Organo Gold In Exponential Growth

 As confirmed by reliable sources Organo Gold is in Exponential Growth state, signing up approx. 13,000 distributors and customers in June 2011.

Sales at Organo Gold are around $60 million annual and exponential growing. This momentum brings Holton Buggs in the Top 5 Earners in the world while 3 other distributors will be placed in the Top 100.

  • Nr. 1 Holton Buggs est. $600,000 a month.
  • Nr. 2 John Sachtouras est. $270,000 a month
  • Nr. 3 Jose Ardon est. $240,000 a month
  • Nr. 4 Shane Morand est. $200,000 a month

The company has a combination of a binary compensation plan with an uni-level structure. The Uni-Level with compression has a payout of 32% through 9 level.

The most recent Alexa Ratings of Organo Gold confirms the exponential growth, the website gets more hits then Coca-Cola or Avon's websites.


Organo Gold Alexa Ratings 16 July 2011

Holton Buggs Excalibur

Organo Gold Top Earners

From left to right: Holton Buggs, Edwin Haynes, David Imonitie, Rramon Fulcher, Rod Smith

Organo Gold Top Producers 1

From left to right: Ed Hartley, Elgie Young, Cosmas Magembe, Sam and Kim Bean, Luis Ventura

Organo Gold Top Producers 2

Get more information, facts and figures about Organo, click here for the Organo overview.

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  1. WOW! This is interesting! All I know is that “IT IS WHAT IT IS” – Even Jesus had haters. Such is life! OG works for me, & that’s all that matters. All those who want a path to improvement – COME! All others GO – AWAY!! AMEN…

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