Rick Gutman Sued by Monavie?

Former Monavie Black Diamond Rick Gutman will be sued bij Monavie. Rick moved from Monavie to Visalus. We asked Rick for comment, his response: [private_platinum]

There will always be bullies in the business world. This is just another example of it. I've never bow'd to the pressures of them. These things don't slow me down… they bring out the competitor in me.

To be honest I haven't even thought about it to much. But it's worth saying that I left my former company with the utmost Integrity and with no deception. To date I haven't made one cross line call. I haven't had too.

I have one of the fastest growing team in the entire VISALUS company. My leaders are good honest men and women that love God and people as I do.

My focus is on them and to truly help them build a financial fortress around their families. I've never seen a better opportunity here in the U.S. and I intend to seize the moment.


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  1. Not surprise at all, MonaVie kept telling people they are the Best Company FOR The World, they are just TOO ARROGANT, and they think they are the World Police, notice all the people they sue are all ex-MonaVie distributors, they have nothing better to do, and their so called “World Class Corporate Team” are really a big BS, not to mention the management are racist, I wonder how long will they last……..

  2. You play you pay. You can’t raid your downline and recruit for another company silly Rick. Read your distributor agreement. Also what are you going to do when your new company changes the comp plan?? Honesty is the best policy in life.

  3. I remember Dallin Larsen speaking of an open door policy. Guess this is not true. And to Mon gal you can “raid” your personal download. They are your business. If they were happy and making money they would not leave.

  4. Once a JUMPER always a JUMPER!!
    Tell me if i’m wrong;
    Now you being Black Diamond I would say u have leadership skills,
    But a Black Diamond and beyond who says they are a leader,Don’t say I left Monavie because
    I could not see my Downline suffer anymore.
    The problem for Rick was he stopped being a leader
    He got frustrated,Because a true Black Diamond Doesn’t quit
    A true Black Diamond continues his leadership and doesn’t let his Downline suffer!!

  5. Terrence… Keep drinking the Koolaide, How long you going to have going Diamond on your profile… You really are not to smart and have NO CLUE what goes on behind the scenes in MLM and for that matter Monavie, Dallin pays people and makes threats, How much were you paid to come to Monavie… NOTHING because you are not worth it…

  6. Real talk is Rick loaded people up with product and didn’t build a solid Black Diamond business.He left because he couldn’t even qualify for the diamond trip!!His going to do the same with Vi.Rick will jump and again so will the others!! Have fun!!

  7. One last thing a TRUE Black Diamond or Better Yet a TRUE Person, would not let his downline take part in things when they know what is really going on. I am not saying him leaving was for the better of his team, I am sure it was for his pocket and no one elses. But the Diamonds Do What Dallin says point blank or no more $$$$

  8. @ MLM Gal: Visalus would have to take at least 10 steps backward to have a comp plan that even comes close to being as bad as MV’s (no, I don’t want any of you in my Visalus business…..I don’t have one.)

    ABOUT… Ex Rep: This person actually knows what they are talking about. Hmmmm…..how refreshing. I’ll bet we know each other.

    @ Jo Mathew: that’s exactly how all the so cal. black diamonds built their businesses. Be careful, you’re giving away trade secrets!!

    @ Terrence: Rick’s “problem” was that NOBODY was making any money in his business. So answer this question for me: how long after YOUR business has failed will you continue to fake it???

  9. If MonaVie wants to sue Gutman, then they can. Anyone can….Now if the issue is raiding ones downline, then that is a problem. If one raids their downline, they are raiding other distributors personals and their downline of business that they did not bring it. If one wants to recruit his own personals over to another company thats on them. But drilling down and recruiting others over to make oneself weatlhy, is tacky. I have no idea personally if Mr. Gutman is doing that or not, but i hope not. That is one of the big black eyes this great industry has, and the sad thing is people in the industry are giving to the industry.
    There are always “Haters” out there about anything. Google the Bible and see all the hatred. Any good business works if you work it. Some distributors have stopped working it, or doing what it took in the begining of their marketing career to get them where they were. It has nothing to do with the business, especially if the company was great to begin with…MonaVie is a great company, with great leaders, and a top notch compensation plan. They have already proved it. The products, comp plan, and corporate team have not changed except to lways add and improve. I will ALWAYS stand with Dallin. The ONLY reason that those other companies do so well, is because they recruit from MonaVie. Well, they do well quickly but then the comp plans or company eventually fail. I have seen it many times our business, but the smart ones come back to the best. There are plenty of people out there for every company. But as the “up and coming” companies or instant successful distributors do, they take from other businesses instead of finding their own. Its about integrity. If everyone in this industry focused on only new to the industry distributors by educating & training them about this wonderful industry, then you would see this industry become the best industry in the world by the mainstream public, even though we all know it already. Lets protect the industry instead of killing it ourselves. Peace and success to everyone!

  10. Jon Brown: before you go spouting off about those “other” companies you best go get yourself a history lesson. How do you think MV was built? Here’s a hint: see Brigg Hart, Orrin Woodward, Robert Dean, etc. LOL

  11. So Mr. Brown… What do you think of all the payoff’s and buying of distributors Monavie does… Monavie is DEAD in the US and If you think it is a good comp plan then you are a rookie. And I don’t like Visalus either. It is ran by a bunch of young drunk partiers and will go do in flames soon… Until you understand all the money Top Leaders in Monavie and Monavie corporate spends buying people and funding them you will never understand. Just ask Robert Dean… You think he was the only one to get $$$ for coming to Monavie ??? Dallin has to buy leaders and so do all the leaders to make the growth show. But it still stands for every 50 people who join Monavie 49 are gone in 90 days. You do the math. You will see more and more leaders leave when Dallins checkbook closes. Only person I feel sorry for is Henry, who I think is a Great guy and can’t control Dallin. Oh by the way while I am at it… Brig Hart also owns a small part of Monavie, but you would never hear it in public. Why do you think he was able to make 30-40 million from r3global without Dallin saying a word…

  12. Relax everyone Gutman will get what he deserves. I’m sure Monavie has a policy if you leave you can go after people that you didnt bring in your business and everyone knows the only way Rick can build so fast if he was put in a spot and recruited outside of his downline. If his team was that strong at Monavie I’m sure whe would have not left. BTW I heard through the grapevine that Monavie has something up their sleeves that will change the face of the industry.

  13. Relax everyone, I’m sure Rick is getting sued for taking people from other people’s team and that is illegal. That’s pretty much the norm in the business you can leave but just take the people you brought in. No leaders leave a company when their business is strong. For
    Him to blame is business going backwards on Monavie is wrong.
    Bottom-line he and everyone that goes with him will have to work just like they did when they were in Monavie.
    The word on the street is Monavie is in the middle of putting something together that will change the face of the industry

  14. Mona Vie is scared SH*TLESS!! LOL… I would ask any “Black Diamond” to show us their pay checks. I can tell you only a few people are being paid at their ranks….I let you guess who that is! LOL! Mona Vie’s Binary is flawed from the ground up! I’m not going to bore you with all that we know but I can tell you everyone is coming to Visalus and if they don’t then they will be waving good bye to their DOWNLINES! It’s not a fair fight, so I wish Monavie LUCK!!

  15. Lets get one thing perfectly clear. For everyone in Monavie, why is it when you spend $254.00 in two cases of juice you only get 200 in volume to your upline. You can’t even count it for yourself. So where is the $54.00 going ? Also if i was selling franchises and you were to purchase one from me for 1 million dollars and I explained to you the pay plan is as follows. Ok i will give you 25 sales people in Team A and 25 sales people in sales Team B. Now at the end of the week i will see which team does the worst and that is what i will pay you 10% commissions on.That is what you get with Monavie 10% of your worst team, are you kidding me. None of you would have a business like that and you know it. Oh here is another one for you , since you do not get the volume in your business center if you purchase from your back office. All of you are going to the bottom of your shortest leg and purchasing product from your last personally sponsored distributor. You do this so volume will travel through your business center. So here is the question, If you have to circumvent the compensation plan to get volume would you agree with me its broken? These are truths that none of you in Monavie can deny and you know it. I know that many of you think that you are getting ready for the next wave. Why because now you are going to offer free product. Also a profit sharing program. Well that kind of sounds like Visalus. All you need to do now is move the Mercedes to the Gold position. Simply because at the Gold position in Monavie is where you get the BMW in Visalus. Just saying!!!

  16. What I don’t understand is why you guys spend so much time cutting each other’s throats on here. I’m sure there are, or eventually will be problems in most (and that’s optimistic by not saying all) companies. All this breeding of negativity discredits the industry and almost gives power in some way to those bloggers and “scam alert” websites out their who say you’re all a bunch of money hungry sharks selling crappy products to misguided people. Isn’t this a professional website? If Monavie starts giving Mercedes to Gold ranks and you’re Visalus, then just congratulate Monavie distributors and say glad we could help you get improve. Company A gets better from a practice in company B…isn’t that life? Sounds like the next political campaign with candidates blasting this one and that one about their faults. I’ll probably get an earful for posting this.

  17. Craig: on a distributor’s point of view, I agree to what you say, however, on the other side from the management point of view, most MLM company will not adopt nor accept distributors advice or suggestion when come to comparison of the comp plan with other companies, neither will they say a good thing of other company’s comp plan, that’s the history of MLM throughout the whole world, it is sad but it is true.

    So in order to solve this, a third party of distributors hub will need to be set up to bring in several MLM companies together in a hub to benefits the distributors, if anyone of you interested to find out more, drop me a line to my email anytime, I’m more than happy to share with you.

  18. Colin you show your immaturity in this business you dumb d*ck. You can’t raid your downline only the personals you enroll. Dont waste time posting such dumb ass blogs if you don’t know what your talking about.

  19. Ron another silly dumb d*ck. Lets get all are friends and family together and sucker punch them into a $600-$1000 BMW payment. End result Repo and ruined credit. Everyone know this. Talk to anyone who played the BMW game and the sad news is every 2 minutes a sucker is born every 3 minutes another used BMW hits the lot!!!!!!

  20. Ex rep you must feel like a real sap. Driving around in your fee LOL I told you so BMW that your struggling every day to keep. What makes you think you can build if you left the other company. When you suck you suck its painful but reality.

  21. So what are you asked to do?
    Well you are asked to do what every MLM out there asks of you. Work very hard and sell lots and lots of products and make a commission off of every sale past the $200 mark. Meaning that each month you must sell or you can?t continue. Be prepared to buy extra products just to stay in the game even if you have no buyers. The site sums it up real nice, giving you an example of you selling $5000 and earning $1200 in commissions. They make it look easy by showing you how a few sales can make you big money but lets face it? How many do you know where you can sell $5000 of health supplies that they?ve never heard of? The point is that you don?t know enough to even sell $200 to, so you would have to start buying more for yourself or to resell, not earning any commissions but rather paying them ! Sucker!

  22. But wait there is a BMW in it for you!
    That?s correct, the very few lucky ones that make it to the regional director level, which will take you an eternity of ripping off people, will earn the right to go lease a BMW themselves and be paid $600 a month towards their lease, but must remain in the program at that level to keep it. So here is the kicker as to why this is a genuine way for you to not only not have a BMW but to get yourself in a financial trap at your own expense. You get to the regional director level and get to pick any BMW up to $600 a month. You are limited to a 3 series as the other ones cost more or require lots more $$$ down, but wait they show you a 6 series on the site? If the following month you don?t make it in sales, you must pay your own payment, which makes no sense as you may not want to spend your income on a a cheap 6 series that must be black. The better part is that if you don?t really qualify for a BMW lease, you can?t even get one, since the lease agreement has nothing to do with ViSalus Sciences but rather is with you and BMW. Visalus Sciences simply pays the $600 monthly allowance as long as you make them a ton of money but what happens if you quit or have to move? Well ViSalus Science has nothing to do with you, and therefore enables you to continue carrying your own payments unless you sell. There is one more element to this and its quite simple, you must sport all types of advertising for them on your car and there are many restrictions as to which car since they want others to believe in the myth. ViSalus Sciences executives do drive BMWs because of YOU selling their products, and are paid by the corporation, not by some product scam. (This is identical to 5Linx?s Bentley program which is even more foolish).
    Where does it all lead you?
    Nowhere, and therefore i will tell you that success is not founded on the basis of selling infomercial goods that has testimonials from doctors that no one has ever heard of. Success is you realizing that these opportunities are bogus and that real opportunities are out there in the form of real jobs. Please do not fall for these idiotic practices that prey on young folks with the dreams of getting rich.

  23. Hey Smart MLM Girl, you need to change your name to Dumb MLM Girl. the reason why is because of your false information. First of all when you reach the level of regional Director you are BMW qualified. You do not have to qualify again the next month or for that matter the next month after that. For the first time in MLM history Visalus gives you a 60 day grace period to solidify your position so you do not miss your level. By the way you do not have to get a BMW if you don’t want to. They will just give you an additional 300 per month.
    There is no comparison Dumb MLM Girl. You have not addressed the other that I spoke of, you are only picking out what you want to speak on. Please cover the other.Lets face it Visalus has a program where when your FREE autoship goes through, DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR is put in your business position not just your upline.If you spend $125 you get $125 in your business volume. What a novel idea. We also get paid for everyone in our group not our worst team only. Here is the proof Dumb MLM Girl. The everlasting companies all have the Unilevel Plan. Amway, Avon, Herbalife and Mary Kaye. These companies have probably been around longer than you are old. I am judging that on the statements you make. Anyone that has tenure in this industry knows that what I wrote now and in my earlier post is true and until you learn how to think with your brain and not your heart you will always be blind in this industry.
    Have a great Labor Day. By the way quit hiding behind some goofy name. If you want to know who I am its easy

  24. Also, Why don’t you go to http://www.BuckReedScam.com and read all about the Money Monavie paid along with self proclaimed leaders like Jason Caramanis to the Buck Reed, Sheri Sharman & Adam Vincent Gilmer guys. Oh by the way Buck “Carl Freeman” Reed is being investigated for Murder, Child Endangerment as well as many many other Bad Bad things. Would people really ever join Monavie if the public knew about all these deals behind the scenes… Also the money paid to Randy Schroeder who after receiving HIS money went out in public and said “I don’t think it is a good idea for Monavie to keep buying leaders and it should be stopped… What a joke…

  25. This very site reported that Monavie had dropped 24% from 2009 to 2010. (Still, $600 million is nothing to sneeze at) I dont know enough to know if that drop was from domestic or international loss. It would be interesting to know how they are doing for 2011 ytd vs 2011 ytd.

  26. If MonaVie was that great, people wouldn’t be leaving and looking for other homes!!! They are leaving and finding a better home for their team. That’s what good leaders do…Remember when Orrin Woodward brought tens of THOUSANDS into MonaVie from Amway?? I was a Hawaiian Blue Diamond in MonaVie – top 100 in the company. I went from making $35,000 a month to $3K a month in ONE YEAR. Over 95% dropout. Monavie STILL hasn’t recovered…from the “down economy”. Going from $785 million in 2009 to $600 Million in 2010 – (Source, Wall Street Journal). Numbers are going the wrong way.
    And if you’re in MV and your upline is telling you “it’s the economy – hang on”, that is NOT true. If it were, ViSalus wouldn’t have grown 3,000% in the past 18 months…The economy has nothing to do with it…it’s the expensive products, the Binary, the leaders that make MILLIONS off their down lines and have EGO’s the size of Texas.

    Rick just did what all of us GOOD leaders do…Brought his team to a better home. One where people MAKE money, get FREE product and win a car at the 2nd rank, not the HIGHEST. Visalus: 4,000 BMW’s. MonaVie: Less than 50 Mercedes (and that includes the several that have been repossessed. I made over $300,000 in Monavie in 2008 – but I didn’t have ONE SINGLE 6 figure earner on my team…Talk about an UNBALANCED comp plan…In Visalus, after just 8 months, I have 18 six figure earners with 1/3rd the # of distributors. I’m just sayin’…


  27. For the record: There are very few people in the MLM industry that I respect (not that any of you care) but Tara would be one of the few. Now stay with me here Monavie hangers on….I’m not in visalus so I don’t have a dog in the race and IF I ever built Visalus (and I won’t) it would be with Bobby Speigel ( I already promised) YOU NEED TO QUIT LISTENING TO MISINFORMATION. Hear what Tara is saying.

    Learn your comp plan up oneside and down the other. Follow Monavie on the move on a WEEKLY basis. Look where the growth is at. Start asking questions and DEMAND the truth. You are business owners. ACT LIKE IT DAMNIT!!!!! GET INFORMATION and make your decision with your head NOT your heart. If you have done all you can do to get the facts and you still come to the conclusion that “I’m Monavie” then so be it. If the facts LEAD you elsewhere then good for you. Your upline ain’t payin your bills. And your true friends will be your friends no matter what.

    You want to test that theory? LEAVE……..and see if you’re still welcome at the “men’s breakfast” or any other “fellowship” they got goin on. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised. BUT, if you leave, don’t fret. I know several good people at Vi that are great friends and they will help you replace the old ones in a snap if that becomes necessary.


  28. There will always be bullies in the business world. This is just another example of it. I’ve never bow’d to the pressures of them. These things don’t slow me down… they bring out the competitor in me. To be honest I haven’t even thought about it to much. But it’s worth saying that I left my former company with the utmost Integrity and with no deception. To date I haven’t made one cross line call. I haven’t had too. I have one of the fastest growing team in the entire VISALUS company. My leaders are good honest men and women that love God and people as I do. My focus is on them and to truly help them build a financial fortress around their families. I’ve never seen a better opportunity here in the U.S. and I intend to seize the moment.

  29. Smartest move that both Rick and Tara could have ever made. It takes courage to stand up for your convictions. Why do people defend their MLM company as if they have ownership? Do you not all realize that all of you are just a number, these companies don’t really care about you and your family. Look at Rick, he produced how many MILLIONS of dollars for them? And now, when he decides to move to greener pastures they drop the hatchet. Ridiculous! The fleecing is over, oh yeah, except for India, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and whoever else is on the agenda. Now that my friends, is a real travesty there, bringing poverty stricken people into a model where less than 5% can ever cover the cost of autoship. Wow!! I hope the crooks can sleep at night, cause I sure know that I couldn’t. Great job Rick! Hammer down buddy! You made a great move, and don’t let anyone tell you different!

  30. I totally agree with Brent. Some of you defend these MLM companies as if you are part owner. I realized long ago that I was just a number and have no allegiance to any company.Just like a job they can terminate you and so goes your monthly income.

  31. How many of you saw Randy Schroeders recent and absolutely ridiculous and hypocritcal post on Facebook about “staying where you are? Here are some great excerpts from that post. It’s on my FB page if you want a good laugh.

    “I chose to leave a company that had and was paying me well. While each of those decisions was personally rewarding, it was selfish and immature.”

    “My decision to move on had the unintended effect of stealing the dreams of those who had made possible my success.”

    and again “I was selfish and immature.”

    and now his sage advice to all “Recruit from outside the industry…not from within.” LOL are you frickin kidding me Randy???!!! Who taught you that one? Dallin??

    How about this one “The way to grow your business is not to tear another one down.”

    And his final words of wisdom “No real leader should exit their current company in my opinion, so long as the apple is not rotten…… ”

    speaking of rotten apples………..how you like them apples?? Any of you want a good belly laugh go visit my wall, it’s public for all to see.

  32. Right on Jonathan Brown and Terrance Freeman!! The grass may look greener on the other side of the fence, but it will soon get eaten up and he’ll have to move on to another pasture. A true leader believes in their company and teaches others to be leaders in the same manner.

  33. @ smart mlm gal hmmmm…I came on here to get information…but all I see is you cursing and name calling. Very classy…makes me want to join YOUR business….NOT!

    Please TRY to keep this professional instead of trailer trashy.

    Just Sayin.

  34. Wow–The sparks are flying, fur is in the and we have a reak bout going here. But since you are all gthered let me say. If you bought a ticket on the Titanic at what point do do ask for your refund and get on anothe ship A. When the ship hits the iceberg B. Afeter the ship goes down or C. Never get off and go down with the captain and scream out to the word “My name is Joe or Jane and I am Titanic!”

    Really, are you serious. You are not any company, you are you. Unless of course you simply cannot wrap yourself around that concept. I love Network Marketing and sometime it is like a trip to a big zoo. Beautiful park like setting, lots of visitors and very few stay and then their is the orangatan, pooping in his hand and flinging it at everyone. All of it entertains me and instead of calling the ape/creature a “silly dumb d*ck” like smartmlmgal, we should just let the maintanence crew clean up. BTW the visitors love to watch this stuff and are happy unit the orangatan hits them squarily with ahandful of yesterdays “Super-Juice” crap . I applaude all of you networkers and especially those of you who lead your teams with heart. I question the bitter critics as to why you don’t find something more pleasant to do and I marvel at the mlm animals who just can’t help but make mess in their own cages and food dish. My name is Coach Blaine and I am Blessed!:) BTW Does anyone want to buy a never used MonaVie Hawaiian Blue Diamond surfboard, earned after 6 month of team building. I love Tara’s comment Ted install a like button and a bullshit detector button LOL

  35. All this ” I am right and you are wrong” is not healthy for our culture and not healthy for any of you. You cannot control what Rick does no more than you can what Dallin does. You can only control what you do including what you say to others.

    Wouldn’t all this energy be better spent building your chosen opportunity vs bashing each other?

    Sales leaders and the companies themselves all have responsibilities in these matters. Rarely is anyone clean. Which out to be the goal don’t you think. Here is something to think about…maybe even worth talking about:


  36. funny things about words you can write and say anything you want. You can almost get others to believe anything. However do you think for a 2nd that a billion dollar giant like Monavie would Sue someone if they didn’t have cornet evidence of wrong doing. Rick has been caught with his hand not only in his cookie jar but so many others. We call this illegal raiding were other go to work and build solid teams based on integrity. Then a guy like Rick destroys there business almost in a day that took some omen years. Desperate people do desperate things. Rick my advice to you I Lawyer up your in for a costly lawsuit consequences my boy consaquences!!!!!

  37. I used to be in MLM as a distributor. Now Im a supplier to one of the MLM companies. I personally know Richard Gutman, he went to High school in Chino Hills california. His reputation as many of you know is what it is. I also know Tara Wilson, she has called 10 times to join 11 companies. Coach Blain I was a personal of yours 17 companies ago think hard i used the same name in my emails you were a lot younger and president Clinton was in office.
    Now the word on the street is Rick plan his exit strategies quite well. Traveling city to city meeting people and doing his coaching seminars offering private coaching. 99% of everyone was in a different line of sponsorship and 98% of them have filed complaints and will be doing depositions . Rick lived with a certain leader and took advantage of 3-4 other borrowing cash and using cars. Amazing the blogs I have read on people sites and FB. Im a christian I’m sure most of you are too. be careful using the lords name in vain I say. The best thing to do right now if your in Ricks downline is confront him of his guilts and see what he says. The Lawsuit is say to go down in the history books and will be a Million dollar legal win for Monavie and the attorneys. You play you pay every decision has its consequences good or bad.

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