other leaders in your organization! I think that such policy, which forbids recruiting people in your organization who are not personally sponsored to other programs protects not that much company itself but other distributors. Let?s say your sponsor goes other way and joins another company, which you do not accept. Would you like your sponsor to approach you downline with other ideas? Certainly it would be not of your best interest, unless you want to follow him. Unfortunately a lot of leaders have interest only in their own business and have no regards to their downline. Your MLM business is big responsibility, responsibility not to your company, but to your people. Everybody better remember this before switching the program.

    Greetings to all fellow Networkers
    Andrzej Nowi?ski

  26. Klasse Interview von Will Morant mit Mike Kiefer und endlich mal jemand, der sich gerade macht für seinen Standpunkt und sich nicht ins Bockshorn jagen lässt. Ich hätte es wahrscheinlich genauso gemacht, denn schliesslich sind wir alle freie Unternehmer und ich denke, dass MK es nicht nötig hat seine Leute für ein zweites Geschäft anzuheuern oder gar in anderen Downlines zu wildern … Respekt vor dieser Leistung!

  27. By the way some of these people speak on here, you can definitely tell they are not business people or leaders. Sounds like most of the Talk fusion people. Not once has a leader talked bad about another company on here except for the Talk Fusion people. Says a lot.

  28. Well said Robert!!! ‘MLM 101’ NEVER say negative things about another company or rep. I would even be careful regurgitating irrefutable facts if they are negative and do harm… Unfortunately what you say about others actually says more about YOU then it does the person you are speaking of…



  30. Hi Everyone,

    I agree with Robert. When reading all the posts here I was saying to myself:
    ” why are they trying to destroy a company or another? They shouldn’t talk bad about any company or competitor!! That’s not professional at all! ”

    And I was glad to read Robert’s post. I’m a Talk Fusion Associate; happy to be in Talk Fusion and use the products to communicate with my loved ones & business partners & customers, and I also have other streams of income. I love sharing good products so I find nothing wrong about it 😉

    All of you who are in different companies I wish you much success and please do respect the choice of others joining other companies where they found a good way for them to reach their dreams 🙂

    Again all the best,
    Diana 🙂

  31. Attn Robert Jackman:

    In your original post, you wrote the following:
    “I have no idea of talk fusion, but remember that most start up MLM companies fail within their first three years and a company that offers business services will usually lose in the long run when HUGE commercial companies offer talk fusions products for free. Keep a good reputation and do not lead your team into a fire.”

    This is where you were wrong. As any leader would do, they would verify their facts FIRST. You FALSELY indicated that Talk Fusion was a younger company (3 years or less); hence Keifer was making a mistake that he was going to Talk Fusion. Whether you had heard of them or not before is 100% irrelevant. They were recently ranked number ONE in momentum in the entire industry. They are a member of the DSA and have an A ranking with the Better Business Bureau. So, you might want to get to know your industry a bit better.

    Any by the way, the other companies will offer this for free argument is tired. Been hearing it for years now…. Do you think Web EX will give their product for free? Do you think Constant Contact will give their product for free? Again, another defenzsve, lazy comment from you.

    So, please stick to facts and not lazy allegations.

  32. Here again the industry raises it’s ugly head. We are “independent reps” and should be allowed to join any company we choose and as many as we choose. There is too much fear of loss and ego’s that are causing these issues. If your company, plan, founders and products were so good there would be no other reason for people to look elsewhere. But TalkFusion????? come on Mike. You obviously did not do your research or talk to anyone reputable in the industry about Bob, founder of TF. Of all the companies out there you picked that one to build? It’s a great add on product to help your business but to build it??? Ehhhhh….First thing you should look at before joining is who is behind the company, their experience, their reputation, their treatment of distributors. Just give it time….

  33. Hey Wrong Move,

    We can put you in the ranks of another MLM rumor spreader. Great “add on” product. Sounds like jealously to me-

    Word of advice- you should not talk about things you do not have first hand knowledge of yourself-

    Talk Fusion performance speaks for itself and that is 100% indicative of Bob’s leadership.

  34. This very problem is one of the main reasons why I started to give Distributors (and those looking to become Distributors) the ability to see what’s really out there; to help level the playing-field through honest reviews and information utilizing the largest MLM Directory out there; and to help bring MLM companies into the 21st century, where Distributors choose which companies they want to represent, and not the other way around.

  35. To echo what Peter Dean Bouloukas stated above, anyone who engages in the judgment or persecution of another distributor needs to examine exactly what they got into this industry for. We are all looking for a better way and to bring that better way to others. We are INDEPENDENT distributors. We are not tied to systems, groups, products, or businesses. We are promoters who have discovered the greatest co-operative business model there is. What makes using a non company generated system and tools within a group of distributors any less destructive than one that is marketed outside your chosen company? This is the reason we have built such a negative perspective within our industry in the mainstream. If we wanted to be told how to market our businesses (which ultimately grow the company’s we are in revenues), how is the company losing? I think it is any leaders duty to seek out methods, education, and above all SOLUTIONS for their team to succeed. If we create THEIR story, then we all win.
    I think if we learn to celebrate innovation, instead of admonish trailblazer, we might all just win in the end.

    I agree that we shouldn’t confuse or distract our teams with other potential opportunities. Just remember, Business 101. The company you represent may know that you are their commodity, but in the end, they have compliance to protect themselves and ultimately need in order to grow THEIR business. When a company doesn’t acknowledge its own responsibility in helping the distributor succeed, it just another corporation. And we are just another EMPLOYEE!

    Any company that binds a distributor from bringing their entrepreneural abilities to the table should be questioned. Who looks to win in the end if you shackle people?

    Times change. Principles and practices remain the same, but embracing new means of communicating those principles and practices only serve to include the population and ultimately invite people to our party. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be driving automobiles today.

    Just my humble opinion.

    To Each Persons Individual Success.
    I wish Mike, his team, and all the leaders here the foresight to be teachers, motivators, and visionaries.


  36. Quit Monavie and joined us
    Jeunesse Global are continue to expand over the world by opening more offices.
    Don’t miss this opportunity to be pioneer and catch the business wave to success.

    Read for more Monavie trouble.
    Malaysian Distributors Sueing MonaVie?

    by admin on July 3, 2011
    Post image for Malaysian Distributors Sueing MonaVie?

    A group of Malaysian Distributors called, “Legal Counsel Aids Against MonaVie” published on Facebook the next case:

    Attention: MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd and all MonaVie Distributors,

    In just merely over a week, we are in shocked to receive over 1,900 cases of MonaVie distributors? complaints, in Malaysia alone we have received over 900 confirmed cases, the rest are from all over the world.

    The 900 plus distributors had purchased over 4,000 cases of products worth nearly RM1,800,000.00, MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd has disabled or suspended these accounts without giving any prior notice nor reason, the distributors have tried several times to contact the company however, there were no reply from MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the distributors neither received their earned bonuses. Most of these distributors made their purchases by cash from the sales counter of MonaVie Malaysia located at Bangsar UOA, with all the evidences catered, our Legal Aid Team will be representing these 900 plus distributors to proceed legal action against MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the legal suit against MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd are as follow:

    1. MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd disabled and or suspended the distributors? accounts without giving any prior notice nor reason, this has violated the Direct Selling Acts of Malaysia.

    2. MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd has collected RM60 from each distributor as annual membership fee however within a year the membership has been disabled and or suspended by MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the membership fees were not refunded to the distributors, therefore this has violated the Direct Selling Acts of Malaysia, the distributors are suing MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd for cheating of membership fees under the Commercial Crime Acts.

    3. MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd has not abided the operation according to the Compensation Plan for Direct Selling Company summited to the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affair, therefore has violated the Direct Selling Acts of Malaysia and violated the Direct Selling License issued to MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the distributors are suing MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd for cheating their earned bonuses under the Commercial Crime Acts.

    4. MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd has not given any income tax statement to distributors in order for the distributors to file proper income taxation, therefore has violated the Inland Revenue Acts of Malaysia.

    5. MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd should compensate all losses including business development lost, time investment lost, income lost, and reputation lost etc. for disabled and or suspended distributors? accounts without giving any prior notice nor reason.

    6. MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd applies the Utah State Law of USA to over right Malaysia judicial system and to over right the Malaysia Company Acts. The distributors are suing MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd by bringing MonaVie LLC of USA as backup to challenge the judicial system of Malaysia.

    7. MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd by bringing MonaVie LLC of USA as backup applies the Utah State Law of USA to oppress the Malaysian distributors, the distributors are suing MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd for applying a foreign law to discriminate Malaysian distributors and to discriminate the judicial system of Malaysia.

    8. MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd at the same time applies their company?s reserved rights by not giving any reason to disable and or suspend any distributor, their actions have violated the Direct Selling Acts of Malaysia. The distributors are suing MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd for applying the Terms and Conditions of MonaVie to over right the Direct Selling Acts of Malaysia.

    The affected 900 plus distributors inclusive of members of the NGOs, members of associations, members of societies, members of government agencies, and members of BAR councils. Our Legal Aids Team will be suing MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the directors of MonaVie Malaysia Sdn Bhd ? Mr. Dallin Larsen, Mr. Randy Larsen and Mr. Henry Marsh on behalf of every 50 distributors in building a case for over 18 cases.

    At the same time our Legal Aids Team will also summit all legal proceeding documents to the Malaysia Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Taxation of Malaysia ? Inland Revenue Department, and the Ministry of Trade of Malaysia etc.

    Follow by representing Malaysian MonaVie Distributors, our Legal Aids Team will also assisting Taiwan MonaVie Distributors to take legal actions against MonaVie Taiwan.

    Should any of the MonaVie distributor facing the same situation, please contact [email protected] immediately, we will give our best to assist you for justice and claiming your losses.

  37. Interesantes todas las opiniones. Quiero Rescatar 2 puntos que me han gustado de estos comentarios, Como dice Martín … estamos en el siglo XXI y mucha gente de negocios recomienda tener multples fuentes de ingresos. Por lo que si un lider tiene la capacidad y las herramientas para hacer mas de un MLM, yo lo felicito y es fantástico. Al respecto resultaría ilógico que un distribuidor estuviera en 2 compañías del mismo rubro como pudiera ser la nutrición. Sin embargo cuando se trata de un sistema de herramientas para trabajar mejor, no se contrapone que además su primer negocio sea una empresa de Nutrición.
    En un mundo globalizado de hoy debemos tener una apertura mental y dejar que los negocios fluyan, cada uno es dueño de hacer el negocio que quiera y cuantos quiera. Bienvenidos al mundo de múltiples fuentes de ingresos.
    Interesting all opinions. I want to rescue two points that I liked these comments, says Martin … we are in the XXI century and many business people have recommended multples revenue. So if a leader has the ability and the tools to make more of an MLM, I congratulate and great. In this regard it would be illogical that a dealer was in two companies in the same category as could be nutrition. However when it is a set of tools to work smarter, not also contrasts his first business enterprise of Nutrition.
    In a globalized world we must have an open mind and let the business flow, each own business do you want and how you want. Welcome to the world of multiple sources of income.

    a greeting

    un saludo

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