Monavie Suspends Top Earner Mike Kiefer

Mike Kiefer is a Blue Diamond in Monavie and is living in Switzerland.

He is also one of the top earners in Talkfusion which seems to be for Monavie reason to suspend his account.

Update May 1, 2011:

  • Monavie Corporate has requested to change the previous heading of this post.
  • Calvin Beccera: Mike Kiefer was never terminated. His account was only frozen and put on hold until Monavie could verify that there was no case of him recruiting members other than his direct downline recruits to Talk Fusion. He was found to have not done this and Monavie un-froze his account. Monavie says he can work a hundred businesses as long as he doesnt break that one policy rule.
  • Mike Kiefer: It was never a question leaving monavie for talk fusion or for a another network company never, but if certain things are not working anymore then it’s time to go, that’s why I was sending monavie the notice today. I thank Monavie for everything and wish everybody the best.

Below Youtube video is in German.


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