Youngevity Acquires Adaptogenix and Pur3X

Steve Wallach CEO Youngevity

Youngevity Acquires Adaptogenix International, Direct Seller of Science-based Health and Wellness Products

Deal Includes Pur3X Line of Designer Beverages

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Youngevity Essential Life Sciences, a global direct marketer of lifestyle and nutritional products and gourmet healthy coffee, announced today that it is acquiring Adaptogenix International, the Salt Lake City-based direct seller of a unique line of botanical-derived products. Youngevity is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AL International, Inc. (JCOF-PK).

Adaptogenix is the fourth company Youngevity has acquired since its merger with Javalution Coffee Company earlier this summer.  

Once again, we are pleased to bring into our 'consumer cloud' yet another company that has great synergies with us and further adds to the reach of our rapidly-growing independent sales force, said Steve Wallach, CEO of Youngevity. The growth plan we announced to shareholders earlier this year is continuing on track.  This latest acquisition adds to our momentum as we build a consumer cloud of friend-to-friend advertising for multiple products and services.

Adaptogenix offers premium products addressing health and wellness concerns such as support for healthy brain function and weight management. Adaptogens are a class of botanical compounds that support the body's innate healing ability and natural resistance to stress.* Privately-owned Adaptogenix was launched last year by founder and CEO, Andrew Rinehart. The company has sales in North America, Asia, and the Middle East.  

Rinehart will continue to participate actively with the company.  Andrew's energy and expertise are priceless assets.  We are thrilled to have the benefit of his involvement as we move forward, said Wallach.

The acquisition also includes a new line of health- and wellness-supporting designer beverages, including Pur Renew, an energy drink, and Pur Revolution, an all-natural vitamin and antioxidant drink.*  Last year Adaptogenix had revenues of $3.37 million.

Adaptogenix is a profitable, debt-free company with a healthy bottom line. Besides adding to our profitability and product line, this acquisition brings us an additional 4,000 active sellers and a database of more than 25,000 additional customers. These are people who already have an interest in healthy lifestyle products, so we know they'll love the chance to buy and sell the hundreds of products in our Youngevity and JavaFit® lines, said Wallach.  He noted that the Adaptogenix line includes a proprietary brand of healthy coffee, which fits well with the JavaFit coffee brands. 

Wallach said the acquisition was structured in a way that is favorable to Youngevity shareholders and that there is no share dilution, because no new shares were issued.  

About Youngevity

Youngevity Essential Life Sciences (, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AL International, Inc., is a nutritional and coffee company dedicated to improving lifestyles through vibrant health and flourishing economics.  Founded in 1997 by Drs. Joel Wallach, DVM, ND and Ma Lan, MD, Youngevity is the only network marketing company with an FDA-authorized health claim. CLR Roasters, a coffee roasting and distribution company, is a wholly owned subsidiary. 

On July 11, 2011 Youngevity merged with Javalution Coffee Company (, which owns and distributes Cafe La Rica and other brands, which are distributed to retailers.  Javalution also roasts the JavaFit brand of coffee with health benefits.

Youngevity Corporate leadership

From left to right: Dr. Ma Lan – Co-Founder, Steve Wallach – CEO, Michelle Wallach – CEO, Wiley Hurt – CEO, Vanessa Hunter – VP of Marketing and Public Relations, Brent Jensen – Vice President of Business Development, Chris Nelson – Chief Financial Officer


Youngevity Corporate Team 2011

Pure3x, based in Salt Lake City, is a Designer Beverage Club dedicated to creating products that fulfill very specific health oriented needs. Andrew Rinehart is the founder and CEO of Pure3x. The company set out with 2 goals in mind; to develop the first ever line of designer beverage products, all unique, all high end and all revolutionary, and to provide our distributors with the most simple and powerful business opportunity in the world.  

Our name, Pure3x, is symbolic of the combination of quality products that represent purity and health as well as a compensation plan that emphasizes simplicity and pays you for bringing just 3 people into the club. 

We recognize that the level of success achieved by our distributors is a direct reflection of our success. An emphasis on customer care, quality products, transparency and integrity along with the opportunity for anyone to achieve higher levels of financial success has put Pure3x into a category previously unknown in this industry.  

Rick Hagar Pur3X Larry Lantieri Pur3X Andre Rhinehart CEO PUR3X
Rick Hagar Master Distributor Pur3X
Larry Lantieri Master Distributor Pur3X Andrew Rhinehart CEO Pur3X

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  1. I have known Steve Wallach and team for several years now and consider him to be one the most honorable, ethical owners in the industry. We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering together! We have some MAJOR surprises coming soon!

  2. The Junkyarding Concept continues at YG/ACT….too bad DrinkACT is BOTH Raising their Prices & LOWERING the BV values effective Sunday the 27th of August. The Myricks have even left for the 2nd time now cause the biz oppty is terrible with the new higher costs & lower bv among other things like lack of focus/direction. This Cloud/Junkyard concept may be nice for customers but, not for serious buisness builders.

  3. It is evident that after 2 years Pur3x/Adaptogenix has simply failed. I cannot recall any company that after two years had only 4,000 distributors. Pur3x was crumbling and in a last ditch effort the company tried to re-invent themselves as Adaptogenix. Now in order to survive they have alligned themselves with a larger and succesful company like ours (Youngevity) in order to prevent closing the doors completely. I blame the two master distributors of Pur3x/Adaptogenix and i feel sorry for the distributors that followed them.

  4. Hey Michael , a little clarifcation . . we did NOT leave ACT and certainly for the reaasons that you posted. We love the products and the Wallach’s are amongst the best in the industry. Please , we would appreciate you removing the post.
    Warm Regards ,
    Scott Myrick

  5. Haven’t the myricks been in like 7-8 companies in the last 5 years?? Now they are with Talkfusion & recruiting heavily for them, they can’t deny this, cause it’s true & even some of their Talkfusion people have already tried to get me to join them & I said no thanks! All youngevity seems to be doing is collecting tiny companies that never made it big & getting Bella Mora will turn out to be a huge mistake as that product has poisonous/toxic ingredients. They are nothing but a shopping club & with their raised prices & lower bv as stated above about them & their drinkact company is a nothing but a stab in the back to their distributor force. Just shows they care more about their new stockholders than distributors

  6. Just a note about the price changes… DrinkACT has lower prices than any MLM I have seen for comparable products by a massive margin. 15 cents per drink is not a major price increase for 6 years, especially considering that the product has since had many ingredients added. Regarding Scott Myrick and TalkFusion… I know many distributors that use and refer services like TalkFusion, MyVideoTalk, SendOutCards, etc while still focused on building an organization in a nutritional company. From my experience with Scott, he is very honest and ethical, and I wish him success in all his streams of income.

    George, let’s welcome the Pur3x folks warmly 🙂 a rising tide floats all boats!

  7. I’m sure u dmitry will end up leaving act once again….lots of former act people have gone on to better & bigger success than w/act. Funny how u aren’t mentioning the DROP/LOWERING of BV value…….cause its sad more than funny. This happens just about everytime a company goes public to take care of their shareholders , while the reps get the shaft. Why not mention why u are slashing the size of peoples checks??? cause giving out free & undeserving volume to a small few, has come back to haunt and hurt the many. your company remains a b-lister at best….& don’t even get me startd about the myricks hoppin from co. to co. – their credibility is pityful

  8. binary pay-plans are becoming history, regardless of company. only thing I have to say is that there is only ONE Amway, and Youngevity sure ain’t it with their shopping club concept. and also for years act bashed & talked negatevely about coffee & caffeine and now they love it??? hypocrits

  9. Why cant Youngevity and DrinkAct decide on which type of payplan is better? Why can’t they just merge and have the guts to throw out the binary (and the leaders they are trying to please)? Now they have some sort of qualification that you are qualified in both? Seems to me like you’re chasing too many rabbits if you’re tying to do both payplans? OK don’t want to merge… Why not just make Act products available to Youngevity reps Act can by “some” Youngevity products… what if my Youngevity sponsor isn’t participating in DrinkAct who do I join to buy the new GTO product? But then my Youngevity sponsor decides later she too wants GTO? My head is spinning what about yours?

  10. GREAT post Rachel!! they are screwing act folks with their new higher pricing & lower bv points. they are having minimal to zero growth here in the states while the asian market is just now finding out about them & soon will learn of their lowered commissions and LACK of Focus/direction like u stated above rachel. they have tonns of products & they have created an absolute mess! they are no amway or shaklee nor will ever be

  11. btw – the wallachs are making way too much $$$$ to stop their binary plan w/act – why would they stop when so much money is flowing back to them?? they are not as sweet & pure as they are made out 2b

  12. I was wondering why Drink Act was not showing up in the general listing for the companies that Youngevity owns, is it just because of the comp plan, or is their another agenda. What is the history behind ACT did it start out an independent then get bought out by the Wallachs or did ti start out as an arm of Youngevity?

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