Organo Gold Compensation Plan Review 2011

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Organo Gold's Top Earners have hit the Hall Of Fame in a short time and many Direct Selling Guru's are wondering how that is possible. Many leaders believe Organo Gold has not the Sales revenue to pay so much. Business For Home have seen Organo Gold distributor back offices under non disclosure. The compensation plan gives an answer how this high income's are possible.

The Top 20 in Organo Gold (OG) earnings an est. [private_platinum] $2,2 million per month. Organo Gold revenue is est. $15 – $18  million per month ($180 – $216 million annual) so the Top 20 earns 14.6% – 12.2% of that Gross Sales Revenue.

OG Compensation Plan has 2 important components, a Binary plan and an Uni-Level part. Roughly 60% of the top distributor earnings are from the Binary and 40% from the Uni-Level.

Summary: The combination of the Binary and the Uni-Level part of the compensation plan and the exponential growth explains the pay out.

The Organo Gold Compensation Plan High Lights

  • Organo Gold offers 7 ways to earn money.
  1. Retail Profit
  2. Fast Track Bonus
  3. Dual Team Bonus
  4. Uni-Level Bonus
  5. Uni-Level Matching Bonus
  6. Generational Leadership Bonus
  7. Global Pool.
  • 50% of the commissionable volume is paid through the Compensation plan for the Binary part, 80%+ over the Uni-Level part.
  • Cap: OG has a Dual Team Bonus Cap of $50,000 per week (2.6 million per year)  for Crown Distributors and $75,000 ($3.9 million per year) for Crown Ambassador Distributors
  • Up to 20% on the sales volume of the Pay Leg (Lesser Leg) is paid to an unlimited depth.
  • A minimum of 300 CV on each leg is required to generate a bonus.
  • The autoship is $100 ex. freight.

Organo Gold Dual Team Bonus

  • Marketing Associates and Supervisors earn up to 10% of the Pay Leg. Consultants earn up to 15%, and Qualified Sapphires and above earn up to 20%.
  • Uni-level Bonuses are paid each month from product orders down to 9 levels deep.

Organo Gold Compensation Plan Review 2011

Organo Gold Unilevel Matching Bonus

Organo Gold Generational Leadership Bonus

Organo Gold Global Bonus Pool

Organo Gold Top Producers:

From left to right: Holton Buggs, Edwin Haynes, David Imonitie, Rramon Fulcher, Rod Smith

Organo Gold Top Producers 1

From left to right: Ed Hartley, Elgie Young, Cosmas Magembe, Sam and Kim Bean, Luis Ventura

Organo Gold Top Producers 2


Get more information, facts and figures about Organo, click here for the Organo overview.

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  1. This is for real! This company is creating MILLIONAIRES!!! Now that our economy is doing so bad, this company is bringing new oportunities to all the peple who really wish to work and do something about changing their lives!!! GO, OG, GO!!!

  2. This is a great company that is bringing great opportunities for a lot of people. Organo Gold is creating MILLIONAIRES!! Our economy will benefit so much from the industry of Direct Sales. I hope more and more poeple become aware of the potential in the industry and BELIEVE that it is possible to change your life for the better. GO, OG, GO!!

  3. and John Sachtouras who brought the OG company to Greece is a great Leader too, that is why he has reached the list of 27th Worldwide Mlm earners…
    We expect him back the sooner in order to bring us back faith and believe to what we are trying here in Greece.

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